NYSC Batch A Remobilization 2020: Online Application for Remobilization Begins

NYSC Batch A Remobilization

We’re happy to inform you, that the NYSC batch A remobilization has commenced for all 2020 Corp members (CM). According to information shared by the NYSC management, the portal for online application for remobilization is now open, and Corp members who need remobilization are advised to immediately take action.

What is NYSC Remobilization?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) remobilization is meant for people who left NYSC during the previous batches, but are now ready to participate in the program.

NYSC remobilization is for Corpers who had previously started their NYSC program, but for some reason(s) best known to them, they were unable to complete it.

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However, you should be aware that this is not for fresh Batch A 2020 Prospective Corps members, it is strictly for Corpers who have absconded from NYSC in the last batch, but are now prepared and ready to participate in the NYSC program.

The NYSC 2020 Batch A official timetable is yet to be released by the management. So if you are waiting for the timetable, please choose to get notified when we published the timetable. So if you are 2020 Batch A prospective Corps members, this article is not for you. You should stay connected and wait for mobilization to begin, and when it does, we’ll get you updated with the latest news.

I want to clarify here because there are NYSC corps who are nervous and maybe over-reacting. The NYSC remobilization program s is not for NYSC 2020 Batch A PCM. Corpers who are concerned know themselves. Even PCM waiting or hoping to go with the NYSC batch A, this is also not for you.

You will have two options.

If you want to apply for remobilization, you will fill this form below:

NYSC remobilization

NOTE: Corp members who have applied before, take note that you are required to upload your proof of payment before you can proceed.

NYSC remobilization portal


Importance Notice!!

The NYSC management board has officially disclosed that all-female Married CM must upload the following documents after submitting the remobilization application form. (Make sure you keep them handy).

However, if you were in the 2014 NYSC Batch B and below, Ignore this message, because you will upload necessary documents during your registration.

1. Evidence of state of residence of your husband.
2. You must provide evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit).
3. You must also provide the identity of husband (e.g Drivers license, National ID, etc)
4. Provide a Nigerian Newspaper change of Name (Where you changed your surname to that of your husband.)
5. Provide a letter from employer/Utility bills.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask using the comment box below.

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