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Before your application is confirmed and you are looking for scholarship or to commence studying in Abroad, Please this is important. IT’S the first official Warning From Dailyschoolnews Nigeria™

Don’t quit your job or stop your business to travel abroad for studies!
Don’t use all your money or sell your business to prepare for your study abroad. It’s the worst idea and most times, it backfires.

This article is prepared for all Nigerians who are preparing to travel abroad to study, this article is solely created for you:

1. We don’t appreciates what we have here as a country, though i won’t blame the public a single bit. There are several courses you can get to understand here than traveling out to study them.

If you are planning to go study courses like:

Business Administration,
Marketing, etc,

Don’t be that quick to travel abroad, except you’re on a scholarship, please nothing should stop you.

But if you’re doing that out of your pocket Money, do not be that quick to travel abroad to study because those courses are well-tutored here.

The truth is that even if you go abroad to study the above mentioned courses and spend all those huge monies, you still have the same probability of securing a job like other applicants/graduates who studied here in Nigeria.

Scholarship for Nigerians

2. One main reason you should go studying Abroad is if Nigerian Universities are not that equipped to handle your course/programme, and the truth is that, no matter we’re called the Giant of Africa, there are some areas where we are ants.

However, if your choice of course is Engineering, your best bet is foreign universities.

Because they do have a better option and equipments, almost all Nigerian universities don’t have the necessary facilities to teach her students in this field.

But before going to study abroad, you should choose the country which are well known and equipped. Here’s a classical example.

if you want to study Mechanical Engineering, we’ll advice you to checkout the following countries:
United States of America (MIT, etc),
United Kingdoms.

3. While for students whose aim is to study Chemical Engineering abroad and any courses which are related, then these are the very best countries we’ll advice you to consider:

United States of America.

4. What about candidates who wishes to study Medicine or other related courses, here are the top notched countries:
Israel – your best choice, followed by:
United States,

5. While one of the very best countries for candidates who want to gain more indepth knowledge about computer science, then these countries are your best shots:

United States,

BUT if want to know more about css coding, coding games, coding programmes and Applications/bots, then you should probably head to India, it’s among the best and yes, it’s advisable.

6. What about students who want to gain more knowledge about:

Literature or other related courses,

Then you should probably head to the United Kingdom and United States, they’re the oldest English speaking countries and yes, they are also the very best.

7. What is you reason for studying abroad? To make ends met and secure a better paying job, right?

Well, it is possible, but you need to know how the economy works and which courses have the most sought after jobs in Nigeria and abroad.

To stand on a higher ground in securing your dream job after graduating from a foreign university, then please be informed that you will stand a better chance if you are an engineering student, probably from any of these courses:

Mechanical engineering,
Electrical engineering,

If you study the above courses from countries like United States, India, etc then you stand a better chance that your Nigeria contemporaries ).

And if you wants to study Administrative courses, then don’t even think of studying outside the shores of Nigeria.

Just save up your money and register at the Lagos Business School, which is also known as PAN-AFRICAN University in Lagos Nigeria.

Studying in the Lagos Business School is costly, and if you want, you can get an MBA from the school too. This costs around 3.5 – 4 million Naira.

With a certificate from the Lagos Business School, you stand a better chances of securing a job related to your career in Nigeria.

What You NEED To Know Before Traveling From Nigeria to Study Abroad:

Here are important details you need to know, before studying abroad. This will save you time, money and your energy.

There is something you need to know before deciding to travel abroad to study.

First of all, you should do a thorough research and find out if there are no local Nigerian universities who are offering your course of choice, and if they are offering it, you can find out if they have any good track records.

There are questions you need to ask yourself, questions like:

Do the school have graduates who had or are currently employed in good places?

How are their performances after graduation?

Do these employers value their graduates?

If your findings says yes, then why going abroad to waste resources, when you can save up the money and start up a business here in Nigeria?

But that does not mean if you have the resources to study abroad, then to out and study.

After all, There are several places Nigerian tertiary institutions don’t scale up to. The truth is that our varsities DOES NOT have good facilities to train graduates in the following fields like:

Mechanical engineering,
Petroleum engineering,
Electrical engineering,
Software engineering,
Biomedical technology, etc,

So it is very much advisable for you to travel out and further your engineering knowledge.

What about Controversy Courses?

It does not mean that these controversy courses are really that disputable, but they are really difference. You can’t just bring other foreign countries idealogies and expect them to work with Nigerians.

How Can You Travel Abroad to Study Marketing?

You should take note that our marketing environment here in Nigeria is way different from the western culture.

Please take note that when you study marketing in Nigerian Universities, you stand a higher chance of getting jobs opportunity than other students who graduated from foreign institutions.

It is much easier for you to succeed here as a marketing genius when you graduate from there.

The simple truth today is that employers won’t give you a preferential consideration as a graduate who studied abroad because they know that there is little or difference between you who studied Marketing abroad and those who studied marketing in a Nigerian higher institution.

When going to further your education abroad, what is your main aim?

Please be informed that going to study abroad shouldn’t be all about acquiring results and coming back here in Nigeria to be in high demands. You should know exactly what you’re doing and get higher knowledge.

It won’t surprise you to know that there will be Nigerians who studied in Nigeria institutions and may know more about the topic compared to you.

Lastly, don’t use all of your money to go further your studies abroad. If you don’t have any source where you will be getting monthly income or allowance, then it’s very wise to find the best educational institution here in Nigeria and acquire a higher certificate.

India and United States seem to be a good destination for computer scientists and aspiring tech-developers.

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa, widely known as the giant of Africa, and the truth is we’ve done great in several fields, but when it comes to educational sector, am not trying to bash my country, but the truth is that we’re way behind.

Imagine Nigerian students going out in their thousands every year going to study in Ghana. I mean, do you understand that?
Who is to be blamed?
The students or the leaders?

Why would anyone who have the choice of studying abroad, choose Nigeria?

Nigeria educational sector is where you’ll study a course of four years, for seven years. Issues like ASUU strikes, ASUP strikes, Lecturers strike over non payment of fees, Strikes over non commitment of federal or state government to the agreement they had with Nigeria varsities, the problem is just too much.

Good luck, and please look well before you leap to avoid later regrets.

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