List of Universities in Nigeria, Location and Types

What do you want to know about your University, or the University of your choice here in Nigeria?

Don’t worry anymore, because right here and now, here’s all the information you NEED to know about your school or preferred academic institution in Nigeria.

We have compiled all the names of the Federal Republic of Nigeria National Universities Commission (NUC) Nigeria Universities approved lists.

This lists contains the following:

Names of each Universities, their state, common abbreviation, their exact location, funding and the year in which they were founded. It’s a full guide to knowing your University better than 90% of your fellow students!

Take note, that this is a list of universities in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country, which is organised into 36 states and a federal capital territory (FCT) which is located in FCT. Abuja.

What made Nigeria one of the greatest Africa countries today, was as a result of the oil boom years of the 1970s, which helped the Nigerian government built tertiary education to reach every sub-region of Nigeria.

You should be aware, that the federal government and the state governments were previously, the only bodies which were licensed to operate and own a universities. However, this has changed recently, as licenses have been granted to individuals, corporate bodies and religious bodies to establish private universities in the country, as far as it meets the country’s requirements for establishing a learning institution.

Some persons are not yet aware, that the National Universities Commission (NUC) is the major accreditation and regulatory body, which helps in the enforcement of a uniform standard and sets admissions capacity of every universities in Nigeria, which has helped the country immensely to be among the top in the World today.

Abia State UniversityAbiaABSUUniversityUturuState1981
Afe Babalola UniversityEkitiABUADUniversityAdo-EkitiPrivate2009
Akwa Ibom State University of Science and TechnologyAkwa IbomAKUTECHScience and TechnologyUyoState2010
American University of NigeriaAdamawaAUNUniversityYolaPrivate2005
Abubakar Tafawa Balewa UniversityBauchiATBUUniversityBauchiFederal1980
Adamawa State UniversityAdamawaADSUUniversityMubiState2002
Achievers UniversityOndoACUniversityOwoPrivate2007
Ahmadu Bello UniversityKadunaABUUniversityZariaFederal1962
Al-Hikmah UniversityKwaraAHUIslamicIlorinPrivate2005
Ambrose Alli UniversityEdoAAUUniversityEkpomaState1981
Anambra State University formerly Anambra State University Of Science And TechnologyAnambraANSUUniversityUliState2000
Ajayi Crowther UniversityOyoACUUniversityOyoPrivate1853
Bayero UniversityKanoBUKUniversityKanoFederal1977
Babcock UniversityOgunBUUniversityIlishan-RemoPrivate1959
Bells University of TechnologyOgunBUTTechnologyOtaPrivate2004
Benson Idahosa UniversityEdoBIUUniversityBenin CityPrivate2002
Benue State UniversityBenueBSUUniversityMakurdiState1992
ECWA Bingham UniversityNassarawaBUUniversityNew KaruPrivate2005
Bowen UniversityOsunBUUniversityIwoPrivate2002
Bukar Abba Ibrahim UniversityYobeYSUUniversityDamaturuState2006
Cetep UniversityLagosCUUniversityLagosPrivate
Caleb UniversityLagosCUlUniversityIkorodu, LagosPrivate2008
Caritas UniversityEnuguCUUniversityEnuguPrivate2004
City UniversityLagosCUUniversityYabaPrivate
National Open University of NigeriaLagosNOUNUniversityVictoria Island, LagosFederal1983
City University of TechnologyKadunaCUTUniversityKadunaPrivate
Covenant UniversityOgunCUUniversityOtaPrivate2002
Crawford UniversityOgunCUUniversityFaith City, IgbesaPrivate2005
Crawford UniversityEkitiCUUniversityOye-Ekiti CampusPrivate2005
Crescent UniversityOgunCUUniversityAbeokutaPrivate2005
Cross River State University of TechnologyCross RiverCRSUTTechnologyEkpo-Abasi, CalabarState
Delta State University, AbrakaDeltaDELSUUniversityAbrakaState1992
Ebonyi State UniversityEbonyiEBSUUniversityAbakalikiState1996
Elizade UniversityOndoUniversityIlara-MokinPrivate2012
Fountain University, OsogboOsunFUOUniversityOsunPrivate2007
Federal University, Dutsin-MaKatsinaFUDMUniversityKatsinaFederal
Federal University of Technology AkureOndoFUTATechnologyAkuraFederal1981
Gregory UniversityAbiaUniversityUturuPrivate2012
Godfrey Okoye UniversityEnuguGOUUniversityEnuguPrivate2009
Landmark UniversityKwaraLUUniversityOmu-AranPrivate2011
Lagos State UniversityLagosLASUUniversityOjo, Lagos StateState1983
Nigerian Turkish Nile UniversityFCTNTNUUniversityAbujaPrivate1998
Taraba State UniversityTarabaUniversityJalingostate2011
University of BeninBenin CityUNIBENUniversityBenin City, Edo StateFederal1970
University of CalabarCalabarUNICALUniversityCalabar, Cross River StateFederal1975
University of LagosLagosUNILAGUniversityLagos, Lagos StateFederal1962
University of Port HarcourtRiversUPHUniversityPort Harcourt, Rivers StateFederal1975
University of Nigeria, NsukkaEnuguUNNUniversityEnuguFederal1955
Veritas University (Catholic University of Nigeria) AbujaAbujaVUNAUniversityBwariPrivate2007

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