Checkout NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria in 2023

Yes, you are aware of the news that recently took social media by Storm, saying that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be scrapping the National Youth Service (NYC) program, right? Well, it’s totally untrue.

However, you should know that there has been an increment to NYSC Allowance (allawee), from the previous N19,800 to Thirty-three thousand Naira (N33k). No, this is no fairytale as thousands of Corpers confirmed their January 2023 payment via Twitter.

You can read more on the new NYSC allowances of thirty-three thousand Naria by Clicking Here.

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About the Allawii of Youth corpers in Nigeria, that is why you visited this page, right? Don’t worry, we’re trying to get you informed and updated, regarding what is happening in your fatherland, Nigeria.


Another breaking news, just in case you are not aware, is the NYSC Batch A Mobilization Timetable being released for this session.

Just in case you’re not aware, we’re, and we have access to information regarding all educational and academic news, including Allawi payments of all states in Nigeria.

Take Note: NOUN Admission Form Is Out.

Here are the states that are goldmines and others that NYSC corpers should avoid that pay a cheap fee – nothing.

Nigeria States ‘Allawii’ for Corpers 2024.

  • Abia State Pays N5,000
  • Adamawa Pays N0
  • Akwa Ibom State Pays N5,000
  • Anambra Pays N8500
  • Bauchi State Pays N0
  • Bayelsa State Pays N3,000
  • Benue Pays N0
  • Borno State Pays N1,000
  • Cross River State Pays N0
  • Delta States Pays N5,000
  • Ebonyi Pays N5,000
  • Edo Pays N0
  • Ekiti State Pays N0
  • Enugu State Pays N895 to those in Urban Area, N4,000 to those in Rural Area.
  • Fct (Abuja) Pays N0
  • Gombe Pays N0
  • Imo State Pays N0
  • Jigawa State Pays N5,000
  • Kaduna State Pays N3,000
  • Kano State Pays N0
  • Katsina Pays N0
  • Kebbi Pays N0
  • Kogi Pays N1,000
  • Kwara Pays N0
  • Lagos State Pays N15,000
  • Nassarawa State Pays N5,000
  • Niger State Pays N0
  • Ogun State Pays N0
  • Ondo Pays N0
  • Osun State Pays N0
  • Oyo State Pays N4,500
  • Plateau Pays N0
  • Rivers Pays N0
  • Sokoto State pays N5,000
  • Taraba State Pays N0
  • Yobe State Pays N2,500
  • Zamfara State Pays N3,000.

Latest List of Best States in Nigeria that Pay Youth Corpers NYSC State Allowance and the Amount

S/N States that Pay Corpers Amount per Month (N)
1 Lagos 10,000 for corpers working in ministries 5,000 for corpers working in LGA offices, and primary/secondary schools
2 Akwa Ibom 5,000 for regular corpers and 60,000 for corpers working in state hospitals and teaching hospitals.
3 Anambra 9,000/month (Some say its overall payment) 22,000 for nurses
4 Kano 7,000 for regular corpers 40,000-50,000 for nurses
5 Taraba 6,000
6 Niger 6,000
7 Rivers 10,000
8 Osun 5,000
9 Jigawa 5,000 for regular corpers 16,000 for nurses 26,000 for medicine and veterinary medicine corpers.
10 Ebonyi 10,000
11 Zamfara 5,000
12 Nasarawa 5,000
13 Bayelsa 3,000 for corpers in a town 5,000 for corpers in riverine areas 37,000 for nurses in state hospitals 49,000 for nurses at the FMC
14 Delta 5,000 for regular corpers 50,000 for nurses in state hospitals 55,000 for nurses in FMC
15 Katsina 4,000 for regular corpers 44,000 for nurses in state hospitals 50,000 for nurses in FMC
16 Oyo 15,000 for regular corpers 30,000 for nurses in state hospitals 40,000 for nurses in teaching hospitals
17 Sokoto 45,000 one-time allowance (3,750 x 12 months)
18 Enugu 1,000 for corpers in town 3,500 for nurses in the villages
19 Kebbi 2,000
20 Adamawa 20,000
21 Ekiti 33,000 for nurses
22 Abia 35,000-45,000 for nurses in state hospitals 50,000 for nurses in FMC
23 Borno 70,000 for nurses in state hospitals 90,000 for nurses at the Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital 100,000 for nurses in the teaching hospital
24 Kwara 44,000 for nurses in the state hospitals 60,000 for nurses in the teaching hospital
25 Ondo 30,000-50,000 for nurses
26 Gombe 45,000 for nurses in the state hospitals 53,000 for nurses in the Federal University Clinic.
Table showing the Latest List of Best States in Nigeria that Pay Youth Corpers NYSC State Allowance Well and the Amount

Jigawa State Pays 10,000

Important Note.

Just in case you are wondering what is wrong with the editorial team behind Dailyschoolnews for listing only 25 states, out of the 36 states in Nigeria, some are still undergoing verification and waiting for approval from us.

FAQ NYSC Allawee Payment for 2024


This year 2024, the Federal government of Nigeria will continue paying the sum of thirty-three thousand naira (N33,000) monthly to every serving youth corps member. However, aside from the compulsory federal government thirty-three thousand Naira salary, some state governments do give corpers allowance, place of primary assignment (PPA) allowance and other benefits. Although it’s not compulsory, and it depends on the state government.


YES. It is mandatory that the Nigerian government pays corp members the compulsory N33,000 salary, which is the basic salary of all civil workers in Nigeria. Although due to inflation rise, many corpers are usually stranded without food and money before their next payment.


Till date, the federal government has NOT mandated that each state pays corpers any type of allowance, although some states do pay corp members serving in the state, payment per state varies, while some pay stipends in addition to the 33,000 naira NYSC allowance, some state government don’t pay youth Corpers anything at all.

Important Verification.

Please and please, if any states here are paying higher than mentioned here, or lower than listed above, please use the comment box below to get us all informed!

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