List of ALL Accredited Polytechnics in Nigeria

Today’s article will be focusing on the listing out, all the top and National Universities Commission (NUC) approved polytechnics in Nigeria.

We would love to inform and notify all our readers today, that this article will provide you, with the full details and list of all polytechnics in Nigeria.

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This is the ultimate list since it contains every other information which we required, including the state of each polytechnic, their type, location, and status!

We also went further, to thoroughly search, if these below-mentioned polytechnics are regulated by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education, and to our utmost satisfaction, we discovered, that most of these Polyechnics are owned by the Federal or State governments.

Please, do take note that the English Language is the medium of instruction. The Academic Year is from October to September.

Abuja FCTDorben PolytechnicPolytechnicAbujaPrivate
Adamawa StateAdamawa State PolytechnicPolytechnicYolaState
Adamawa stateFederal Polytechnic, MubiPolytechnicMubiFederal
Akwa Ibom StateAkwa Ibom State PolytechnicPolytechnicIkot EkpeneState
Akwa Ibom StateAkwa-Ibom College of AgricultureAgricultural
Akwa Ibom StateFoundation College of TechnologyInnovation PolytechnicIkot EkpenePrivate
Akwa Ibom StateMaritime Academy of NigeriaMiscellaneousOronFederal
Anambra StateEkwenugo Okeke PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Anambra StateFederal Polytechnic, OkoPolytechnicOkoFederal
Bauchi StateAbubakar Tafari Ali PolytechnicPolytechnicState bauchı
Bauchi StateFederal Polytechnic, BauchiPolytechnicBauchiFederal
Bayelsa StateBayelsa State College of Arts and SciencePolytechnicState
Benue StateBenue State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Benue StateAkperan Orshi College of AgricultureAgriculturalGbokoState
Borno StateBorno College of AgricultureAgricultural
Borno StateRamat PolytechnicPolytechnicMaiduguriState
Cross River StateIbrahim Babangida College of AgricultureAgriculturalObubra
Cross River StateThe Polytechnic, CalabarPolytechnicCalabarState
Delta StateDelta State College of AgricultureAgricultural
Delta StateDelta State Polytechnic: (three institutions)PolytechnicOzoro
Delta StatePetroleum Training InstituteMiscellaneousEffurunFederal
Ebonyi StateAkanu Ibiam Federal PolytechnicPolytechnicUnwana-AfikpoFederal
Ebonyi StateFederal College of Agriculture, IshiaguAgriculturalIshiaguFederal
Edo StateAuchi PolytechnicPolytechnicAuchiFederal
Edo StateKings PolytechnicPolytechnicUbiajaPrivate
Edo StateShaka PolytechnicPolytechnicBenin city
Ekiti StateFederal Polytechnic, Ado-EkitiPolytechnicAdo EkitiFederal
Enugu StateFederal School of Dental Technology & TherapyMiscellaneousEnuguFederal
Enugu StateInstitute of Management Technology, EnuguPolytechnicEnuguState
Enugu StateOur Saviour Institute of Science and TechnologyPolytechnicEnuguPrivate
Imo StateFederal College of Land Resources Technology, OwerriMiscellaneousOwerriFederal
Imo StateFederal Polytechnic, NekedePolytechnicNekedeFederal
Abia StateTemplegate Polytechnic AbaPolytechnicAbaPrivate
Imo StateImo State PolytechnicPolytechnicUmuagwoState
Imo StateImo State Technological Skills Acquisition CenterPolytechnic
Jigawa StateHussaini Adamu Federal PolytechnicPolytechnicKazaureFederal
Jigawa StateHussani Adamu PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Kaduna StateCollege of Agriculture and Animal ScienceAgriculturalKadunaFederal
Kaduna StateFederal College of Chemical and Leather and TechnologyMiscellaneousZariaFederal
Kaduna StateFederal College of Forestry MechanisationMiscellaneousAfakaFederal
Kaduna StateKaduna PolytechnicPolytechnicKadunaFederal
Kaduna StateNigerian College of Aviation TechnologyMiscellaneousZariaFederal
Kaduna StateNuhu Bamalli PolytechnicPolytechnicZariaState
Kaduna StateSamaru College of AgricultureAgriculturalZariaFederal
Kano StateAudu Bako School of AgricultureAgriculturalDambattaState
Kano StateKano State PolytechnicPolytechnicKanoState
Kano StateMohammed Abdullahi Wase PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Katsina StateHassan Usman Katsina PolytechnicPolytechnicKatsinaState
Kebbi StateCollege of Agriculture, ZuruAgriculturalZuruState
Kebbi StateFederal Polytechnic, Birnin-KebbiPolytechnicBirnin KebbiFederal
Kebbi StateKebbi State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Kogi StateCollege of Agriculture, KabbaAgriculturalKabbaFederal
Kogi StateFederal Polytechnic, IdahPolytechnicIdahFederal
Kogi StateKogi State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Kwara StateFederal Polytechnic, OffaPolytechnicOffaFederal
Kwara StateKwara State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Lagos StateFederal College of Fisheries and Marine TechnologyMiscellaneousLagosFederal
Lagos StateGrace PolytechnicPolytechnicLagosPrivate
Lagos StateLagos City PolytechnicPolytechnicLagosPrivate
Lagos StateLagos State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Lagos StateSchool of Agriculture, IkoroduAgriculturalIkorodu
Lagos StateWavecrest College of HospitalityMonotechnicLagosPrivate
Lagos StateWolex PolytechnicPolytechnicLagos
Lagos StateYaba College of TechnologyPolytechnicLagosFederal
Nasarawa StateCollege of Agriculture, LafiaAgriculturalLafiaState
Nasarawa StateMaurid Institute of Management & Technology, NasarawaPolytechnicNasarawaPrivate
Nasarawa StateFederal Polytechnic, NassarawaPolytechnicNasarawaFederal
Nasarawa StateNasarawa State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Niger StateFederal College of Fresh Water Fisheries TechnologyMiscellaneousNew BussaFederal
Niger StateFederal College of Wildlife ManagementMiscellaneousNew BussaFederal
Niger StateFederal Polytechnic, BidaPolytechnicBidaFederal
Niger StateNiger State College of AgricultureAgriculturalMokwaState
Niger StateNiger State PolytechnicPolytechnicZungeruState
Ogun StateAllover Central PolytechnicPolytechnicSango-OtaPrivate
Ogun StateFederal Polytechnic, IlaroPolytechnicIlaroFederal
Ogun StateGateway Polytechnic SaapadePolytechnicState
Ogun StateMarvic PolytechnicPolytechnicOdedaPrivate
Ogun StateMoshood Abiola PolytechnicPolytechnicAbeokutaState
Ondo StateRufus Giwa PolytechnicPolytechnicOwoState
Osun StateFederal Polytechnic, EdePolytechnicEdeFederal
Osun StateOsun State College of TechnologyPolytechnicEsa-OkeState
Osun StateOsun State PolytechnicPolytechnicIreeState
Osun StatePolytechnic Ile-IfePolytechnicIle-IfePrivate
Osun StateSouthern Nigeria Institute of Innovative Technology(SNIITPOLY)PolytechnicIfewaraPrivate
Oyo StateFederal College of Animal Health & Production TechnologyPolytechnicIbadanFederal
Oyo StateFederal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, IbadanAgriculturalIbadanFederal
Oyo StateFederal College of Forestry, IbadanMiscellaneousIbadanFederal
Oyo StateThe Polytechnic, IbadanPolytechnicIbadanState
Oyo StateThe KINGS Poly, SakiPolytechnicSakiPrivate
Oyo StateTower Polytechnic, IbadanPolytechnicIbadanPrivate
Plateau StateFederal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, VomAgriculturalVom, NigeriaFederal
Plateau StateFederal College of Education, PankshinMiscellaneousPankshinFederal
Plateau StateFederal College of Forestry. JosMiscellaneousJosFederal
Plateau StateFederal College of Land Resources Technology, KuruMiscellaneousJosFederal
Plateau StatePlateau State College of AgricultureAgriculturalState
Plateau StatePlateau State PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Rivers StateRivers State College of Arts and SciencePolytechnicPort HarcourtState
Rivers StateRivers State PolytechnicPolytechnicBoriState
Taraba StateCollege of Agriculture, JalingoAgriculturalJalingoState
Yobe StateFederal Polytechnic, DamaturuPolytechnicDamaturuFederal
Yobe StateMai Idris Alooma PolytechnicPolytechnicGeidamState
Zamfara StateAbdul Gusau PolytechnicPolytechnicState
Zamfara StateFederal Polytechnic, NamodaPolytechnicKaura-NamodaFederal
Zamfara StateAbdul Gusau PolytechnicPolytechnicState

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