Download NYSC Anthem MP3 Download – Youth Obey the Clarion Call

How sweet this song sounds! You can now download the NYSC Anthem (MP3 Download) and as the title says, “Youth Obey The Clarion Call”

Just like the title rightfully says, you can now download the NYSC Anthem MP3 for free here on your No 1 Educational source,

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As we all know, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) official anthem, which starts with “Youth obey the clarion call and we all know every youth dreams to obey the clarion call”


We advice you download this anthem soon, because as you are going for the NYSC orientation camp, you can get to know how to sing the song and surprise your friends.

One sure thing, is that once you’re in the Orientation cam, you will be singing this song on a daily basis.

NYSC Anthem Lyrics.

Lyrics of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Anthem

Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria’s ours, Nigeria we serve.

You can download it on your Mobile phone or computer by

THE full NYSC anthem lyrics is:

Youth obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication, and selflessness
Nigeria is ours Nigeria we serve

Members, take the great salute
Put the Nation first in all
With service and humility
NYSC for the noble Youths
Make Nigeria a great nation

Far and near we come to serve
And to build our fatherland
With oneness and loyally
NYSC for unity
Hail Nigeria our great nation.

Final Conclusion.

Hope that through this lyrics shared here, you will definitely understand the lyrics and deeper meaning of this National Youth Corps Service, NYSC national anthem.

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