Top 24 Degree Courses With Highest Employment Opportunities in Nigeria

The best advice a parent can give his child is pursuing your dream! Go after what you love doing the most, because only in such places and cause will you discover satisfaction and greatness.

But that does not mean you can’t add another lucrative job, to help you with success. Today, I would love to list out here, the top best twenty-four degree courses with the most lucrative employment opportunities in Nigeria.

Although this is not verified by any other sources, Dailyschoolnews Nigeria is certain that the below-mentioned courses are among those highly sought after in Nigeria today.

24 Degree Courses With Highest Employment Opportunities in Nigeria

These are the top Degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria.

The main reason why we are so sure of this listing is that of the time and energy we’ve put into it, to verify how true this is.

We’ve taken out our time, Money and energy to scrutinize the Nigerian employment market and we came up with a list, of course, to help all Nigerian students and guide them to knowing the best degree courses as they wish to apply for admission into the university. Even if you’re a graduate or currently a student, you can add any of these courses to your programme.

Please take note that this is just a supposition or proposed explanation which we have made on the basis of limited evidence that stands to be criticized. Your contribution is welcome on what you think is better.

Please feel free to criticize any of the below-mentioned courses and we stand to be corrected.

You can also take out your time to mention the best or worst courses after viewing the below courses.


1. Civil Engineering
2. Agriculture Science.
3. Medicine.
4. Economics.
5. Business and Administrative Studies.
6. Geology
7. Computer Science/IT
8. Nursing
9. Architecture
10. Health Education
11. Home Economics
12. Marketing
13. Graphics Art.
14. Accounting and Finance
15. Fishery.
16. Pharmacy.
17. Physics
18. Human Resources Management
19. Law
20. Chemistry
21. Medical Laboratory Science
22. Electrical Engineering
23. Statistics
24. English and Literary Study


1. Religious Studies
2. Political Science
3. Music
4. Zoology
5. Primary Education
6. French
7. Sport
8. Sociology
9. Counseling Psychology
10. Geography
11. Language
12. Library and Information Science
13. Fine Art
14. Philosophy
15. Social Studies
16. Mass Communication
17. Botany
18. Physical Education
19. Theatre Art
20. English Literature

We stand to be corrected.

We really need to know your opinion. Which and which courses should have made the best lists of courses to study in Nigeria, or which courses should have made the worst lists of courses to study in Nigeria?

We would love to hear from you using the comment box below.

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