Here is the complete list of courses which are not accredited by the National Universities Commissions in some of Nigerian Universities.

This is an important news, especially to all candidates who are sitting for the UTME exercise, because they may have choose any of these schools and the course, without knowing that it’s unaccredited by the National Universities Commissions.

The truth is that, at least, 150 undergraduate academic programmes in Nigeria’s public and private universities are unaccredited, Dailyschoolnews Nigeria can authoritatively report to you.

According to the 2016 accreditation status, which was report by the National Universities Commission (NUC), exclusively obtained by the DSN Management, the unaccredited courses are domiciled in 37 of 143 universities in Nigeria.

According to the Quality Assurance Department of the National Universities Commission, who is currently in charge of accrediting courses in the universities, these courses are not accredited in these universities which is listed below.

How Do Courses Get Accredited BY NUC?

This is one question I would have asked too. For students who want to know the requirement before a course is accredited, the Quality Assurance Department of the NUC says, it must meet the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) that has been drawn up by the commission.

To be qualified, a course must have qualified faculty members, good learning environment and adequate teaching materials – equipment, books and journals.

However, what Millions of students are unaware of, is that Courses offered in academic institution in this country, with full accreditation are due for re-accreditation every five years, during which some courses might lose or retain their certification. Some fully accredited courses could be slammed with interim accreditation if their facilities and faculty are found to have depreciated or not been productive.

While for courses with interim accreditation, they are due for reassessment after two years, and back to back interim accreditation automatically leads to loss of accreditation of that course in the institution concerned.

The NUC further disclosed that accreditation of courses is necessary to make sure that “employers and other members of the community that Nigerian graduates of all academic programmes have attained an acceptable level of competency in their areas of specialization.”

We discovered to our own horror from analysis carried out, that the accreditation result for 2016 showed that 150 courses are currently unaccredited in 13 federal universities, 16 state universities and eight private universities in Nigeria.

The affected universities include universities like;

  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka;
  • University of Benin,
  • University of Jos,
  • University of Calabar ,
  • University of Abuja, etc

What do you think? Please if there is any complaint about this published article, have anything to add or that some of these courses have been accredited in certain schools which are mentioned here, do use the comment box to reach out to us. We’ll surely get back to you.

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