JAMB CBT Questions – How Many Are They?

Written by Glory Joseph

THIS is another question from candidates who are anxious and first timers to write the examination!

In our official facebook page, many students have been asking several questions regarding this, and here are some of the questions which are listed below.

How many questions are in jamb CBT?
How many questions will JAMB give all CBT candidates?
How many questions will come from all jamb subjects?
How many questions are in Use of English, Economics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Government, Literature, Geography, Physics, Novel, CRK/IRK?

If you have been among candidates asking this questions, we have the answer for You.

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Answers To Your Questions Regarding JAMB CBT

Firstly, you should note, that you are required and expected to answer 250 questions on the whole.

Okay, we’ll try our BEST, to give you, in simple details and explanation, how the questions are chosen from the list of subjects you applied for.

Are you aware that when jamb was conducted with the Paper and Pencil method, candidates are always given two hundred and fifty (250) questions to candidates in the UTME, which also applies for the UME and MPCE (Poly JAMB) examination.

Summary of JAMB Novel: The Last Days at Forcados High School

You should note that this rule have not yet changed!
The only change in JAMB, is that they switched from manual exams to Computer Based Test .

So how many questions are in jamb CBT?
The total number of questions which are set in the examination and given to each and every candidates is: 250.

Out of the 250 questions, here is how many questions each subjects carries:

100 questions will come from Use of English,
While the rest of the 150 will be sourced (50 each) from the rest of the 3 subjects that you registered for.

That is it! You don’t need to be afraid of the Examination! All you need to do, is to follow this Advice To All Candidates Writing JAMB CBT – Must Read

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