Top Ten (10) Best Private Universities In Nigeria | 2023 List

Are you planning on going to a private University in Nigeria? Why not go for the very best ones in Nigeria?

Not just the best, but the top best private University? Well, don’t disturb yourself that much trying to figure out the best private Universities in Nigeria, because has the complete list.

We are one of Nigeria’s foremost Educational news broadcasting platforms and have been sharing educational news for years, so we have lots of Knowledge and experience about this topic today, and this information is backup by Webometrics.

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As I’ve earlier disclosed, these private Universities are ranked based on the following factors which are essential for the growth of the students, such as:

  • Academic standards,
  • Facilities,
  • Location,
  • Cost,
  • Webometrics ranking.

best private universities in Nigeria

Top Best Private Universities in Nigeria

Covenant University

This University is owned by one of Nigeria’s most respected pastors, Bishop David Oyedepo. The Federal Government of Nigeria licensed Covenant University on the 12th of February 2002, and since then, it has been a steady movement upward, as the University has grown to become of the best private Universities in Nigeria.

Covenant University (cu) since it’s owned by a well-respected man of God, no doubt is built on solid moral foundations, yet it excels on an innovative blueprint which has been set by the Institution’s Chancellor, Dr David O. Oyedepo.

The truth is that Covenant University is the Number 1 best private university in Nigeria. It deserves this spot because the school has so far, provide students with lots of potential and students who graduated from the school with their certificates have a higher chance of been employed.

Babcock University.

Babcock University (Babcock) is one of the most popular Private Universities in Nigeria, and this academic institution is located in ilisan Remo, Ogun state. Babcock university has one of the best innovative methods of management and we are aware that the students, over 70%, have good moral standards.

Many Nigerian Universities are still using and holding on to the archaic beliefs which they used in managing their schools, but Babcock university divers. This academic institution has continued to introduce effective and most times, welcomed policies which they continuously use to improve the standard of the Institution and its students.

Because of her Innovation and school management, Babcock University is ranked second on the list of Top best 10 Private Universities In Nigeria.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU)

Joseph Ayo Babalola University, also known as (JABU), was established by the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Worldwide in the year 2004. Since then, it has been an upward movement for both the school and the students. The Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) however, officially started its academic sessions in 2006 post-license.

The Joseph Ayo Babalola University (jabu) academic institution pioneered the trend for entrepreneurship education in Nigeria, since most parents choose to send their children to a school where they are closely monitored.

After the huge success recorded by the JABU’s Entrepreneurial programme, The Nigeria “National Universities Commission” (NUC) after that, made it mandatory for general studies that include entrepreneurship in the various degree programmes in Nigeria.

Because of their entrepreneurial programme among others, the Joseph Ayo Babalola University is rank 3rd as the best private University in Nigeria.

Bowen University (BU)

THE Bowen University (bu), which is located in Iwo, Osun State, and the Bowen University, is the first church-owned private University in Nigeria. Bowen University is one of the most respected Private Universities in Nigeria because it’s also a “Federal” Private University in Nigeria.

The Bowen academic institution also boasts some of the most qualified lecturers in the country, and this is mainly due to the fact of its proximity to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and the University of Ibadan (UI).

Bowen University boasts of the following:

School of medicine,
Faculty of law,
and a postgraduate school in addition to its already catalogue of undergraduate courses.

Bowen University, Iwo Osun State, is the 4th best private Universities In Nigeria

Redeemer’s University (ru)

THE Redeemer’s University, also known as (ru) has a temporary location area at the Redemption Camp, 46 km Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. While the permanent location of the school is situated in Ede, Osun State.

One thing that made the academic institution stand out, is its current location and her highly respected Teachers are also still teaching at the school.

Here are the achievement of some of Redeemer’s University Academics

Professor Oyewale Tomori (Who is a past vice chancellor, is a former World Health Organisation (WHO) executive for Sub-saharan Africa and a Fellow of the prestigious Nigerian Academy of Science),

Funsho Akere (all fellows of the Prestigious Nigerian Academy of Letter)

Professors Ahmed Parker Yerima (is the immediate past Director-General of the Nigeria National Theatre, National Troupe, and the Abuja Carnival and 2006 winner of the NLNG prize for Literature)

Bunmi Oyeyemi Julius-Adeoye (December 27, 1973 – May 16, 2010) is one of Nigeria’s popular female playwrights of the twenty-first century who started the Theatre Arts Department of the university and acted as its pioneer head of department (2005, 2007).

Redeemer’s University is one of the most respected academic institutions in Nigeria, and just as you thought, it’s owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God and it is the 5th best private university in Nigeria.

Igbinedion University Okada.

Igbinedion University, which is located in Okada, Edo state, is the very first private university in Nigeria.

Not limiting themselves to just been a “Private” university, the Igbinedion academic institution has a fine range of programmes. Igbinedion University has the following:

1. Fully accredited faculty of Law,
2. Medicine,
3. Pharmacy,
4. Engineering,
5. Natural and Applied Sciences,
6. Business and Management Studies,
7. Arts and Social Sciences.

Igbinedion University has the honour of introducing a privately owned university in Nigeria, and apart from that, they are also the first private university in the country to produce medical doctors.

In 2006, Mr Sunday Damilola Olawuyi obtained a First Class Honours degree in the Nigerian Bar examinations, thereby making Igbinedion university the only private university in Nigeria to have produced a first-class student in the Nigerian Bar Examinations.

The above achievements are a confirmation that this school is worth being the sixth-best private University in Nigeria.

The university was founded by Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, a philanthropist and a prominent political figure in Edo State.

Ajayi Crowther University

The Ajayi Crowther University (ajayi) which is situated in Oyo, was established by the Supra Diocesan Board (West) of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

The University is named after one of Nigeria’s most popular, the late Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who is the first African bishop of the Anglican Church. Samuel Ajayi Crowther is the very first Nigerian to translate the bible into Yoruba.

Ajayi Crowther University also boasts of the following:

Full Accreditation status for all the courses offered across its three faculties.

  • Faculties of Humanities,
  • Social Science,
  • Management Science,
  • Natural Sciences.

Ajayi Crowther University is steadily growing and the school management believes that in the nearest future, the academic institution will be the “best university in Nigeria“.

Bells University of Technology (BELLS)

The Bells University of Technology, acronym (bells) is one of Nigeria’s foremost private Universities of Technology since it has provided its students with an improved teaching method.

Bells University of Technology boasts of its ability to create new ways of thinking, making the university stand out from its competitors and the more traditional universities in Nigeria.

In its ten years of creation, the Bells University of Technology has become one of Nigeria’s best private Universities and still not satisfied, they’re fighting to be recognized as one of the best private Universities outside the shores of Nigeria.

They made the 8th-best private university in Nigeria.

Afe Babalola University (ABUAD)

One thing about these private Universities is that they’re very good at breaking positive records! Including the Afe Babalola University!

The Afe Babalola University (abuad)  is the first and only University in Nigeria to fully commence its academic activities on its permanent site with all the facilities in place within a space of eight (8) months.

The University has entrepreneurship and language centres which all students are required to pass through during their period of study, which will help build them up to speak good polish languages.

The Entrepreneurship Center at Afe Babalola University (abuad) develops high-quality entrepreneurial skills in students, and this skill will enable them to become Job creators as opposed to job seekers in Nigeria.

The language centre, which is one of their centres of attraction, uniquely trains students in at least one local and one foreign language apart from the English language. This is in response to the increasing diverse and globalized workplace. Meaning, that students from Afe Babalola University (abuad) can work in another country which does not speak English.

Afe Babalola University continues to hold dear the founder’s philosophy which inculcates Discipline, Industry, determination, service, integrity, sound education and quality leadership in its students.

We give them, the 9th most popular and best Private University in Nigeria.

Caritas University Enugu (CARITAS)

Heard of Caritas University? Well, they’re not that new but are making waves around the country. The Caritas University, situated in Amorji-Nike, Enugu, was approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on the 16th of December 2004.

While the school officially commence academic activities on the 21st of January, 2005. The school was officially launched by the Federal Minister for Education, Prof. Fabian Osuji.

Caritas University is the second Catholic University in Nigeria which is founded by Rev. Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Paul Mattew Edeh C.S.Sp, OFR.

The Caritas university is managed by the Congregation of Sisters of Jesus the Saviour, a religious Congregation of Nuns founded by him.

Caritas University strives to revive the age-long successful tradition of Catholic Education in Nigeria which championed sound education and good morals.

The main aim of Caritas University is to become the best centre of learning, teaching and research.

That’s it.

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