2023 Admission: List Of 20 Nigerian Universities That Accept 120 Cut-Off Mark

Nigerian academic sector literally broke into two when JAMB pegged their cut off mark for universities at 120, which cause a backlash from parents and students, although Universities like Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, University of Benin and University of Nigeria, Nsukka, decided to pegged their cut-off point at 200 and above.

More than 70% of Nigerian Universities decided to high the bar in terms of cut off marks for admission, as many other Nigerian universities pegged their cut-off points from 120 to 170, especially at 180.

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With this, even though JAMB decided to peg the cutoff marks at 120, candidates who had a relatively low score in JAMB may find it difficult to get admission into any Nigerian university that’ll accept 120 as their cut off mark for admission.


schools that accept low jamb cut off marks

schools that accept low jamb cut off marks

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Pro Tips: Please note that although the UTME board set the cut off marks at 120 for Universities, the board has made it clear that universities are allowed to increase their cut off marks, depending on the number of candidates seeking admission into the school.

This is why popular universities set their cut off from 180 to 200 and above. Read More here.

To ensure candidates who scored LOW in JAMB are admitted into Varsities for the 2023/2024 academic session, We’ve searched and provided you, with this list of the top 20 Nigerian Universities that give admission to candidates with 120 JAMB scores and above.

List Of Nigerian Universities That Accept 120 Cut Off Mark For 2023 Admission.

The following Universities that set their cut-off mark include:

1. Achievers University,
2. Adeleke University,
3. Caleb University,
4. Fountain University,
5. Caritas University,
6. Novena University,
7. Renaissance University,
8. Ojiagu-agbani University,
9. Evangel University,
10. McPherson University,
11. South Western University,
12. Samuel Adegboyega University,
13. Wellspring University,
14. Western Delta University,
15. Wesley University,
16. Summit University,
17. Edwin Clark University,
18. Hezekiah University,
19. Kings University,
20. Arthur Javis University,

So there is absolutely no reason why you should not be going to school this year since these academic institutions have pegged their cut off marks at 120!

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