How Do JAMB Mark Scores? JAMB Marking Scheme

Are you participating in the JAMB UTME examination this year?

If your answer is yes, then you should know the exact method which JAMB uses to marks your scripts and scores you.

Here are some questions which are asked by JAMBites:

What is the total mark of jamb?
How many points do I need to pass jamb?
How many correct answers do I need to pass JAMB?

We hope that through this article, you’ll be enlightened and have full knowledge of how jamb scores you.

The main aim of writing this article today is that some students are complaining, that jamb marking scheme is a scam. You should take note that in the year 2018, 60% of jamb candidates, who participated in the JAMB-UTME examination scored below the 180 point aggregate.

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JAMB UTME Subjects

Note that the JAMB UTME Examination subject comprises of the following which is listed below:
1: Use of English – Which is mandatory for all candidates.
2: Any three relevant subject – which fully depends on the choice made by the candidates.

You should be aware, that the Use of English is made up of 150 questions.

While the other three subjects, according to Candidates course, is made up of fifty (50) questions each.
Take note that the JAMB examination is made up of 300 questions.


The time frame which is given by JAMB to candidates to answer all the 300 questions is 3 Hours 30 Minutes.

Marks Allotted for Each Subject

You should note that each subject in Jamb examination carries 100 marks, which makes the examination, a total 400 marks for the four (4) subjects (That is, if you answer all the questions correctly)

The truth is that candidates can score as high as 400 over 400. It is very possible to score this, but have you ever seen or heard of anyone scoring as high as 400/400?

Jamb Negative Marking (Do Jamb participates in Negative Marking)

There has been lots of speculation about this issue. Some people are with the notion, while others oppose that the notion of JAMB using negative marking scheme.

What is Negative Marking

In negative marking, if you fail or wrongly answered a question, it will automatically cancel one right answer.
However, we want to make it extra clear here today on Dailyschoolnews Nigeria, that JAMB does not support Negative Marking.

In-Jamb, you’re graded with the exact Mark you answered correctly.

How To Score Score High in JAMB

Surely, as we all know, writing exams normally lead to stress and anxiety, and this is not just any kind of exams, this is JAMB examination, and i guess the stress doubles, but today, we’ll be showing you, the easiest way on how to study, read and score above 280 in the forthcoming jamb 2019 examination!

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