Here’s another blockbuster from, we bring to you, the official guidelines on How to Read and Score Above 300 in the forthcoming Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

THE much awaited Jamb 2019 exercise registration has come, and every candidates are really warming up for the Exam.

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Surely, as we all know, writing exams normally lead to stress and anxiety, and this is not just any kind of exams, this is JAMB examination, and i guess the stress doubles, but today, we’ll be showing you, the easiest way on how to study, read and score above 300 in the forthcoming jamb 2019 examination!

Here’s a tutorial on how To Answer Jamb Use of English

Don’t worry, just read through this article and follow our guidelines, and the upcoming 2019 UTME examination, will be a piece of cake (maybe, much sweeter than that!)

8 Ways To Study For JAMB UTME and Score 300 and Above

This is a simply, yet efficient way, in which you can study and score above your desired institution cut off marks for the 2019 academic session.

Success Step #1:

Before an engineer builds a house, he always have a architecture plan drawn out for him, right?

That’s the secret of students scoring higher marks and grades in school. They always have a plan. For you to have a good score in this forthcoming jamb examination, ensure that you have an extra notebook for the four subjects that you are going to write in the 2019 Jamb exercise.

With this notebooks, you should proceed and make a write-up of the summary of the Jamb subject outline.

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Success Step #2:

This is very important, we’ve discovered that every year, the questions set by JAMB officials, is made up of 80% past questions!!! This is another secrets reviewed here today.

Try your possible best to make purchase of the Jamb past questions and answers. This will surely give you, an insight as to what and what kind of questions you’ll be answering.

Important Note:

Please, don’t just buy the past questions and answers without reading through them and solving. The trick is that, after reading and summarizing a chapter in the subject outline, then go through the past questions and find questions that are related to that topic. This is helpful and has been confirmed several times.

Success Step #3:

Most students have timetables, but don’t keep up with it. As a student preparing for the forthcoming jamb examination, please ensure that you create a personalized time table for yourself.

Try as best as you can, to create a time table which fits into your free time. Trust me, this will give you, full knowledge and insight about your subjects!

Success Step #4:

Have a GOAL!
This is important, having a target or goal, will help you sit up and will make you, determined to reach it. Please, endeavor to have a target by making list of classes and the topic you would cover in each class. Make sure that you try to have a minimum amount of topic you are to cover on daily basis , to help boost your learning speed for the upcoming UTME.

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Success Step #5:

Rest Period: Make sure that while studying, you take a break in between your study time (time table). This will help cool your brain and help your brain digest every single information you read.

Truthfully, it’s a bad idea if you read without having a break period. If you’re studying for 2 hours per day, you can try giving yourself, up to 15 – 20 Minutes break, and rest a little or eat something.

This will make you feel fresh and ready to start studying again.

Success Step #6:

Please and pleas, this one is very important! Try to get enough rest at night.

Most people believes that reading all through the night would help, but that’s wrong. Most times you should consider your health and try to avoid things that would endanger your health. You can read in the night hours, but don’t make it a tarry night.

Success Step #7

Try setting up a study group, where you can interact and have a meaningful discussion with like minds. Surround yourself with people who are willingly to read and pass their examination, and create a Question and Answer (Q&A) section.

You guys should read up to 45 Minutes silently, then proceed to ask each other questions. This will help sharpen your brain to answer questions faster.

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Success Step #8:

Lastly, set an examination for yourself, comprising of the subjects you’ll be writing at the forthcoming jamb examination.

It’s really worth it. Try and set a Trial Examination for yourself. Then proceed and answer the question as accurate as possible and in the shortest time frame.

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We hope that as your proceed to write the 2019/2020 UTME or JAMB exam, May the Almighty God and our saviour Jesus Christ, help you come out in flying colours.


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