17+ Best Online Jobs in Nigeria for Students & Freelancers

The number of people working from home is growing with the development of the Internet. Our world is turning into a great digital platform where people can get remote jobs and work for employers in Nigeria, America, Canada, and other places.

Students are not an exception. Internet jobs offer many opportunities for them to combine their studies with making money and gaining experience that can be useful for a future career. And all from the comfort of home.

If you are a student or freelancer looking for an online job in Nigeria, this article will provide you with all you need to know. Continue reading to find out more about top work-from-home jobs that are legit for teens and older job seekers.

Best Online Jobs in Nigeria for Students

The Best Online Jobs for Students in Nigeria.

These days, you no longer need to sit in an office to do your job. As long as you have a laptop, a stable Internet connection, perfect self-discipline, skills, and free time, you can work from wherever you want.

This list of 17+ online work-from-home jobs in Nigeria will help you understand what online labour positions are available and what skills you may need to fill them.

Additionally, you can check out our extended list of work-at-home jobs in Nigeria to learn more about specific aspects of getting a job that pays you for working online.

1.  Content Writing.

As an author, you can write different kinds of content. This can be texts advertising goods or services, article reviews on various topics, such as travel, cooking, sports, beauty, health, business, etc., landing pages for websites, marketing emails, and so on. Content writing is a creative and exciting job for those who love writing and know how to create high-quality texts.

To become a good freelance writer, you should have written, copywriting, and sometimes SEO and research skills.

2. Proofreading and Editing.

Not everyone can create texts from scratch. However, if you are fluent in a language, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation, you can offer proofreading and editing services.

Texts shouldn’t have any errors, and information needs to have a clear and logical structure. Careful editing allows for reaching the target audience without information distortion, preserving the author’s style.

We highly recommend you check out Problogger and Freelance Writing Gigs websites for jobs related to content writing and editing.

3. Translation.

Another option for remote work is doing translations. If you know a language other than English, you can work as a translator or interpreter, or even a combination of these two professions.

The key is to be competent in the topic you are working on and translate as closely as possible to the original language so that the context of the text isn’t compromised.

Besides general freelance platforms, some websites focus specifically on translations. For instance, Unbabel and Gengo.

4. Typing Jobs.

Typists work with texts in different forms. This can be handwritten text or scanned documents. Your main task is to convert the text into the electronic form that the customer needs. This category also includes transcription services. The idea is to listen to what the audio or video recording is saying and convert it into text.

It may sound simple at first, but sometimes understanding the record or document you are working on requires a lot of time and concentration.

Excellent listening, attention to detail, literacy, and the ability to work with various software tools and type fast are the skills you may need for this type of work.

Websites such as Rev and TranscribeMe can be perfect resources to find typing jobs.

5. Video Blogging.

If you enjoy creating videos, you can start a video blog and make money online from YouTube. Subject options for your video blog are endless; review movies, games, exciting locations, help people improve their skills, etc. As a rule, most people are paid depending on the number of views and the number of ads integrated into their videos.

To work as a video blogger, you need to know how to write and present creative, entertaining, and memorable scripts, and have the technical skills to produce and edit the video.

6. Help Others With Their Homework.

You can use your knowledge of languages, history, math, etc., to help students with their homework and assignments. The main advantage is that you can work in any field or subject you like and choose your own hours.

Some websites require you to demonstrate skills by passing subject tests. However, Chegg is one of the best platforms to start.

7. Tutoring.

If you have any skills or talents and you like sharing your knowledge with others, then tutoring may be right up your alley. You can work with people of different ages and teach them what you know best. This can be math, languages, hair styling, painting, programming, etc. The main task is to find an approach to your students and help them learn new things.

You can use different platforms for tutoring, including YouTube and massive open online course platforms like Udemy, TutorMe, and Preply.

8. Online Survey Jobs.

Large companies in Nigeria and around the world collaborate with online survey platforms to conduct market research. You can become part of this and get paid for giving honest answers to questions online.

We recommend that you register on platforms such as Taskbucks, Survey Police, ySense, Surveysavvy, PaidViewpoint, Toluna, and Mobrog. They are among the most popular survey platforms where anyone can sign up and earn money.

9. Virtual Assistant.

Offline as well as online business owners don’t always have time to deal with all the daily working issues and prefer to pay for this work, hiring virtual assistants. Job duties for this position may include making appointments and providing reminders about them, organizing information, preparing documents, planning trips, booking tickets, etc.

The main objective is to save the employer’s time. A good virtual assistant should be quick-witted with good foresight and strong communication and multitasking skills.

You can check out platforms like Fancy Hands and TaskRabbit to find virtual assistant jobs for beginners and experienced professionals.

10. Virtual Recruiter.

As a virtual recruiter, you can work either full-time or part-time. Your primary duties will include posting job listings online and searching for potential employees on job sites.

Previous experience in recruiting may be recommended, but if you have some of the required skills, such as exceptional verbal and written communication, strong problem-solving, and excellent time management, you have a good chance of getting hired.

11. SEO Specialist.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist optimizes websites for search engines. This includes increasing traffic to a website by improving the page ranking among search engines.

SEO specialists need to know the features, differences, and algorithms of search engines. They should also understand marketing, advertising, sales, web analytics, etc.

12. Digital Marketer.

As a digital marketer, you will help different brands increase their online presence via paid advertising platforms like Google AdWords and other digital channels that include email marketing, social media, company websites, etc.

If you want to choose this career, one of the main things to know is how paid ads work on search engines, social media, and other platforms like YouTube.

13. Affiliate Selling.

Affiliate selling means promoting other people’s products on the Internet to get a commission on every sale that you make through your ad. You can choose different platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook to recommend products to potential customers.

Marketing, writing, and sales skills are valuable in this sphere. We advise you to monitor popular platforms like Jumia Affiliates and Konga Affiliates, where you can start affiliate selling in Nigeria.

14. Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a retail business where intermediates (drop shippers) don’t need to store goods in their warehouses. The supplier company sends products directly to the customer. You either pay for the goods leaving yourself the difference between the purchase and retail prices, or the supplier takes payment from the buyer and pays you a commission.

To start your dropshipping business, you need to contact the suppliers to determine the cost of the goods and delivery.

15. Programmer.

IT is one of the most popular spheres if you are looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs in Nigeria. You need to have in-depth knowledge of programming languages and be well-versed in web programming, software development, etc.

You can advertise your services on social media or register at freelance sites like Stack Overflow, Remote Code, and Flexjobs.

16. Graphic Designer.

Nigerians who know how to create graphic content using design software can find many opportunities to get hired. As a graphic designer, you can develop fonts, magazine page layouts, advertising modules, pictures, collages, etc.

Freelance platforms offer a fair amount of remote graphic design jobs, but you can also register at ShutterStock and earn money selling your work.

17. Customer Support.

If you are a great communicator and helping people solve their issues makes you happy, you can try to work in customer support.

Depending on your skills, you can choose different industries. Good technical knowledge will make you a perfect candidate for Tech Support. Understanding fashion trends will be advantageous when working with clients of online clothing stores.

18. Tester.

To become a tester, you need to be a detail-oriented person interested in how various devices and software work. One of the primary duties includes quality control and identification of errors and problems. Knowledge of testing tools and technologies will be to your advantage, but excellent communication skills are also needed.

How to Choose Online Job.

Choosing a job can be hard, but our practical tips will make it easier for you.

  • Analyze your skills

Make a list of things you do well. This will help you understand what you are capable of.

  • Make a job “wish list”

Think about some elements that are key for you. For instance, what people you like to work with, what results you want to achieve, what working style you enjoy, what products or services matter to you, etc. Answers to such questions will help you understand what you want and will become the criteria for choosing a particular job.

  • Ask for advice.

Sometimes, we quickly find a reason to say ‘no’ to a job. A bad previous experience or lack of skills that seem necessary at first glance can put you off. We recommend you thoroughly explore your options and talk to people who love what they do and can tell you what the job is like from the inside.

Where to Search for Remote Jobs in Nigeria.

Each of these freelancing platforms offers a wide selection of online jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria and freelancers who want to work from home. Whether you are a writer, programmer, designer, virtual assistant, or almost any other service provider, you can use them to search for the latest vacancies.

Global Platforms.

Be aware that many global platforms will charge you an additional fee for payments you receive, and some of them require a PayPal account.

  • Indeed
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Remote
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn

Nigerian Platforms.

If you want to work as a freelancer for a Nigerian employer, check out these websites. One of the advantages is that an account at a local bank is enough to get payments.

  • Fix Lancer.
  • FindWorka.
  • Jo-Lancer.
  • JustFrom5k.
  • SourceGig.
  • Gigs Nigeria.
  • Yokebay.


Starting a career as a student is an excellent solution for many reasons. You can get experience, build a network of contacts, gain financial independence, find new interests, and start on your path towards your life goals. Given the digital changes in the business world, more companies are now seeking to hire freelancers, opening many opportunities for students who want to earn money on the side.

We hope that our list of the most popular online jobs in Nigeria has proved that everyone can find a job that matches their skills and preferences.

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