How to calculate UNIUYO Aggregate Score / Cut off Marks for admission

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This page provides you with detailed information on how to calculate the Federal University of Uyo (UNIUYO) aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark for admission. Here on this page, I will be showing you, how you can easily understand how the UNIUYO grading system for admission works, and the requirements, factors which are put in place when calculating UNIUYO’s aggregate cut off marks used for admission.

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What is Aggregate Score?

An aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark is the total score a candidate has after combining his/her examination scores, including JAMB and Post UTME. As the number of admission seekers increases, certain Universities are now combining not only JAMB and Post UTME scores, but they are also adding candidates’ O’Level grades as well.

Importance of Knowing your Aggregate:

The importance of knowing your aggregate cannot be overemphasized. If you know how the University of Uyo (UNIUYO) admission board calculates their aggregate score, then you will know whether your name will be on the UniUyo admission list before the list is out.

Your aggregate score is the sole factor that will determine if you are qualified for admission into the university or not. One thing most candidates forget is that an aggregate score is REQUIRED to meet up with the Uniuyo departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study before you will be given admission to study any of your desired courses offered in UNIUYO.

Take note that your aggregate score will be compared to your departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study, and if your score is not up to it, your chance of getting admitted is slim.

The truth is that candidates who applied for admission into UniUyo but were unable to meet up with their choice, of course, departmental cut off marks, will not be considered for admission or pushed to other departments with lower cut off marks. To stand a better chance of getting admitted into UniUyo, you are expected to reach or surpass the UniUyo departmental cut off mark.


Unknown to thousands of University of Uyo aspirants, calculating the UNIUYO’s aggregate cut off mark is simple. Just like most other Universities in Nigeria, the UniUyo uses a similar formula when calculating their aggregate.

The same formula used by other Federal Universities in Nigeria, the admission board of UNIUYO uses a 50:50 system, where your JAMB score represents 50% while your post UTME represents the remaining 50%, which will be 100%.

Candidates who were able to score high in their Post UTME screening, are bond to have a high UniUyo aggregate score, no matter their JAMB score. This is because UNIUYO prioritizes its post UTME over its JAMB scores.

To accurately calculate your UNIUYO aggregate score, the most essential things needed are your JAMB and post UTME scores. With these scores, use the formula below to calculate yours.

To correctly calculate your aggregate, know that the JAMB Examination is made up of 400 marks, whereas the UNIUYO Post UTME is made 100 marks.

  1. Divide your JAMB score by 8,
  2. Divide your Post UTME score by  2,
  3. Add up the result.

The result you get after adding up the results is your UNIUYO aggregate score.

Here is how to calculate yours:

  • JAMB Score / 8 = 50%
  • Post UME Score / 2 = 50%
  • Total = 100%.

For Example, Felicia scored 240 in JAMB and a Post UTME score of 70. To calculate her aggregate score, use the formula shared below.

  • JAMB score = 240 / 8 = 30
  • Post UTME score = 70 / 2 = 35
  • Total = 30 (JAMB) + 35 (Post UTME) = 65

From the above illustration, you get to know that Felicia’s aggregate score is 65.


The University of Uyo admission board has made it mandatory, to always release a cut off mark for all its departments, and each candidate is expected to meet up with the department cut off mark before they will be considered for admission.

But you can use the UniUyo departmental cut off mark for the previous year to prepare yourself for the JAMB and Post UTME examination and know the aggregate you need to reach or surpass.

It is very much advisable that candidate who is truly serious and wants to be admitted into this academic institution, to have a very good result (Both JAMB and Post UTME), so that your aggregate score would be well above the cut-off mark of the course you wish to study.


It’s no secret that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), usually releases an official cut off mark which every university must use for a particular academic year. But these universities are not limited or given courses cut off marks, the school admission board takes care of the cut off mark for different courses.

The University of Uyo (UNIUYO) minimum JAMB cut off mark is 180.

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