How to Calculate ABSU Aggregate Score / Cut off Marks for 2022

This is how to calculate ABSU aggregate score and cut off mark for the 2022/2023 admission year. No doubt, the Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU) is one of the most prestigious Universities in Nigeria, with thousands of candidates seeking admission into the insitution on a yearly basis.

For candidates searching for the correct method used in calculating the Abia State University aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark, this is for you.

What is ABSU Aggregate Score?

The aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark for admission is the total score a candidate has, which is reached after using the correct calculation of his/her JAMB and Post UTME scores. However, we discovered that Most universities in Nigeria now combines JAMB, Post UTME and O’Level grades as well. Admission is getting harder, which means that candidates are required to have better grades, starting from their O’level results.

Candidates who knows their aggregate score can almost predict their admission status accurately. Knowing your aggrgate score is important, and will help you determine whether you are eligible for admission into the Abia State University or not.

Take note that your aggregate score is required to Meet-up with the ABSU Departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study, before you will be given admission into that particular course.


Calculating the ABSU aggregate cut off mark is easy, very simple and easy. Below, I’ll show you how you can quickly and accurately calculate the ABSU aggregate score online. Take note that the Abia State University uses a formula similar to that of most universities in Nigeria. To calculate Abia State University aggregate cut off marks for 2022 admission, use the guide below.

Simply multiply Your ABSU Post UTME score by your JAMB score and divide by two (2). This will give you your ABSU aggregate score. Then compare to the cut off mark of the department/course you are applying for to determine if you are eligible for admission into your selected course, or whether you should immediately do the JAMB Change of Course/Institution to stand a better chance of getting admitted this year.

Practical Example of How to Calculate:

For example, a candidate scores 250 in JAMB, while the candidate’s post UTME screening score is 250. To get this candidate’s aggregate score, the correct calculation goes like this: 250 + 250 = 500/2= 255.

This means that the candidate’s aggregate score is 250. Use 250 and compare it with the departmental cut off mark of the candidate’s registered course of study and see if 250 reaches the course cut off mark.

Candidates with high Post UTME and JAMB scores have better chances of getting admitted into their course, because the Abia State University admission board prioritizes both UTME and post UTME scores.

Importance of Knowing Your Aggregate Score:

Knowing how to calculate your aggregate score gives you a better view of whether you will be admitted or not. If you calculate your ABSU aggregate score, you will be able to determine it yourself first, whether or not you are qualified for admission into the Abia State University, Uturu.

Knowin your aggregate score is important because you can easily compared it with the departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study and know your admission status before the school releases admission lists.

Candidates who were not able to score up to their departmental cut off mark after calculating their aggregate score, will not be considered for admission, of if they are lucky, will be pushed to other similar departments/courses with lower cut off marks where their aggregate scores match the course cut off mark for admission.

For candidates who are eager and really want to get admitted to study the course of their choice, note that you would have to reach or better still, surpass the departmental cut off mark. However, I’lladvise you to score higher than your departmental cut off mark, especially if you are going for competitive courses, e.g, Medicine, Engineering, Law, etc.


The Abia State University admission board releases the official cut off mark for admission into all its departments. The essense of the ABSU cut off mark is that it gives you a benchmark score you need to reach or surpass before you will be considered for admission.

Candidates should take note that the ABSU departmental cut off mark is released on a yearly basis and several changes are also made to it, since the school usually gets NUC approval for newer courses/departments.

When sitting for your JAMB examination and Post UTME screening, the goal is that you score high, so that your aggregate score will be higher than the ABSU cut off mark of the course you wish to study, giving you an edge over others in the same course.


I wrote about the ABSU cut off marks, and I won’t want to really dive deep into it. But I’ll explain how it works here. As you may be aware, JAMB usually releases an official cut off mark which every university must adhere to.

But that is the SCORE which makes you eligible to participate in the school Post UTME screening. A higher percentage of Nigerian Universities have a different cut off mark for different courses. The cut off marks for courses is determined by the number of candidates aiming for the course (competitiveness) and difficulty of the course.

Although the official ABSU JAMB cut off mark is 180, you would want to score higher to ensure that you end up with a good aggregate score, which when calculated with your Post UTME score, you will have a great aggregate score.

NOTE: I think it’s important to know that scoring below the ABSU cut off marks doesn’t mean you are not qualified for admission, as long as you don’t score below 180 in JAMB. However, if you scored 180, it means you need to sit up, study hard, and try your best to score extremely high in your Post UTME to get a good aggregate score that would meet up with your departmental cut off mark.

Wishing you the best and hopefully, you will be admitted this year. If you have any questions regarding the ABSU aggregate score, and how to calculate and know your Absu admission status, use the comment box below, we are a few seconds from answering your questions.

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