How to Calculate TASUED Aggregate Score For Admission

Do you want to know how to calculate Tasued aggregate score and know your admission status even before the TASUED admission list is out? Then you have come to the right place.

I have explained a lot about the Calculation of Aggregate scores and it’s importance. But the Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) is one academic institution with candidates who are eager to know their admission status.

In all honesty, calculating the TASUED aggregate score or TASUED aggregate cut off mark is very simple and easy if you follow the guide provided below. It’s undeniable that after candidates have seen their UTME results, they automatically become curious and want to know, how TASUED calculates their aggregate score.

The importance of knowing your aggregate score cannot be overstressed, it’s important that candidates seeking admission into the Tai Solarin University of Education, know how to calculate TASUED aggregate score. If you’re fortunate enough to read this before sitting for your JAMB or Post-UTME screening, then it’s much better. Scoring high in your JAMB and Post UTME means a higher aggregate score, and the higher your aggregate score, the better chance you stand of getting admitted.

This guide below shows you, how the Tai-Solarin University Of Education (Tasued) grading system works, including details on the requirements and other factors that are put into consideration when calculating TASUED’s aggregate score or cut off mark for admission.

What is Aggregate Score?

An aggregate cut off mark can be defined as the total score a candidate has after the combination of JAMB and Post UTME scores and diving it with the appropriate figures as shown below. We discovered that few Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics now combine JAMB score, Post UTME, and O’Level grades when calculating an aggregate score, but TASUED uses only JAMB and Post UTME scores.

One important factor you need to know about the Aggregate score is that your aggregate score is expected to meet up with the departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study, or else, you may not be admitted or given your choice course.

How To Calculate TASUED Aggregate Score:

Calculating the Tai Solarin University of Education aggregate score is very easy because the school admission board uses the same formula as that of most Nigerian Universities. The Tai-Solarin University Of Education uses a 50:50 ratio system when calculating an aggregate score. A 50:50 system means that your JAMB represents 50% while your post UTME screening score takes the remaining 50%, which is a total of 100%.

Although your JAMB score plays a vital role in getting a higher aggregate score, if you are able to really score high in your Post UTME exercise, your aggregate score will still be high enough for admission into TASUED. This is mainly because the Tai-Solarin University Of Education has over the previous years, prioritizes its post UTME over its JAMB scores.

JAMB Score is 400/400 marks, while TASUED post UTME is made up of 100 marks. To accurately calculate your Tasued aggregate score, use the guide below.

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8,
  • Divide your Post UTME score by  2,
  • Then add up the result you got after dividing your JAMB and Post UTME scores.

The result you get is your TANSUED aggregate score. Yes, it is actually that easy.

Here is a clear example of how this works.

  • JAMB score / 8 = 50%
  • Post UME Score / 2 = 50%
  • Total = 100%

For example, Kunle has a JAMB score of 265 and a Post UTME score of 64. To calculate Kunle’s aggregate score here is a work in progress;

JAMB score = 265 / 8 = 33.13.

Post UTME score = 64 / 2 = 32.

Total = 33.13 (JAMB) + 32 (Post UTME) = 65.13.

Kunle’s accurate aggregate score will be 65.13.

TASUED Departmental Cut Off Mark:

The Tai-Solarin University Of Education admission board does releases cut off marks for each all its departments which every student must meet up with to be considered for admission. The TASUED departmental cut off mark is usually released on a yearly basis and few chances are made.

But you can still use the departmental cut off mark used last year to prepare yourself for the JAMB and Post UTME examination, so you can know what score is expected of you to qualify for your choice of Course.

TASUED Courses and Their Cut off Mark;

220 – 240– Medicine (O’ Level result with one sitting only) and Nursing
200– Mass Communication, Common Law, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Physiology
190– Computer Science, English Language, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Geology, all engineering courses except Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering.
180– All other courses.


It is no news that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), usually releases an official cut off mark which every academic institution in Nigeria adheres to. Although universities have the power of creating a different cut off mark for different courses they offered.

The competitiveness, popularity, and difficulty of a course determine how high the cut off mark is. The TASUED JAMB cut off mark is 180. Although the minimum JAMB approved cut off mark for Universities (TASUED included) is 180, it is very much better if score higher to ensure that you end up with a good aggregate score.

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