How to Calculate Lautech Aggregate Score / Cut off Marks for 2022/23

Seeking admission into Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) for the 2022/2023 academic session? Congratulation to you for coming to this page, because this guide provides you with important information on how LAUTECH admission works. I’ll show you, How to calculate Lautech Aggregate Score, and Lautech cut off marks, so you can know your admission status before the admission list is out.

The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) is one of the biggest academic institutions in Nigeria. Getting admitted into this institution can be easy, if you know the right information and how to go about it.

Candidates seeking admission into the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, should know that the first requirement, is selecting the institution as their first choice during JAMB Registration. Due to the number of aspirants seeking admission into LAUTECH, the institution hardly accepts candidates who choose the institution as their 2nd choice.

Secondly, you should be able to score up to the Lautech JAMB cut off mark, which will make you eligible to participate in the school Post UTME screening exercise.

Thirdly, you need to know your choice of Course/department cut off mark.

Only then, will this step be important. The fourth step is accurately predicting your Lautech admission status even before the admission list is out.

What is an Aggregate Score?

Applicants of LAUTECH who want to calculate their aggregate score should know this first. The meaning of Aggregate score and its importance in the admission process.

The aggregate score is a combination and division of the overall UTME score and Post UTME scores, which is shared below. On this page, I will be showing you, how LAUTECH calculates its aggregate cut off mark irrespective of the course chosen during your UTME registration.

Your aggregate cut off mark is the total mark you were able to get after combining your JAMB and Post-UTME scores. The LAUTECH admission board calculates its aggregate by combining JAMB and Post UTME scores.

Your O’level Grades must be complete. O’level grades are the minimum of 5 credit passes in subjects relevant to your course of study and it must include mathematics and English language.

Importance of Calculating Aggregate Score:

I believe that candidates seeking admission should have at least, little knowledge on how to calculate the Lautech aggregate score even before writing the JAMB Examination and Post UTME test. Having the knowledge of the required aggregate score will give you a set goal in preparing for your JAMB/Post UTME exams. Since you know the expected score that has to be achieved to study your preferred course.

Yes, I know you want to know the Lautech Cut off Marks for Faculties/Departments/Courses, we will get there.

The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH is always open for admission and admits candidates through UTME, Direct Entry (D.E), Full-time and Part-time programmes.

Getting admitted into LAUTECH, either through UTME (jamb) or Direct Entry, it does not matter whether you are an indigene or non-indigene, it will be difficult if your aggregate score is not high enough to meet up with the approved departmental cut-off mark.

I have discovered that a higher percentage of candidates who select the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology as their first choice of institution, usually assumed that once they passed JAMB and Lautech Post UTME, they are automatically eligible for admission.

Honestly, I won’t fault this mentality or idea, because this is how it is meant to be, but the Nigerian educational sector is facing challenges on a yearly basis as most universities in Nigeria, be it state or federal do not have the capacity to admit the ever-growing population of Nigerian students seeking admission into different courses/departments.

This is the major reason why the LAUTECH Post UTME Screening, and aggregate score was introduced. Making sure that the best candidates are selected.

Take note that the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology has a quota they are meant to admit per year, according to their carrying capacity, and this quota is usually given by JAMB.

To calculate your LAUTECH aggregate score, these are needed.

  • JAMB Score,
  • LAUTECH post UTME score,
  • LAUTECH UTME (JAMB) Cut off mark.

Although some varsities in Nigeria are now adding O’Level results when calculating the aggregate cut off mark for admission, the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology does not use candidates’ WAEC and NECO results in calculating their aggregate score.

Nevertheless, your O’level result must be completed if you want to be admitted into Lautech. The school requires candidates seeking admission into Lautech, to obtain a minimum of five (5) credit passes which must include Mathematics and English Language, except for courses that do not require mathematics.


Before one can correctly calculate his/her LAUTECH aggregate cut off mark for admission, you need to ensure you score a minimum of 160 in JAMB. However, some courses require candidates to score higher than 160 if they want to be eligible. Candidates who score less than 200 marks may not be considered for admission to the Medicine and Nursing programmes of Ladoke Akintola University.

It is important to disclose here that candidates who chose either Medicine or Nursing programme but scored less than 200 marks but are interested in schooling in LAUTECH, to change to any other relevant programme of their choice.

So before calculating LAUTECH aggregate post UTME score to confirm if you scored up to your departmental cut off mark, you must ensure you have passed the benchmark fixed by the university and it would be worthy to note that the higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of a higher aggregate score, hence the higher your chances of gaining admission into the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.


Candidates who failed to participate in the LAUTECH screening exercise, even with a JAMB score of 400/400, will never be admitted into Lautech during that academic year, except if you choose to partake in the LAUTECH Basic/Jupeb programme.

To know your Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH aggregate score, your post UTME score is needed and required. Truly, you have come across candidates who had said that even after passing both JAMB and Post UTME exercise, they were not admitted into Lautech. No, it’s not that candidates admitted are buying admission (Even if they are, it’s less than 2%).

According to the LAUTECH admission office, the school only selects candidates with the best aggregate cut off mark for that particular course.

We discovered that at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, candidates who select less competitive courses have higher chances of getting admitted than those who go after competitive courses.

How To Calculate LAUTECH Aggregate Score:

Here is how to calculate the LAUTECH aggregate score (JAMB cut off mark and Post UTME Score). Before proceeding, it is important to know that the school requires candidates to score at least 160 in JAMB and 50% in their post UTME to stand a chance of gaining admission into the institution.

Here is an example of how candidates can calculate their LAUTECH aggregate cut off mark:

Important Information:

Please take note of this below:

  • LAUTECH Aggregate JAMB Score = 50%
  • LAUTECH Aggregate Post UTME Score = 50%

STEP 1: To accurately and correctly calculate your aggregate score, you are to divide your JAMB score by 8,

STEP 2: Then you are to divide your Post UTME score by 2.

If you follow the two steps provided above, Whatever your answers are, then you are to add (Multiple) them up to know if your score is over 100.

For Example, Bayo scored 200 in JAMB, and 50 in Post-UTME, this means that Bayo’s aggregate score would be calculated as follows:

1. JAMB score divided by 8 that is, 200/8 =25%
2. Post UTME score divided by 2, that is, 50/2 = 25%

Finally, add both scores together, which will give you Bayo’s aggregate score. To do this, add, 25% + 25% = 50%.

Bayo’s aggregate score is 50%. Now, check Bayo’s course and if his departmental cut off mark is 50% or less, he has a 90% chance of getting admitted.

  • What is LAUTECH Aggregate score for Engineering courses?
  • What is the lautech aggregate score for medicine, and law?
  • How does LAUTECH calculate its aggregate cut off mark?

The answer is very simple. As you can see above, there is no special method used to calculate an aggregate score for any course, this formula as shared above, is what the school admission board uses in calculating the aggregate cut off mark or score for all courses offered in LAUTECH, irrespective of the faculty.

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