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www.uniuyo.edu.ng is one of the biggest educational portal in the Nigeria, and it’s the official portal of the University of Uyo. The truth is that No matter what kind of information on the University of Uyo you are searching for, the UNIUYO portal have the official answers for you.

Searching for Uniuyo school fees? Admission requirements? how to contact Uniuyo? Courses offered by the University and its faculty? This portal offers you these answers and many more.

Why use the Uniuyo Portal? You know we’re in the 21st century where you can get information virtually from anywhere. And what is more, it is more comfortable to get details and answers to questions about the school, instead of travelling there to get answers.

uniuyo portal

Instead of calling, messaging or searching for the school contact details, you can get to know everything you need to get familiar with the university, and this is possible with just a smartphone/Tablet/PC that is connected to the internet.

What is UNIUYO Portal?

The UniUyo Portal is the official portal of the University of Uyo, where students can process virtually everything. If you search for Uniuyo portal via google or Bing, you are most likely to be directed to www.uniuyo.edu.ng portal. It is the university’s digital face.

If you are to visit the University of Uyo portal, you are sure to see pictures of the school’s educational facility, list of faculties, staff, and students. Visiting the Uniuyo Portal is similar to visiting the university in person, but without travelling anywhere.

Going through the Uniuyo website, I discovered that the school’s portal comes with a very responsive and comfortable menu where you can find whatever you need by clicking or tapping on any link on the Menu.

Going through the pages on this portal, they are build to be user friendly and gives users the ability to easily navigate it without problems.

What can one Explore on Uniuyo Portal?

Well, virtually everything on the portal, starting from news, faculties, courses, etc. However, there is a limitation for those who are not students of the institution. However, if you are searching for what to explore, there is a special page for the university library.

On this library, one can easily read a brief but helpful overview and see more insider’s details on the school history, etc. Likewise, the portal has chapters for every faculty within the educational facility where you can get information based on the school’s faculty. You are also welcome to explore the personal profiles of professors and doctors who teaches students of the University of Uyo.

The Uniuyo Portal provides quick and helpful guidelines on admission guidelines for both undergraduates and postgraduates candidates, through the pre-degree program, and the rules of admission to the school of continuing education.

However, if you have any question which is not answered on the portal, or if something is not clear, you can take quickly contact the school informational board through the contact section and get in touch with key employees of the facility who will provide you with answers to your questions.

The most active section of the portal, is it’s latest news portal. Through this University of Uyo portal, candidates/students are provided with latest updates on news of the institution.

What is the UNIUYO ePortal?

Yes, don’t be confused. There is Uniuyo Portal and Uniuyo ePortal. The University of Uyo eportal is a different section within the general UNIUYO portal. Once you visit the e-Portal, your screen will be filled with tabs offering more detailed and targeted information than the general website (www.uniuyo.edu.ng).

TheUNIUYO eportal is meant for individuals who knows how to navigate the school website, and the Uniuyo ePortal is for students of the institution. Throug the ePortal, students can make payment, check their admission status, courses, etc.

The University of Uyo eportal provides users with the ability to easily and seamlessly purchase the school admission form, receive and print out invoices or receipts, etc. For candidates who need to check their admission status, the menu will also guide you to the www.uniport.edu.ng admission section.

Checking Uniuyo admission status is easy, you are only required to type in your registration number in the column provided, make sure that it is correct, flag a small box, and click or tap the ‘Check Status’ button. It’s done.

The UNIUYO student portal is same, but is structured for each admitted student. All you need, is to log in with your correct username and password.

Current UNIUYO School Fees?

The University of Uyo, Uniuyo school fees is different for both new and returning students of the academic institution. Newly admitted students need to pay a range of fees which is different from that of old returning students.

Newly admitted students who are accepted via the system of Direct Entry or after their UTME testing need to pay Twenty five thousand Naira (N25,000) as acceptance fee and then pay other basic charges and fees of the facility.

  • Tuition is free of charge for all students.
  • Caution is N2,000 for freshers only.
  • The examination fee is N2,500 for both new and returning students.
  • Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) is N2,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Student Handbook is N500 for freshers only.
  • Student Union Dues is N500 for both new and returning students.
  • Games/Sport is N700 for both new and returning students.
  • The library is N2,000 for both new and returning students.
  • General Studies Registration Handbook is N3,250 for freshers and N1,000 for returning students.
  • Student Union Constitution/Books is N400 for fresh students only.
  • X-Ray/Lab Test is N2,500 for freshers only.
  • Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is N400 for both new and returning students.
  • Identity Card is N1,000 for freshers only.
  • Laboratory (For Science and Science Related Courses) is N2,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Utilities/Services is N5,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Screening/Verification of Results is N1,000 for freshers only.
  • University Calendar is N500 for freshers only.
  • Clinical Fees (Pharmaceutic/Medical Students) is N5,000 for freshers and N2,500 for returning ones.
  • Workshop Fees (Engineering and Environmental Studies) is N2,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Production Fees/Studio (Communication Arts, Theatre Arts, Music) is N5,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Finance Charge is N1,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Database Charge is N2,000 for both new and returning students.
  • ICT Project is N3,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Development Levy is N20,000 for both new and returning students.
  • Facility Management is N5,000 for both new and returning students.

Other Sundry Charges/Fees:

1. The school management charges Five hundred naira only (N500) for Accommodation/Bed Space, for both new and returning students.

2. Entrepreneurial Studies I & II is two thousand Naira only (N2,000) for both new and returning students. Take note that the Entrepreneurial Studies fee can be paid only by newly admitted students who got admitted into the university via Direct Entry or 200 Level UTME.

3. Take note that the Hostel Maintenance fee is Eight thousand Naira only (N8,000). The University of Uyo Hostel Maintenance should be paid only by students who are accommodated in the university hostel.

5. Clinical Students Hostel Charges is Twenty thousand Naira only (N20,000) for returning students only. Clinical Hostel Charges are mentioned only for those individuals who are accommodated in the clinical hostel.


Aspirants/Candidates/students who may have one or more questions on the fees and charges for students at the University of Uyo, should note that they can freely contact the facility with the help of their contact details listed on the website for more information.

This is all you need to know about the University of Uyo, UNIUYO portal and Uniuyo ePortal (student portal). We sincerely hope that this information provide you with answers to all questions that you have concerning the admission and the process of studying at the University of Uyo.

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