2022 JAMB First Day Questions and Answers, Topics and (2022)

It is, without doubt, one of the most anticipated examinations in Nigeria, with more than 2 million candidates yearly. The 2022 UTME has officially commenced in every part of the country, and today being the first day of the examination, most candidates who partook in the exercise are now sharing their experiences and testimonies about the examination, including their fears, worries, and most importantly, questions that they vividly recalled in the 2022 Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) CBT.

JAMB First Day Questions and Answers

Before sharing the JAMB day 1 questions and answers, and the topic which most questions were selected from, here are the major issues experienced by candidates at various CBT venues. These includes:

  • Some center’s Computers were not functioning correctly.
  • In some CBT centers, there were network issues and Some of the computers were switching off.
  • Few candidates didn’t submit before the time elapse.
  • While others experienced problems logging in.

Without doubt, we sincerely hope that these issues experienced by JAMBites on the first day won’t repeat themselves and that the appropriate authorities (JAMB technicians) will look for a way to resolve it.

The main issue here is that we have finally compiled the complete list of  2022 JAMB questions and topics that were shared by these students who sat for the examination today, to aid other students who will be sitting throughout this year’s exam. Take note that each day, JAMB rotates the questions, but certainly, there will be repeating same questions throughout this examination period.

We understand that some questions were repeated from the previous years (study your past question), while some were entirely new. But don’t worry, because we have these questions shared here.

For candidates who are not aware, the JAMB CBT system randomly assigns questions to each candidate. This means that the JAMB system is built in such a way that questions are placed randomly. E.g: In Use of English, your #1 question will be your next seatmate’s #11 question, so you won’t copy each other.

Hence, the essence of this article is to get you familiar with the premise of the likely questions that may appear in your examination, and also aid your revision.


Use of English JAMB Day 1 Questions 2022.

The Life Changer

1. What question did Bint ask Mallam Salihu?
2. What did Omar get in his JAMB exam?
3. Who introduced the snail soup?
4. Where did the police arrest Zaki?
5. How much was given to Tomiwa?
6. How did Habib notice that the girl on the car is not Salma?
7. Why does Ummi eavesdrop on her children?
8. who were inside the car
Ans: Habib and Laraban

9. where was zaki arrested
Ans: when he wanted to collect a ransom

10. what was ummi son score in jamb
Ans: 230 out of 400

11. how much did Salma give the man to clean up our mess
Ans: 100,000

12. who brought the snail delicacy
Ans: I think it’s tomiwa

13. Who and who were in the car.
Answer: Abib and Laraba.

14. Where was Talle arrested?

15. How much did Tomiwa give her roommates?

16. What question did Bint ask her Teacher to say in French

17. Why does Ummi eavesdrop on her children
*To curb their excesses
*Make sure their room was neat

18. What did Omar score in his Jamb Exam?

19. Where was Zaki arrested by the Police?

20. How much did Salma pay Dr. Kabir?

21. How much did Habib give Tomiwa as her own gift

22. How much did Habib give Tomiwa to give her roommates

23. Who introduced the snail delicacy

24. How much did labaran give salma for her friends

25. Meaning of gospel truth

26. How much did Habib give Tomiwa personally?
a. Ten thousand naira.
b. Five Thousand Naira.
c. Thirty thousand naira.
d. Twenty Thousand naira

27. What question did Bint ask her teacher?
a. How to say good morning.
b. How to say what is your name.
c. How to say you’re welcome
d. How to say that’s very good

Antonyms and Synonyms.

August occasion


The passage was based on “MOSQUITO AND ANIMAL KINGDOM”]
Filling in the Gap

1. Obade ______ only sings but can also dance.
a. could not.
b. can’t.
c. cannot.
d. can not.

2. Breakfast (ea was underlined)
a. peak
b. peasant
c. break
d. steak

3. Characterise (the option with the right stress)
a. CHAracterise
b. chaRACterise
c. characTERise
d. characteRISE

4. The man’s action is sheer (malevolence)
a. concupiscence.
b. condolence.
c. optimistic.
d. benevolence.

5. We expected that he would – the letter before dropping it.
a. enveloped.
c. envelops.
d. envelopes.

6. The principal was popular among his students which means the principal was
A. The principal was popular among the teachers
B. The principal is popular in the school
C. The principal played with the students
D. The principal was well known by the students

7. The office’s impertinence often discouraged his colleagues from working with him.
a. civility
b. humdrum
c. kindness
d. good manners

8. The man behaves like “a dog in his manger”, what does it mean?

9. Who were the people in the car?
a. Lawal and Labara
b. Habib and Labara
c. Lawal and Kabir
d. Labara and Zarki

10. church (last “ch” underlined)
a. Chelsea
b. Chassis
c. seize
d. soldier

11. Kingston (“ng” underlined)
a. ink
b. nasal
c. Danger
b. dance

12. John drove his new car YESTERDAY
a. Job drove his new car today?
b. John rode his new bike yesterday
c. John drove his old car today
d. John drove his new car tomorrow

13. Bluff (which word sounds the same)
a. Off
b. coffer
c. rough
d. offer

14. How much did Habib give Tomiwa to give to each of her roommates?

a. Ten thousand naira each
b. Thirty thousand naira each
c. Five Thousand naira each
d. Two thousand naira each

15. Mr Danjuma is generous to a fault?

a. He is excessively generous
b. He hates giving
c. He gives little by little
d. He can hardly give

16. Snakes and ladders always____me happy these days.
A. makes
B. make
C. made
D. making

17. My____is for you to refuse the___of the wicked.
A. advise/advice
B. advice/advise
C. advice/advice
D. advise/advise


Mathematics JAMB Day 1 Questions.

1. Calculate the area of an equilateral triangle of side 8cm
A. 8√3
B. 16
C. 4√3
D. 16√3

2. The pie chart shows the monthly expenditure of a public servant. The monthly expenditure on housing is twice that of school fees How much does the worker spend on housing if his monthly income is ₦72,000
A. ₦1,000
B ₦2,000
C. ₦3,000
D. ₦4,000

3. Approximate 0.9875 to 1 decimal place.
A. 1.1
B. 1.0
C. 0.9
D. 0.10

4. Add 54base 8 and 67base 8 giving your answer in base 8.
A. 111
B 121
C. 123
D. 143

5. In a class of 40 students, 32 offer mathematics, 24 offer physics and 4 offer neither mathematics nor physics, how many offer both mathematics and physics?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 16
D. 20

6. If X, Y can take values from the set (1,2,3,4), find the probability that the product of X and Y is not greater than 6
A. 58
B. 516
C 12
D. 38

7. A trader realises 10x -x2 Naira profit from tbe sale of x bags of corn. How many bags will give him the maximum profit?
A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4

8. If y=23five
101three, find y, leaving your answer in base 2
A. 1110phys
B. 10111
C. 11101
D. 111100

9. Calculate the total surface area of a cupboard which measures 12 cm by 10cm by 8cm
A. 1920cm²
B. 592cm²
C. 296cm²
D. 158cm²

10. Convert 0.04945 to two significant figures
A 0.040
B. 0.050
C 0.49
D. 0.049

11. The probabilities that John and James pass an examination are 34 and 35 respectively. Find the probability of both boys failing the examination
A. 110
B. 210
C. 920
D. 1120

12. Convert (10110.011) base 2 in base 10?

13. In how many ways can kantata be formed?

14. cube of (101) base 2 (i.e cube is thrice 100*101*101)

TOPICS: Number base, Matrix, Logarithm, Factorisation, Arithmetic and Geometric Progression, Mean, Median, Median Deviation, Probability, Set, Trigonometry, Simplification, Permutation, Pie Chart

Chemistry JAMB Day 1 Questions.
1. N2(g) + 3H2(g) = 2NH3(g)
From the equation above, calculate the volume of gaseous produced if 0.5 moles of Nitrogen gas are used under standard conditions [G.M.V=22.5dm³]
A. 2.24dm³
B. 22.4dm³
C. 11.2dm³
D. 44.8dm³

2. The device used to measure the angle of dip is
A. Dip circle
B. Dip protractor
C. Magnetic dip
D. Dip angular

3. R-L-C circuit, resonance occurs with?

4. What to consider in the production of salt

5. Monomer of polyvinyl chloride is called?

6. Tin is extracted from cassiterite by?

7. Consequences of dispersion of light is?

8. Compound microscope can produce?

9. Slope of a velocity-time graph is?

10. According to the kinetic molecular model in gasses is?

11. Pressure in liquid increases with ?

Element common to permallory, steel, alcino?

12. Calculate wave velocity in violin string of length, 80cm and frequency of 500hz when set to vibration (velocity of sound wave in air= 340ms–1)
A. 800ms-1
B. 840ms-1
C. 160ms-1
D. 1.47ms-1

13. A body of cross-sectional area, 0.4m² and a mass of 25kg is placed vertically. What is it’s tensile stress(g=10ms-2)
A. 950Nm-2
B. 420Nm-2
C. 240Nm-2
D. 625Nl-2

14. If a bar magnet is divided, the magnet is said to be…
A. Demagnetized
B. Electric field us created
C. Two new magnets are created
D. Magnetic field of each separate piece becomes stronger

15. The oxidation of the filament in a lightbulb is prevented by introducing…
A. Argon
B. Hydrogen
C. Mercury vapor
D. Oxygen

16. In a resistance thermometer, a metal wire shows a resistance of 500 at the ice point and 550 at steam point. The temperature when resistance is 535 would be…
A. 65°
B. 75°
C. 60°
D. 70°

17. Réaction of ethanol and phosphorus(v) chloride will give

18. which of the following form ionic bond

19. Addition of charcoal to filter bed in treatment of water
A to remove odour
B to prevent tooth decay
C to kill germ
D ….

20. which of the following has a Fishy smell
a RNH2
c ….
d ….

21. Coloured gas that affects the lung
A Co
B H2s
C So2
D ..

22. What is the end product of carbohydrates?

23. What bone is found in the ear
* Clavicle

24. Who stated the law of use and disuse
*Jean Lamarck
*Charles Darwin

25. Plant and animal remains found in sedimentary rocks are evident in
*Comparative Anatomy
*Fossil records

26. The inter-relationship between organisms living in the area is

27. What do penguins use to carry their Food?

28. The main difference between Plants and Animals is
*Absence of Cell wall
*Absence of Chloroplast

29. When Euglena bends towards sunlight what does it exhibit
*Tactic movement
*Nastic movement
*Kinetic movement

30. What are constituents of the blood
*Red blood cells, White blood cells, Platelets, Plasma
*Red blood cells, White blood cells, water, platelets

31. What is the importance of Photosynthesis

32. The ability of a seed to change to a seedling is

33. Harmless organisms which take the form of harmful ones to scare their predators exhibit?
*Warning colouration
*Disruptive Colouration
*Batesian Mimicry

34. Which of these is an electro-chemical process

35. Nylon is termed thermo-plastic because it
*Used in the production of Insulators
*Can be melted and remoulded

36. Metal is known generally for its
*Reaction with water

37. In food industries which separation technique is mostly used in quantitative analysis

38. Tin extracted from Cassiterite by

39. What is produced when ethanol and phosphorus(v) are combined

TOPICS: Atomic theory, Quantization, Types of reaction, Endothermic and exothermic, Electrolysis (mass of copper), Gas law(Charles law), Reaction of ethanol and phosphorus 5 oxide, gas laws, electrolysis, electromagnetic induction, Sound waves, the reflection of light, about compound microscope, dispersion of light and colours, ac and dc, derived quantities.

Physics JAMB Day 1 Questions.
1. What is the slope on the velocity-time graph?

2. What is the effect of hydrogen bubble i.e. polarization?

3. A good machine should have what value for its mechanical advantage?

4. Sea breeze occurs when?

5. Heat require to convert a unit mass of ice to water?
A. specific heat of vaporization
B. specific heat of fusion
C. heat capacity of ice
D. specific latent of fusion

6. Power of mass of 1600kg, speed 25ms-¹ and time 20 seconds
A. 2.5kw
B. 25kw
C. 50kw
D. 80kw

7. Eclipse of the moon occurs when?

8. An image of height 40cm is 30cm from mirror. If the height of the image is 20cm what’s the distance of the image from the mirror?

9. mercury column at normal atmospheric level has
A. 0.76 cm
B. 76cm
C. 760cm
D. 7.6cm


Biology JAMB Day 1 Questions.
1. What are the contents of human blood?

a. White blood cells, red blood cells, plasma
b. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets
c. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and water
d. White blood cells, red blood cells, plasma and platelets

2. A community that remains over a long period of time without changing structure are?
a. Colonizers
b. Weaker
c. Stronger
d. decomposers

3. The quick movement of amoeba towards light is?
a. Kinetic movement
b. Tropic movement
c. chemo movement

4. The theory of use and disuse was founded by?
a. Charles Darwin
b. Gregor Mendel
c. Lamarck
d. George

5. The changing of the colour of a harmless animal to make it look harmful to predators is?
a. Countershading
b. Disruptive colouration
c. Discontinuous variation
d. Warning colouration

6. Mucilage is the excretory organ of which?
a. Moss
b. Cashew
c. Maize
d. liverwort

7. The gradual development of a seed into a seedling is called?
a. Growth
b. Germination
c. fertilization
d. Placentation

8. _____ is the supporting tissue in small plants?

a. Parenchyma
b. Pith
c. Sclerenchyma
d. Collenchyma

9. Which part of the brain is responsible for balance?
a. forebrain
b. Hind brain
c. Medulla Oblongata
d. Mid brain

10. The process which puts water into the atmosphere is?
a. Transportation
b. Transpiration
c. Translocation
d. Respiration

11. In the monohybrid cross Tt x tt, the phenotypic ratio of the progeny would be (this is not how the question is but similar)
A. 1:1
B. 1:2:1
C. 2:2
D. 3:1

12. The name of spherically shaped bacteria?

13. Which of the following is unicellular?
A. sponge
B. euglena
C. rhizophus
D. spirogyra

14. Which of the following is an omnivore
A. dog
B. sheep
C. vulture.


Government JAMB Day 1 Questions.
1. What is the anonymity of the civil servant?

2. The civil rights of a nation are enjoyed by?
a. Electorate
b. citizens
c. foreigners
d. whoseve

3. Afrocentricity of Nigerian foreign policy means what?

4. autocracy simple means?
a. Leadership
b. rulership
c. dictatorship
d. Republicanism

5. The system of government in which all means of production are owned and controlled by the state is called?
a. Democracy
b. Commensalism
c. Communism
d. Aristocracy

6. Authority is – power?
a. Legitimate
b. influential
b. autocratic
c. forced

7. In the republican system, the head of state is?
a. Appointed
b. Elected
c. selected
d. inherited

8. The major disadvantage of a one-party system?
a. Leads to dictatorship
b. Brings stability to the government
c. Rejects opposition
d. Brings corruption

9. The official language of the Commonwealth of Nations is?
a. Spanish
b. French
c. English
d. Latin

10. Which is the permanent member of the UNO?
a. Japan
b. Canada
c. China
d. Germany

(1) The distinctive attribute of a state is the monopoly of?

A. control
B. power
C. violence
D. justice

(2) State as a political entity refers to
A. An organized group within a definite territory
B. An association of men in a given society
C. A branch of a nation
D. A geographical location

(3) Political values are acquired in any given society through
A. political re-orientation
B. political campaign
C. political socialization
D. political indoctrination

(4) In a democratic government, poEVENIN sovereignty is vested in the
A. legislature
B. elite
C. executive
D. electorate

(5) One judicial function performed by the executive is
A. Granting of amnesty
B. Implementing judicial orders
C. Ensuring obedience to the law
D. Appointing judges.

(6) A governmental system in which constitutional supremacy resides in the center is
A. federal
B. confederal
C. unitary
D. parliamentary

(7) A political system which empowers the leader with the ultimate responsibility to execute laws is
A. parliamentarianism
B. presidentialism
C. dictatorship
D. autocracy

(8) A bill is a draft that is awaiting the consideration of the _______?
A. executive
B. party caucus
C. legislature
D. judiciary

(9) The private ownership of the means of production is a feature of
A. capitalism
B. socialism
C. communalism
D. communism

(10) In a feudal system, the two major classes are the serfs and the
A. masses
B. vassals
C. lords
D. elite

(11) An example of a country with a flexible constitution is
A. South Africa
B. Britain
C. Benin Republic
D. the United States of America

(12) The rule of law is a negation of
A. equality before the law
B. supremacy of the law
C. Limited power
D. absolute power

(13) To ensure the rights and freedom of citizens, the powers of the arms of government must be
A. fused
B. incorporated
C. separated
D. rotated

(14) Delegated legislation is made by bodies others than the
A. president
B. governor
C. parliament
D. judiciary

(15) The primary aim of pressure groups is to
A. Attract people’s attention
B. protects the interest of members
C. captured political power
D. fight corrupt officials

(16) The French colonial system was underlined by the policy of
A. assimilation
B. paternalism
C. socialism
D. indirect rule.

(17) Which of the following is used in gauging public opinion?

A. constitution
B. educational institution
C. mass media
D. electoral college

(18) Colonization of Africa was mainly motivated by
A. security considerations
B. economic reasons
C. religious reasons
D. cultural factors

(19) The commission charged with the conduct of federal elections in Nigeria is

(20) In the Hausa pre-colonial political system, a district was headed by
A. a hakimi
B. a dagaci
C. an alkali
D. a waziri

(21) Which of the following ensured the practice of democracy in the pre-colonial Yoruba political system?
A. Checks and balances
B. Fusion of power
C. individual responsibility
D. the rule of law.

(22) An electoral system in which parties are assigned seats in the parliament commensurate to the number of votes polled is
A. Absolute majority.
B. Simple majority.
C. proportional representation.
D. indirect election.

(23) The bringing of a session of a parliament to an end through royal proclamation is known as
A. political impasse.
B. dissolution of parliament.
C. vote of no confidence.
D. prorogation of Parliament.

(24) The right of citizens to participate in the affairs of the government of their country is called
A. economic right.
B. civil right.
C. political right.
D. social right.

(25) A permanent structure that facilitates continuity and guarantees orderly conduct in governance is
A. Bureaucracy.
B. public corporation
C. ombudsman
D. political party

(26) An intra-party activity for the selection of canEVENIN for elective positions known as
A. primary election
B. general election
C. mid-term election
D. bye-election

(27) Radical nationalism in Nigeria is generally attributed to the influence of
A. Aminu Kano.
B. Herbert Marcaulay.
C. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
D. Mbonu Ojike.

(28) Two foreigners that directly aroused nationalist feelings among Nigerians are
A. Edward Blyden and Payne Jackson.
B. Casely Hayford and James Horton
C. W.E du Boise and H.O Davies
D. Marcus Garvey and Casely Hayford

(29) Members of the Senate in Nigeria’s First Republic were
A. Elected directly by the people
B. Elected by electoral college
C. Nominated by regional and federal governments
D. Norminated by the president of the house

(30) The Sharia legal system was first introduced in the Fourth Republic in
A. Kano State.
B. Katsina State.
C. Zamfara State.
D. Sokoto State.

(31) The main focus of Nigeria’s foreign policy since independence centers on
A. South-south cooperation.
B. Sub-regionalism.
C. Globalism.
D. Afrocentrism.

(32) Military intervention in Nigeria arose from
A. perceived incapability of civilians to govern
B. international pressure for change
C. the desire for a military government
D. civilian’s desire to relinquish power.

(33) The first institution introduced by the military to exercise legislative power was the
A. supreme military council
B. armed forces ruling council
C. federal executive council
D. provisional ruling council

(34) The central objective of privatization in Nigeria is to
A. Reduce the retrenchment of workers
B. Encourage prompt payment of salaries
C. Improve standard of living
D. Improve the efficiency of enterprises

(35) Workers in the public corporations are known as
A. civil servants.
B. private employees.
C. public servants.
D. professional employees.

(36) Quota system and federal character principles were entrenched in the 1979 constitution to ensure
A. loyalty.
B. Economic empowerment
C. Equity
D. Even development

(37) In Nigeria, the agency mainly responsible for the maintenance of internal peace and security is the

A. Army
B. Navy
C. Civil defence corps
D. Police

(38) The National Assembly in Nigeria is primarily responsible for
A. Executing laws
B. interpreting laws
C. Ratifying appointments
D. Making laws.

(39) The major factor militating against the efficient operation of electoral commissions in Nigeria is
A. Inadequate public support
B. Population size
C. Inadequate skilled manpower
D. Excessive political interference

(40) A major objective of the public Complaints Commission is
A. Training and promotion of public servants
B. Settlement of disputes among individuals
C. Addressing the grievances of individuals and groups
D. Fighting corruption and indiscipline

Economics JAMB Day 1 Questions
Literature in English JAMB Day 1 Questions
LITERATURE TEXTS: Grieved lands, songs of the women of my land, caged bird, government driver.

1. The poet of the song of the women of my land is from what country
Answer: Farouk Sesay is a Sierra Leonean

2. Where is the leader and the led set at
Answer: in the forest

3. What was a recurring style in the caged bird
Answer: Personification, I think

4. What is the theme of government driver
Answer: drink and drive.

5. About wuthering heights it asked for the main theme in the poem
a. Love b. Hatred

6. Heathcliff was _____?

a. A romantic hero.
b. Foil.
c. Villain

7. Why did Allison marry Heathcliff?
Answer: The most suitable answer was A rebellion against her class

8. What did Jimmy look back in anger for?
Answer: A society that undermines his worth

Look back in anger

1. Jimmy porter portrays that of? Anger and frustration
2. Who showed the theme of betrayal? Helena
3. What were the two object shown in the first scene? A jazz trumpet and a clock

Second class citizen

1. The text is a ….

2. Which of this a predominant in the play? A) marriage b) divorce c) political

Wuthering heights

1. Wuthering height is a name of….? House
2. The setting of the poem is wuthering heights and thussgross granch
3. Why did hindley start drinking
4. The main aim of heathcliff was to get? Revenge

Unseen Prose
(It talked about a man who dreamt of eating a shoe and woke up to see that he was actually eating a shoe)

The questions asked under this was

1. the type of imagery used above is what?
2. The grief land: who inflicted grief in the land?
3. Songs of the women in our land: the women were being oppressed by?
4. The leader and the led: the poem illustrated what?
5. The government driver: the driver shows his years of service as?

Lion and the Jewel
1. How old was lakunle?

2. What did lakunle seize from sidi?

3. Who was baroka’s first wife?

4. Who was referred to as the lion and the jewel in the novel?

5. Then figures of speech and types of poems.

CRS JAMB Day 1 Questions.
1. Where did Paul and Barnabas encounter Elymas the magician?

2. It is well, let us make three booths for you. one for You, one for Elijah, and one for Moses. Why did Peter make this statement?

3. According to Peter, Elders should encourage others by?
a. Showing good examples.
b. Preaching to them.
c. Being spiritual.
d. Encouraging them.

4. How will God remove the bulls of Bashan?
a. With a flood.
b. With hook.
c. With chains.
d. With the wild wind.

5. The disciples of Jesus were not able to remain alert at Gathesemane due to?
a. Spiritual weakness
b. Physical Weakness
c. because of what Jesus said
d. Because they were few.

6. What was the sign that God had appeared to Gideon? The meal he offered the angel was -?
a. Burnt with fire
b. eaten by the angel
c. Taken to heaven
d. Was shared with the people.

7. Saul pursued and wanted to kill David because?
a. David wanted to kill him and take the throne
b. David was very popular.
c. David could play harp.
d. He didn’t want him to marry his daughter.

8. According to James, the trial of faith produces?
a. Joy
b. steadfastness
c. Holiness
d. love

9. According to Paul, Baptism with water offers hope of?
a. New life
b. Salvation
c. heaven
d. joy

10. Peter’s leadership role began right from?
a. At Gathesemane
b. Jerusalem
c. Day of Pentecost
d. Passover.

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