List of All Science Courses Offered in Nigerian universities

Do you want to apply for a science course in a Nigerian tertiary institution and you don’t know if the Science course is offered in Nigeria?

Dailyschoolnews Nigeria is a Nigerian educational platform with archives of information and we’re providing you with a complete list of science courses in Nigerian universities.

Take note that all these courses listed below can be found in the current JAMB brochure. However, you should also be aware that not all universities in Nigeria offer all of these courses.

We recommend you check the JAMB brochure for more information about the admission requirements and institutions that are currently offering these science courses.

Here is the list of science courses arranged in alphabetical order.


• Agricultural Extension
• Agronomy • Animal Science
• Animal Breeding and Genetics
• Animal Nutrition
• Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology
• Animal Physiology • Animal Production
• Animal Production and Fisheries
• Animal Production and Health
• Animal Production and Health Service
• Animal Science
• Animal Science and Fisheries
• Animal Science and Fisheries Management
• Animal Science and Range Management
• Animal Science and Technology
• Animal and Environmental Biology
• Animal Biology and Environment
• Anthropology (Biological)
• Applied Microbiology
• Applied Biochemistry
• Applied Biology
• Applied Biology and Biochemistry
• Applied Biology and Biotechnology
• Applied Botany
• Applied Chemistry
• Applied Ecology
• Applied Geology
• Applied Geophysics
• Applied Mathematics with Statistics
• Applied Microbiology and Brewing
• Applied statistics
• Applied Zoology
• Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
• Archaeology
• Archaeology (Single Honour)
• Artificial intelligence


• Bio-Informatics
• Biochemistry
• Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization
• Biological Science(s)
• Biology
• Biotechnology
• Botany
• Botany and Ecological Studies
• Botany and Microbiology
• Building Technology


• Cell Biology and Genetics
• Chemical Sciences
• Chemical and Industrial Chemistry
• Chemistry
• Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
• Cognitive Science
• Communication and Wireless Technology
• Communications Technology
• Computational Analysis
• Computer and Economics
• Computer and Mathematics
• Computer Information and Communication Science
• Computer Sci. with Islamic Religion
• Computer Science
• Computer Science and Accounting
• Computer Science and Informatics
• Computer Science and Information Science
• Computer Science and Mathematics
• Computer Science with Economics
• Computer Sciences and Information Technology
• Computer with Electronics
• Computer with Statistics
• Conservation Biology
• Crop Science • Cyber Security Science Graduates


• Earth Science
• Ecology
• Ecology and Environmental Studies
• Electronics
• Electronics and Computer Technology
• Energy and Petroleum Studies
• Energy Studies • Engineering Physics
• Environmental Biology
• Environmental Biology and Fisheries
• Environmental Management
• Environmental Management and Toxicology
• Environmental Science
• Environmental Science and Technology
• Exercise and Sport Science


• Fisheries
• Fisheries and Aquaculture
• Fisheries and Aquatic Biology
• Food Science and Technology
• Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Management
• Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management
• Fisheries and Wildlife Management
• Fisheries Management
• Fisheries Technology
• Forensic Science


• Genetics and Bio-Technology
• Geography
• Geography and Environmental Management
• Geography and Geosciences
• Geography and Planning
• Geological Sciences
• Geology
• Geology and Earth Sciences
• Geology and Exploration Geophysics
• Geology and Geo-Physics
• Geology and Mineral Science
• Geology and Mineral Sciences
• Geology and mining
• Geology and Petroleum Studies
• Geology/Regional Planning
• Geophysics
• Geosciences


• Hardware and Networking
• Home Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
• Human Biology


• Industrial and Environmental Chemistry
• Industrial Chemistry
• Industrial Mathematics
• Industrial Mathematics and Applied Statistics
• Industrial Mathematics and Computer
• Industrial Microbiology
• Industrial Physics
• Industrial Physics and Applied Geophysics
• Industrial Physics/Electronics/IT Application
• Industrial Physics and Renewable Energy
• Information and Communication Science
• Information and Communication Technology
• Information Science
• Information Science and Media Studies
• Information Technology


• Laboratory Technology
• Library and Information Science
• Livestock Production Technology Medical Laboratory


• Management Information System
• Management Software Development
• Marine Biology
• Marine Biology and Fishery
• Marine Environmental Science
• Marine Science and Technology
• Mathematical Sciences
• Mathematics
• Mathematics and Economics
• Mathematics and Geography
• Mathematics and Statistics
• Mathematics with Computer Science
• Mathematics with Management Sciences
• Mathematics with Physics
• Mathematics with Statistics
• Mathematics and Computer Science
• Mathematics and Statistics
• Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science
• Medical Laboratory Science
• Medical Laboratory Technology
• Meteorology
• Microbiology
• Microbiology and Biotechnology
• Microbiology and Industrial Biotechnology
• Molecular Biology


• Natural and Environmental Science
• Natural and Environmental Studies
• Natural Ecosystem Science and Management


• Oceanography
• Operations Research
• Optometry
• Organisational and Industrial Psychology


• Parasitology and Entomology
• Petrol-Chemistry
• Petroleum Chemistry
• Physical Sciences
• Physics
• Physics and Applied Physics
• Physics and Computer Electronics
• Physics Electronics
• Physics Engineering
• Physics Science
• Physics with Electronics
• Physics and Astrology
• Physics and Computational Modelling
• Physics and Computer Science
• Physics and Industrial Physics
• Physics and Material Science
• Physics and Solar Energy
• Plant Biology
• Plant Breeding and Seed Science
• Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
• Plant Physiology and Crop Production
• Plant Science
• Plant Science and Biotechnology
• Plant Science and Crop Production
• Plant Science and Forestry
• Plant Science and Microbiology
• Project Management
• Pure and Industrial Chemistry
• Pure Physics
• Pure and Applied Biology
• Pure and Applied Chemistry
• Pure and Applied Mathematics
• Pure and Applied Physics
• Pure/Industrial Physics


• Science Laboratory Technology
• Software Development
• Soil Science
• Soil Science and Environmental Management
• Soil Science and Land Agro-Climatology
• Soil Science and Land Management
• Soil Science Management
• Sport Science
• Statistics
• Statistics and Biometrics
• Statistics and Computer Science
• Statistics and Demography
• Surveying and Geo-Informatics


• Telecommunication and Wireless Technology
• Telecommunication Management
• Telecommunication Science
• Textile Science and Technology
• Transport Management


• Veterinary Science


• Water Resources and Agro-meteorology
• Water Resources Management
• Wildlife Eco-Tourism
• Wildlife Management
• Wood Science


• Zoology
• Zoology and Animal Systematics
• Zoology and Aquaculture
• Zoology and Environmental Biology.

I truly hope that this information helps you with all the details you need.

Reasons Why Science Courses Are Important

• One of the first reasons why science courses are the best to study is that it affects our everyday lives (in our homes, offices, industries, etc) and gives us insight on our actions and decisions.
• Another top reason is that Science Courses provide excellent job opportunities
• It is no secret that science provides solutions to a myriad of domestic, societal and industrial problems.
• Science is essential in the development of alternative sources of energy.
• When we talk about the bedrock of development and societal advancement, we reason science.
• No doubt, Science is fun.
• It makes you analytical and logical in reasoning.

Science Courses Admission Requirements.

• All candidates applying for admission into any Nigerian institution to study any science course are required to have five O’level credits in not more than two sittings, including the following;

  • Mathematics,
  • English,
  • Chemistry.

However, the remaining two subjects could be:

  • Biology,
  • Physics,
  • Agricultural science,
  • Geography.

• However, I’ve discovered that Physics and Biology are required for most science courses.

• While for candidates seeking admission through Direct Entry (D.E), they are required to have at least Upper credit in science related course. And also if you want to use Cambridge A level result, you must at least have BBB in the following subjects listed below;

  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Biology, and
  • Mathematics

Take note that three (3) of these subjects are needed depending on the course you want to study.

But if you’re planning to study at any Nigerian University, you must sit and participate in the UTME (click here for more information on UTME registration) and score above the JAMB cut-off mark required by your selected University.

Most Nigerian tertiary institution requires their candidates to sit for a Post-UTME and score above 55% for those who want to study science courses in Nigeria.

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