Does KWARA POLYTECHNIC Accept Second Choice?

There are hundreds of academic institutions in Nigeria, and it’s surprising that candidates are not aware of the fact that most of these academic institutions do not accept candidates who choose them as Second choice during their JAMB registration.

So to all candidates asking this important question “Does KWARA POLY accept second choice candidates for admission?” I applause your courage and wisdom. A Africa adage says “A person who asks questions never miss their way”. Asking vital questions like this before registering for JAMB will ensure you get admission offers, because you’ll be utilizing every given opportunity.

Most Nigerian higher institution prospects have that mentality that all Polytechnics in Nigeria accepts second choice. Lies.

It is surprising that about 20% of candidates were denied admission to any higher institution last year, because they did not ask the right questions before filling their JAMB registration form.

So when filling the JAMB application form, ensure you ask the right questions before making a decision first. Questions like “is Kwara Poly accredited to study my course”, etc, will save you from a lot of stress and regrets.

Does KWARA POLY accept second choice?


The answer is a resounding NO. Let me make it clear here that the Kwara State Polytechnic does not accept nor will the institution offer admission to candidates that make them a second choice in JAMB.

The KWARA POLY administration has sent out a warning to candidates planning to select the institution as second choice in JAMB, that it’s a wasted effort. All prospective students of Kwara State Polytechnic should note that admission to various departments/courses is only open to those who have made the institution their first choice from among the available options.

This academic institution management has disclosed that making the KWARA POLY your second choice is considered a waste of time and effort.

How to Make KWARA POLY your First Choice.

However, if you had made the institution your second choice and want to change it, its still possible to fix it. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has provided a platform called JAMB change of course and institution form, where candidates who selected an institution during their registration and would want to change it, can do so.

The JAMB change of course and institution form does expire. This means if you want to perform a change of course/institution, in this case, change your institution first choice to KwaraPoly, then I’ll recommend you do it early.

Through this form, you can change your the Kwara Polytechnic from second choice to first choice, if you want to.

Why KWARA POLY does not give admission to second choice candidates

It is very simple. There are lots of applicants/candidates who made Kwara Poly their first choice in JAMB, and not all of them will be offered admission. So why leave the huge number of candidates who made them first choice, and admit candidates who choose the institution as second choice?

By limiting admissions to candidates who have made KWARA POLY their first choice in JAMB, the polytechnics management is reducing the number of candidates seeking admission into the institution.

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