Top 4 Things We Loved Most About NYSC – National Youth Service Corps

I haven’t actually seen anyone who does not love their service Year, they might have some really bad to say, mainly about the environment they were posted to, their alawi, among others, but there are certain things about NYSC that you just can’t forget, and today, i would love to list out, the top 4 Most loved things about NYSC.

So here are some of the very best goodies we found about NYSC and aspects of National service we loved and hope you did as well or you will.

1. The People

It’s no joke that most people have discovered their soul mates through this programme, countless of Nigerians have meet their life friends through NYSC and it’s among the very best moments you’ll enjoy in your lifetime.

Youth service was fun mainly because you feel the energy of having thousands of eager young graduates around you and their energy in doing thins.

It probably was the time you felt alive most after you’ve graduated.

What even makes NYSC much more beautiful is that the fact some people who have graduated and were waiting for their call up letter, might have been idling away at home waiting, which makes it much more interesting.

2. Mammy Market

Hello? Except you are not in any area where Mammy market exists (is there such please)

The truth is that most times, i often wonder how I would have coped in camp without the Mammy market. One memory that stands special and close to my heart is when i watched the energetic match between Chelsea and Napoli (I think it was the second leg of that season’s champions league match and was Roberto Di Matteo’s first champions league game after succeeding Villas Boas).

The truth is that when it comes to Food, Mammy saved countless Corpers from having to face the horror of eating what they served us at lunch and dinner time (scary, except you don’t have the money to lunch outside, ehn, don’t be angry.)

3. The Adventure

Yes, among interesting issue about the National Youth Service Corps is the fact that there are so many adventures, the joy and laughter.

As a guy, it is truly exhilarating meeting young, beautiful women all over the camp. The sense of freedom and adventure though was way too much.

You can’t just get it right why there are so many beautiful Corpers around you, and yes, the girls too don’t missed out of this one. Always ogling that special guy who looks handsome, macho and has a good sense of humor.

A corper once told me that she always like sitting next to that guy that makes her laugh.

4. The Sports

Don’t even go there! lol. Exercising in NYSC camp is plainly an tiring business to so corps members. Imagine waking up at 4.30am for exercise?

Not to mention that most ladies wakes up by 3 AM so they can do their makeup, it’s fun but drain so much strength.

However, the sport time is one of the best experiences of serving our fatherland.

Although i actually did not play in any of the sports, both my role as part of the broadcasting team (Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS)) that covered the football games was as exciting.

How many of you tried dodging the parades, and will do anything, so that you never go for endurance trek, and spent a good portion of time at the Mammy market?

As for me, i certainly would.

Hey, don’t just read and go away, i would love to hear from you too.
What other things did you find interesting during your youth service?

Please use the comment box below and let’s share the fun together. You can also drop your camp year, location too.

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