Fake News About Boko Haram 2014: It Didn’t happen in Nigeria – Must Read

Well, it’s once again a thing of debate as to whether the United State Marine did spot the 230+ abducted girls in the forest where they were held captive.

According to Linda Ikeji, who said something that i really need to share with you today.

Some of you may have seen this photo which i shared below and other similar pictures which have been circulating the internet within the past few days, on several websites, forums, blogs and other online platforms, claiming its US troops capturing a Boko Haram member, well, the truth is that this is totally false or………

United States Pentagon has stated there will be no American troops in Nigeria, which he disclosed through CNN, the team sent are experts to help with communications, logistics, and intelligence. The picture which i shared below is seriously going viral as even newspaper websites like Vanguard, and sites like InformationNg are saying that a top member of the insurgency group was captured.

However, this picture is that of french troops in Central African Republic in 2013.

Also, you can see in all the pics floating online, from the uniforms, the African soldiers taking notes from American forces are from Uganda and Somalia. Military aid has been in Africa for sometime under AFRICOM to help train our military to help fight against terrorists and other insurgency facing several countries in Nigeria.

The second truth we need to face is here.

boko haram

Now to the second issue; are there foreign troops in Nigeria? however, we received special information this morning that the Special Forces of the United States Marines have sited the abducted Chibok Girls in Sambisa Forest… However, the truth is that we don’t believe this information, which is because the Pentagon, the UK and France made it clear that they are only providing intelligence service (intel & surveillance technology) to work with the Nigerian military.

Also yesterday, one of the top best news broadcasting platform, CNN disclosed that the US intelligence made claims that the girls are not in a single location, so here comes the question:

How come they’ve now been sited at Sambisa Forest?
Even if US intelligence analysts were able to find the location, will they share the info with the media before the girls are rescued?

So officially there are no foreign troops in Nigeria for now, except this:

The foreign government is lying to the media about the kind of help they are providing and really sending troops, which they might used to trick the boko haram group as to how prepared they are.

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