What is the Best State In Nigeria For NYSC?

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This article is dedicated to all Students in their Final Year, doing their projects and to all NYSC members. Likewise, It’s also addressed to all Students Of Nigeria Universities who one day, will surely go for NYSC.

The National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) was founded in 1993 with the objective of the following.
1. Proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria.
2. Promotion of Unity.
3. Development of the youths of Nigeria and Nigeria into a great and dynamic economy.

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Through NYSC, Graduates from various educational/academic institutions of higher learning are posted to different states of the federation to observe the compulsory NYSC which lasts for one year.

NYSC period is now seen as a time for young graduates to build themselves “FINANCIALLY”.

However, the truth is that various states present varying opportunities, some better than others.
Right Now, based on the following factors, which STATE do you think is the best state for NYSC in NIGERIA?

Which State Is Best For NYSC in Nigeria? in Terms Of the following..
1. Security of life and infrastructure?
2. State salaries paid to corpers?
3. Entrepreneurial strength of the state?

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