NYSC Salary For Doctors and Pharmacist – See Each States Allowance

So are you a Doctor or pharmacist currently preparing to serve your father’s land in the next NYSC mobilization? Surely, you will want to know what NYSC pays doctors and pharmacist in their scheme.

Before anything else, you should know that Doctors and Pharmacist earn higher salaries than other corpers in Nigeria. For those who may be confused or ready to argue why NYSC pays medical graduates higher salaries than other youth corpers, the answer is simple: Medical students spend more years in school and their course is very demanding.

Here is NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria.

However, the NYSC allowance for Medical corpers and pharmacists differs, based on the state you’re serving. Doctors are paid more than pharmacist, nurses and other medical graduates because theirs is more demanding than other medical students.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) management recently announced that FG is considering increasing NYSC corpers allowance very soon, hopefully, this will be done before the end of this year.

Salaries Paid to Corper Doctors and Pharmacist.

This is the amount paid to all NYSC doctors and pharmacist, nurses, etc.

Important Information:

1. Whenever you noticed Amount with * – this means the institution does not regularly pay corpers serving there.
2. Where ever you see Amount with ¥ –  it means corpers are not paid monthly but at the end of the service year.
3. Although this is NOT yet confirmed, states like Kebbi, Kano, Kaduna, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Kogi, Osun, Lagos have decided to stop the payment of allowance to corpers. (more information coming on this.)

1. Akwa Ibom state (state 31k, TH 75k)

2. Bayelsa state (state ¥75k. fmc 89k )

3. Delta state (state ¥82k fmc 70k)

4. Borno state (state 100, neuro psych 120, TH 170)

5. Kwara state ( state 44k*, UITH 60K)

6. Ebonyi state (state 15k for doctors) (5k for pharmacist)

7. Anambra state(state 45k TH 35k)

8. Oyo state( state 69k)

9. Kwara state (state *44k, TH 60k)

10. Ondo state( FMC 90K, FUTA 100K, HMB *91,300K)

11. kano (HMB 66k)

12. Gombe(state *65k, Federal university clinic 103)

13. Ekiti (state 65k TH 65k)

14. Benue (TH 65k, police clinic mkd 72k, BSUC ¥50k)

15. THE FORCE (Navy 40k, airforce 50k, army 45k)

16. Imo State ( IMO state poly 50k, Nekede poly 60k, Alvan Ikoku Ceo 60k, State facilities *40k)

17. Lagos state (Icda *25-45k, Fmc 75k)

18. Kogi ( state*41k, FMC 87K, Police clinic 7OK, Ajaokuta steel 105k, state specialist *105k)

19. Ogun ( FMC abk 77k, high court clinic 54,382, St Joseph hospital 60/70k)

20. Jigawa( state 26800, Dutse GH 40k, TH 45k, government clinic 28k, college of education 85k, Gumel GH 30k )

21. Kaduna (state 78-83k, NDA 80k, DSS 70k, NMS 113K, JAJI 80K, State poly 98K)

22. Sokoto ( state 50k, Barrack 72k).


The information shared above gives you complete information on how much NYSC pays doctors and pharmacists (Medical students) according to their service states.

Note here that this list will be continuously updated with more information and whether these states are paying or not. If you have more details on NYSC allowances for Medical students, kindly share it with the community using the comment box below.

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