List of All Babcock University Courses and Fees

How many courses does Babcock University offer? What’s the official and accredited list of courses offered at Babcock University? This page provides you in detail, the complete list of Babcock University courses and their school fees for this current academic session.

Babcock University is one of the most popular private universities in Nigeria, known nationwide for its academic excellence and the exploits of its students/graduates. This academic institution offers diverse undergraduate programmes, and I’ll also be sharing the honours given to each graduate. This academic institution is located in Ogun State, Nigeria.

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Babcock University has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria. This means that all courses offered by Babcock University listed below are approved and accredited by the NUC.

babcock university courses and fees

Babcock University Courses.

  • Accounting.
  • Agriculture.
  • Anatomy.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Biology.
  • Business Administration.
  • Business Education.
  • Chemistry.
  • Christian Religious Studies.
  • Computer Science.
  • Computer Science (Technology).
  • Economics.
  • Economics Education.
  • Education And English Language.
  • Educational Administration And Planning.
  • English And Literary Studies.
  • English Studies.
  • Finance.
  • French.
  • French And International Relations.
  • Guidance And Counselling.
  • History And International Studies.
  • Information Resource Management.
  • Information Technology.
  • Law.
  • Marketing.
  • Mass Communication.
  • Mathematics.
  • Medical Laboratory Science.
  • Medicine And Surgery.
  • Microbiology.
  • Music.
  • Nursing/Nursing Science.
  • Nutrition And Dietetics.
  • Physics With Electronics.
  • Physiology.
  • Political Science.
  • Political Science / International Law And Diplomacy.
  • Public Administration.
  • Public Health.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Social Work.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Teacher Education Science.

Babcock Courses and Fees.

Babcock Courses and fees

 100 - 200 LEVEL 300 - 500 LEVEL
ACCOUNTING ₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
AGRICULTURE ₦654,129₦359,771₦503,176₦274,996
BANKING & FINANCE₦711,009₦391,055₦546,930₦298,909
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION₦711,009₦391,055₦546,930₦298,909
COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEM₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
COMPUTER SCIENCE₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
ENGLISH STUDIES/FRENCH/MUSIC₦682,569₦375,413₦525,053₦286,952
EDUCATION PROGRAMS₦375,413₦206,477₦288,779₦157,824
HISTORY & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS₦654,129₦359,771₦503,176₦274,996
INFORMATION RESOURCE MANAGEMENT₦682,569₦375,413₦525,053₦286,952
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
INTERNATIONAL LAW & DIPLOMACY₦682,569₦375,413₦525,053₦286,952
MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
MASS COMMUNICATION₦711,009₦391,055₦546,930₦298,909
NURSING SCIENCE ₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
NUTRITION  & DIET₦654,129₦359,771₦503,176₦274,996
POLITICAL SCIENCE₦682,569₦375,413₦525,053₦286,952
SOCIAL WORK₦682,569₦375,413₦525,053₦286,952
PUBLIC HEALTH₦682,569₦375,413₦525,053₦286,952
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION₦682,569375,413₦525,053₦286,952
SOFTWARE ENGINEERING₦739,449₦406,697₦568,807₦310,865
2 Meals Option ₦315,000₦157,500₦315,000₦157,500
3 Meals Option ₦472,500₦236,250₦472,500₦236,250
Classic ₦276,120₦138,060₦276,120₦138,060
Clinical/Prog Enhancement Fees^2₦158,700₦158,700₦158,700₦158,700
Laboratory Fees^3₦39,000₦39,000₦39,000₦39,000
IT Certification^4₦41,400 -   ₦41,400 -   
Graduation, Alumni fees^5  ₦47,880₦47,880
E-Payment Course^6  ₦15,000₦15,000
Fraud Audit Course fee^8  ₦35,000₦35,000
Teaching Practice fee^9  ₦35,000₦35,000
Miscellaneous(Other Fees)^10₦211,840₦193,810₦211,840₦193,810


^1: Instructional Include: School fees, Registration fees, Library fees, and Development fees.

^2: This sign shows that any particular box is marked with ^2 is addressed to students ONLY from these departments: Nursing, Law, Banking and Finance, Medical Laboratory, Public Health, Physiology and Anatomy students.

^3: All Courses in Schools of Computing, Nursing, Basic & Applied Sc, Public and Allied Health, College of Health and Medical Science.

^4: When the sign ^4 shows in any box, it’s only applicable to students studying Computer Info System, Computer Technology, and Computer Science students.

^5: Anywhere marked with ^5 is ONLY applicable to students in this level (400-500).

^6: The sign ^6 is ONLY applicable to 300 – 500 level students. Students of 300 – 500L shouldn’t be bothered about any fee marked with ^6.

^7: This sign anywhere it’s marked, shows that to all Levels.

^8: Applicable to 300-400 level ILD Students, LAW & Accounting students only.

^9: This sign anywhere its marked, means it is ONLY applicable to 200 -300 Level students of Education.

^10: Miscellaneous (other fees) include: PCF, BUSA, IT Competence, etc


  • The Babcock University management has disclosed that all 400-500L students are required to pay a compulsory fee of seven thousand Naira only (₦7,000) by BANK DRAFT at the University Bursary for the Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition Programme.
  • Like some of the best Private universities in Nigeria, Babcock University is offering a 30% discount on the Tuition fee for School of Agriculture and Industrial Technology courses.
  • All Basic Science courses and Education programs are not left out of this offer, as they enjoy 50% of the Tuition as a Discount.

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