This is another answer, to a question that has really fill up our mail box, and the question is this;

How do I calculate the original cut off mark for each course?

Well, to calculate this, you will need your Jamb Score And your Post Utme Score.
This is the easiest way of calculating it.

Your Jamb Score Divided By 8.
While Your Post Utme Score Divided By 2.

For Example:
You Scored 255 as Your Jamb Score,
While Your Post Utme Score is: 52.
Calculate it like this:
255 -:- 8= 31.8
52 -:- 2= 26.0
now calculating it, Your Total score will be:
31.8 + 26.0 = 57.8.

Now, your Total score mark all over 100.

That’s it, Now you can calculate It Yourself.

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