How to Pay Bayero University Kano, BUK Fees : Remita Payment Procedure

You can now pay your Bayero University Kano, BUK school fees through the Remita platform. On this page, I will be providing you with a complete and picturial guide on how to pay your Bayero University Kano school fees.


Students are strongly advised to fully adhere to the following payment procedure guidelines as shown below, as any deviation from any of these step/guide may result in delay in acknowledging your payment or outright invalidation of your payment.

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When your payment is confirmed to be an “Invalid payment”, this will results in invalid registration, which means expulsion.

Step 1

Make sure you have done the following as listed below;

  • That you have successfully authenticated your studentship
  • You’re required to login to your account
  • Make sure that you have update your profile
  • Generate/print your Bayero University Kano, BUK Personalised Payment Form (BUKPPF).
  • Take note that the BUK Registration fees will reflect on student’s BUKPPF, which is expected to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform.
  • Please ensure that you carefully read, understand and follow the Remita payment procedure. Because the BUK management board will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry.
  • It is expected and required of each students that they entered ALL the information of the BUKPPF EXACTLY.

Students must also ensure that the following as listed below;

  1. Name of MDA
  2. Name of Service/Purpose
  3. Description
  4. Amount to Pay (₦)
  5. Registration No.
  7. Payer’s Full Name
  8. Payer’s Email
  9. Payer’s Phone

are captured exactly as they are written/displayed on the BUKPPF.

Take Note that Payer (Payer’s Full Name, Payer’s Email, Payer’s Phone) means the student, so even if the student is not the one making the payment (which is, another person is making payment for a student), ensure that you use the student’s correct information.

Any mistake or wrong information may lead to unnecessary delay in validating and processing a student’s payment. Payments are usually validated and processed within 24/48 hours of making payment with student’s correct details.

Step 2

To commence your Bayero University Kano school fees, go to the Remita portal @, you will be presented with the following as shown in the picture below:

You are required to select “Pay A Federal Government Agency” “Pay FGN and State TSA”

generate remita retrieval reference number

Step 3

You will be shown different state government and Federal government link. Select to pay

Remita federal government

Step 4

When you click on FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria, the form below will pop up.

remita federal government of Nigeria

Step 5

On the “Name of MDA” You should type in Baye and a drop down will be shown, make sure you see BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129 as shown in the figure below:

Step 6

After you must have selected the Name of MDA as BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129, the next option is to select a drop down box for the Name of Service/Purpose.

Several Services/Purposes are in the drop down as shown below, make sure you select BBS REGISTRATION as shown in the image below.

Step 7

After selecting BBS REGISTRATION as the Name of Service/Purpose, you’re expected to enter the Description. It’s important that you ensure that the Description matches exactly with the Description on your BUKPPF.

Step 8

After entering the Description exactly as in your BUKPPF, the next box, you’re expected to type in the Amout to Pay (₦). Make sure the Amount to Pay matches exactly with the Amount on your BUKPPF.

Step 9

After you’ve type in the exact Amount as shown in your BUKPPF, the next step is for you to type in your Registration No.

Please make sure that the Registration No. matches exactly with the Registration Number shown in your BUKPPF.

Step 10

Type in your BUKPPF ID. Ensure that the BUKPPF ID matches exactly with the BUKPPF ID which is on your BUKPPF.

Step 11

The next box will ask you to type in the Payer’s Full Name. Make sure the Payer’s Full Name matches exactly with the Payer’s Full Name as displayed on your BUKPPF.

Step 12

You’re required and expected to enter the Payer’s Email on the next box. Ensure that the Payer’s Email matches exactly with the Payer’s Email on your BUKPPF.

Step 13

The next blank box requires you to enter the Payer’s Phone number. Make sure that the Payer’s Phone matches exactly with the Payer’s Phone which is displayed on your BUKPPF.

Step 14

For verification purposes, you are to enter the character displayed in the box. Enter the characters of the image before proceeding to payment.

Step 15

It’s very important for you to note here, that all the information which you’ve entered matches exactly with what is in your BUKPPF. Any inconsistency, error or misspell may delay or invalidate your registration. After confirming that all the entries which you made are correct, click on Proceed to Payment Button.

Step 16

Your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is generated and the following invoice is displayed.

Step 17

You can click on “View Payment Details” to see your payments details.

Step 18

You can use any of the payment options as indicated below (make sure to use your RRR correctly). Usually, I prefer using Mastercard, for payment of school fees.

Step 19

Please ensure that after you’ve successfully made payment, that you print out the invoice.

You are advised to print your Remita Invoice and compare the information with that of your BUKPPF and make sure that information on both are the same.

Important Note

Please for all those who have any questions,enquiries and/or complaints regarding Bayero University Kano (BUK) 2019/2020 SPS Registration, do send an email to your  Faculty Support Admin by Clicking Here.

Do take note that for your message to be received and replied, you must send the email with your registration number.

However, for all returning students of Bayero University, Kano, you are expected to include your previous username.

New students are required and expected to include their Application Form number and admission letter Invoice number in any correspondence.

However, if you’re sending any message relating to payment, to be certain that the issue is resolved, you are to include all/any of the following;

  • Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR),
  • BUK Personalised Payment Form ID (BUKPPF-ID)
  • Date of payment.

This is the best method on how to Pay Bayero University Kano school fees using Remita.

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