4 Epic Horse Racing Games to Try Out

Over the last few years, Horse racing has experienced serious growth and recognition in Africa. Horse racing currently ranks among the leading sporting events in countries like South Africa and Mauritius. Though when compared with other continents, Africa is not one of the top regions for horse racing, however, Africans are already putting themselves in the spotlight by hopping into horse racing games, hoping to break their maiden.

4 Epic Horse Racing Games to Try Out

If you’re looking to start out a gaming jockey career with horse racing games, here are some of the best horse racing games to try out:

1. Derby Quest Horse Racing

Derby Quest Horse Racing is a mobile game that allows players to breed, train, and race their own virtual horses. The game is available for download on Google Play for Android devices and Apple App Store for iPhone devices. It features 3D graphics and allows players to compete in live events and tournaments.

Players can choose from a variety of breeds and can customize the appearance of their horses. They must also feed, groom, and train their horses to improve their stats and prepare them for races. In the game’s live events, players can compete against other players in real-time and can earn rewards for their victories.

2. Horse Racing Manager

This PC game allows players to manage and train a stable of virtual horses. Players must breed and train their horses, as well as make strategic decisions about which races to enter and how to prepare their horses for those races.

The game features a variety of tracks and race types, and players must carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of their horses when deciding which races to enter. They can also hire trainers, jockeys, and other staff to help improve their horses’ performance.

3. Race Horse Tycoon

This browser-based horse racing game gives players the thrill of breeding, training, and racing virtual horses. It features a variety of tracks and race types, and players can also buy and sell horses in the game’s marketplace.

Players get to choose, breed, and train a variety of horse breeds and customize their appearance. The game also has a racing track that players can play on. There is also a management aspect, where players must manage their stable’s finances and make decisions about how to allocate their resources.

4. Championship Manager: Horse Racing

For players on mobile, Championship Manager: Horse Racing is yet another impressive title to try out. You can search for the game on the Google Play store or Apple App Store, install and start playing. Just like other games in this list, this game allows players to manage and train their own stable virtual horses.

Players get to breed and train their horses and prepare them for races. Players get to choose to race on a variety of tracks and race types. They can also buy and sell horses in the game’s marketplace.


Whether you’re playing for fun or you want to hit a high score, enjoying the game is all that matters. To get a better understanding of these games, it is important to read up on all the terms and strategies. Reading up regular terms as well as betting terms used by bettors adds some sophistication and thrill to the game. This should also give you a hint as to why these games are trending in Africa and thoroughbred betting with crypto is also booming for horse racing bettors.

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