Study Visas to Canada Approved in 2023? WHAT You Must AVOID

One of the greatest news is receiving an email, or a phone call, that your study visa to Canada has been approved. I have seen people who applied for a Study visa for two years plus, and they haven’t received any reply yet.

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However, after the euphoria of getting your study visa to Canada approved, here are the little, but major notes I have for you.


After booking your flight, and successfully landing in Canada, these right here, are some crucial things to note as a new student that will aid you in having a productive year/life as a student in Canada.

Study Visa to Canada

Important Notes for Nigerians in Canada via Study Visa.

♦. As an individual on the Canadian Study/Student Visa, Canadian law allows you to work for 20 hours per week. Working above 20 Hours per week may land you in trouble. Please avoid it.

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♦. Before buying any textbooks for your study, it is advisable that you check with the Lecturers of the course if they are okay with you borrowing the textbook from the Library, rather than owning it. This will save you money, and it’s important to save.

♦. Do you know the city called Toronto in Canada? it’s one of the busiest cities. Aside from busy cities like Toronto etc, buses usually run every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 1 hour on weekends.

♦. If you don’t drive to your school in Canada, it is essential that you check the bus schedule before going out.

♦. Canada is cold, and honestly speaking, you need a very good winter jacket, winter boots, and have your gloves with you at all times. Even though some natives do have these clothes, it is essential because you would want to avoid hospital bills.

♦. As a student, it is necessary and will save you a lot of money, and stress, to get a house in the school. However, in a situation where you can’t be a school resident, ensure you rent a house very close to the school.

♦. Another secret saving tip. Make sure you cook at home. It is always cheaper to cook at home than to eat out.

♦. If you don’t have money, you should avoid high-end grocery stores like Sobeys. Try other cheaper stores, because Sobeys is expensive for a student.

♦. To succeed, you need friends/mentors. One way to succeed as a student is to connect with students from the prior year for course tips. They will provide you with essential information that will help you academically, and otherwise.

♦. Ask questions a lot in class. There’s an African adage that says “A man that asks questions, never miss his way.

♦. Try learning about Canada, so you will know their culture, rules and everything. To achieve this, collaborate with other students and the local students.

♦. As a foreign student, you will be given a study permit. Make sure you know your study permit expiry date and when to apply for an extension. So you won’t get in trouble with immigration.

♦. Heard of PR? Well, I will advise that you start reading about the process of PR early on because you might be qualified.

♦. When you have any questions or issues regarding your course, the first place you need to visit is the International Office in school.

♦. As a foreign student, you should try mixing with foreign students from other backgrounds to learn and understand others’ perspectives. This will earn you more trust, make you accommodating, and you just won’t know when you’re making that connection that will help you tomorrow. Be accommodating to all cultures/religions.

♦. Don’t sit and research ONLY academic stuff, you should do more. Try searching for ways how to be successful in your course of study. Start networking, and look for companies where you can apply for a job that employs people in your field of career.

♦. Research what certification is relevant to your field in Canada, and do more in that particular area.

♦. Mix with other Nigerian students to help you feel at home, so you won’t have that yearning to return back to your home country.

♦. Don’t get carried away by Canada’s infrastructure, or because of how successful their system is.

♦. As a student, remember that aiming for Distinction is not a bad idea. Remember that quote by Les Brown? “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Always aim higher.

♦. Get your G1/G2/G licenses as soon as possible.

♦. To meet people from your home country, e.g. Nigerians, the best place is most likely a church/mosque in your city, depending on your religion.

♦. Avoid getting a Debit Card, because it’s not good for your credit history. If you can, try your possible best as a student, and have ONLY one (1) credit card. You can use it to build a credit history.

♦. When going to create a Bank account, always be on the lookout for those Banks that have account perks for newcomers/students, especially foreign students.

♦. For students who are on a budget, I’ll advise that you avoid calling Nigeria directly with your local Network if you aren’t sure of the rates charges.

♦. Go through the school’s official website that offers you admission, to see if there are awards/scholarships available for international students during/after school. If so, you can apply to reduce the cost of schooling/studying in Canada, and this will help you save money too.

♦. Do you want to extend your passport, then go to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, and go to the Nigerian High Commission to extend your passport, but check the website for required details and their time schedules before going to extend your passport.

♦. Register with a local job agency to ease your part-time job search while schooling. Most of these Canada’s local job agencies will send you emails about the nearest part-time jobs available.

♦. This one is actually funny but true. Are you aware that it is actually cheaper to fly outside Canada than fly within Canada? Welcome, now you know.

♦. Punctuality is key. Try your very best to adjust your schedules and be punctual.

♦. The reason you came to Canada through a Study Visa is to study, right? Well, School is very important, but don’t forget to live too. Explore your city, neighbouring cities and other provinces.

♦. To understand your course and learn more about it easily, try joining a chapter/association for professionals in your field. This will give you a better understanding of your field of study, and other important information too.

♦. Get your resume reviewed in a Canadian format. This is very important for a foreign student studying in Canada.

♦. One of the biggest job portals in Canada is Except you have loads of cash available, try creating a profile on https://Indeed.Ca. You need to have a feel of what the Canadian labour market looks like.

♦. Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) should never be given to anyone other than Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or your employer. If your Social Insurance Number (SIN) enters the wrong hand, there are so many harms that can be done with just that number. Always keep it safe.

♦. As a foreign student, try getting a provincial ID Card as a means of identification. This is to avoid cases where you will need to always carry your international passport with you at all times as a means of identification.

♦. Another crucial ID card you need as a foreign student living and studying in Canada, is your school ID card.

♦. Check your school tuition breakdown to see if there are any health benefits entitled to you as a foreign student. No one is praying for sickness or health issues, but it won’t hurt to know your health coverage too.

♦. I don’t think it will ever be early to start reading about the Express Entry program and other pathways as a student. In many cases, eligible students begin the process early and it’s much better when you commence the process early.

♦. I can’t state this enough, try bringing local foodstuff when coming to Canada, but make sure you declare at the airport. For students mainly on a budget, the African store can be pricey.

♦. If you are on medication of any sort, please for your health and loved ones’ sake, make sure to have enough supplies when coming.

♦. Finally, if you have any enquiries, concerns, or questions relating to the course, or program, know that the International Office in the school is the best place to get all the answers needed.

There’s no Reply to my Canada Study Visa Application.

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