Going to Dubai to Study? I Think You SHOULD Re-Think

No insult to our dear nation, but a very high percentage of students schooling in Nigerian institutions, if given the opportunity, would choose to school outside the shores of the nation. Most Nigerian students who are either on Scholarships or are planning to study in Dubai should have a rethink.

Some Nigerian citizens based in Dubai, UAE are calling on the Nigerian government to intervene, following mass deportation embarked upon by Dubai authorities.

Latest report reaching us is that Nigerians are being deported in their numbers, and the ones who are still living in Dubai, are scared of getting deported. A lady who spoke in one of the videos shared online, disclosed that Nigerians are not being represented in the process. She also asked if there’s a functional embassy or active ambassador in the country that is representing Nigerians or speaking for her citizens.

The lady in the video disclosed that some Nigerians who registered for the mass deportation exercise with a valid passport were granted a pass by Dubai authorities and now waiting for aeroplanes that will convey them to arrive.

They also said that Nigerians who does not have any valid passports are waiting for a temporary pass from the embassy which seems not to be working, and this means that they would be deported soon.

Watch the video below and share your thought.
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