Akwa Ibom State University – AKSU School Fees for 2022/2023

Are you seeking admission into the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) and want to know their school fees? Or you are already admitted and want to know the Akwa Ibom State University courses and fees for this current academic session? Dailyschoolnews.com.ng have all the answers needed regarding any question you have regarding the following:

  • Akwa Ibom state university school fees for freshers,
  • Akwa Ibom state university acceptance fees.
  • AKSU school fees per semester, etc.

Through this page, you’ll also get answers to questions like “When is AKSU school fees portal closing?, When AKSU school fees payment deadline, AKSU porta closing date, etc.

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The Management board of the Akwa Ibom State University has officially release the current/updated school fees schedule for both fresh (newly admitted) students, and returning students. Prospective students are advised to pay their school fees as early as possible.

Akwa Ibom State University New School Fees Schedule.

  • Indigene returning Students – ₦53,000.00
  • Non-Indigene Returning Students – ₦73,000.00
  • Freshers Indigene – ₦90,000.00
  • Freshers Non-Indigene – ₦120,000.00.

AKSU School Fees 2022/2023.

ITEMS School Fees (₦)
Indigenes N53,000.00 per session
Non-indigenes N73,000.00 per session

How to pay AKSU School Fees.

Here is a simple step-by-step guideline on how you can pay the Akwa Ibom State University school fees through the institution’s official Portal.

  1. The first step is to visit the Akwa Ibom State University online portal by Clicking Here.
  2. When the portal opens, you will be required to enter your UTME registration number/Matric number in their appropriate box to access the student login panel.
  3. When you’ve successfully logged in, simply click on the “PAYMENT” to proceed.
  4. Enter your Level and Semester, and click on the “PAY” button.
  5. After a successful payment, please proceed and Print your Invoice, this is very important. Always have your school fees payment receipt/invoice with you.

How much is Akwa Ibom State University School fees for freshers?

For persons who are interested in knowing the AKSU school fees schedule for freshers, here is it.

Freshers (newly admitted) Indigene – ₦90,000.00
Freshers (newly admitted) Non-Indigene – ₦120,000.00.

Akwa Ibom State University Acceptance Fees.

I’ve had several students ask me “How much are AKSU acceptance fees”? Here is the answer. For those who aren’t aware, The Akwa Ibom State University school fees for the 2022/2023 academic session are thirty thousand, five hundred (₦30,500), minus transaction charges by your bank.

Important Note:

a) The Akwa Ibom state University mandates all first-year students to participate in the mandatory 5 (five) GSS (General Studies Courses). As a result of this mandate, every newly admitted (Level 100) student must pay five hundred Naira ( ₦500) each, for the five GSS courses, which comes at a total of two thousand, five hundred Naira (₦2,500).

b) All returning students are required to pay five hundred Naira (₦500.00) for registration. Especially for students who choose to enroll in GSS courses. Unlike newly admitted students who are required to pay ₦500 for each GSS course, returning students get to pay ONLY ₦500 regardless of the number of GSS courses they wish to take.

Mistakes to Avoid While Paying AKSU School Fees.

This mistakes rarely happens, but don’t be a victim of it, because if you paid your school fees and it does not reflect on your portal, you’ll be stressed out, trying to rectify it. Here are some mistakes to avoid while paying the Akwa Ibom State University school fees, either through Remita or Bank;

  1. Ensure you provide your correct UTME registration number/Matric number when generating your RRR invoice.
  2. When paying through the bank, make sure you fill in your bank teller with readable letters.
  3. Carefully go through the slip before submitting it to the cashier.
  4. Always use a phone number that is reachable, when paying your school fees.
  5. Fill in your online payment form correctly (if paying via Remita)
  6. Before paying your school fees online through Remita, make sure you have good network connectivity.

AKSU School Fees Guidelines.

This applies to all academic institution in Nigeria. It is always advisable that you pay the Akwa Ibom State University’s school fees in advance to avoid rush hour or paying extra. If you choose to pay online, then you can do that through the school porta.

You must generate your AKSU school fees invoice through the school portal.

The disadvantage of paying your school fees late is that the AKSU management board may impose additional fees, or students may be denied from registering for semester exams if they paid their AKSU school fees late.

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