Abuja Policemen To Shoot and Arrest Uniabuja Students Protesting Non-Accreditation of their Courses! Wise???

Educational news reaching us today is that the Vice chancellor of The University of Abuja, Uniabuja, professor James Sunday Adelabu has ordered Police men to arrest or plainly, to open fire on Students who are Protesting the non-accreditation of their faculties.

These students are of medical and engineering faculties.
However, if we can recall what happens a few days ago, the University of Abuja Management board has announced that the academic institution will commence their 2011/2012 Examination on 18th of February 2013.
What is the National Universities Commission doing to resolve this issue?

Because right now, from all indication, the Vice Chancellor of University of Abuja is a tout (this word is popularly known among the students of Uniabuja).
Because even the Federal Government do not even care what is going on in Uniabuja anymore.
Rather, what they are doing is simply building massive prisons, buying more g u n s and giving the Nigeria Mobile Police men the right to shoot any student who tried to oppose and fight for their right.

Right now and from what we are seeing in the University of Abuja, popularly known as UNIABUJA, does it mean that the Nigerian students don’t have any rights?

Then who will be the leader of tomorrow?
The Vice Chancellor, is supposed to be in the military regime where he can do whatever he need do and not what the students need.
Right now, i can see the fall of our dear University if a more diplomatic Vice Chancellor is not appointed immediately.

Important Notice:
This article is sent to our facebook fanpage by a Student of Uniabuja.
Named- Projectus Macaulay.

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