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Vo=0.40v ; Io=0.60A PJ(cm)| V(v) | I(A) 40.00 | 0.30 | 0.60 50.00 | 0.28 | 0.65 60.00 | 0.25 | 0.67 70.00 | 0.20 | 0.70 80.00 | 0.18 | 0.75
b.) Advantages of Potentiometer over voltmeter.

1. D potentiometer pass no current @ the time current is being taken
2. D potentiometer is more accurate than the voltmeter.

3. D potentiometer does not have the type of error associated with a pointed instrument like d voltmeter.

I- ensured that the key was opened whenever the circuit was not in use so as toavoid the battery being run down;

I: avoided parallax error while taking readings frm both voltmeter and ammeter.
-I ensured tight connections to avoid fluctuation of d current.

Question: what is ohm’s law?
ANS: Ohm’s law states that the current flowing through a metallic conductor (e.g wire) is directly proportional to the potential difference across its ends,provided that the temperature and other physical conditions of the conductor are kept constant.

Using the Spring balance provided, determined weight of object of mass M=50g. Record ds weight as W1.

ii: Determine the weight of the object when completly immersed in water contained in the beaker, record the weight as W2.

iii: Determine the weight of the object when it is completely immersed in liquid labelled ‘L’.

Record the weight as W3.EvaluateV=(W1-W3) and v=(W1-W2).

iv.) Repeat the procedure with the object of
mass M= 10, 15, 20 and 25.
In each cases, evaluate V=(W1-W3) and v=(W1-W2).

Plot the graph of ‘V’ on d vertical axis against’v’ nn the horizontal axis.

v.: Determine the SLOPE S1 of d graph.

State two (2) precautions to ensure accurate results.

b.: 1. A piece of Brass of mass 200g is hangon asring balance from right support and completely immersed io Kerosene of Density 8.0*10^2kgm-

3. Determine d reading on d Spring balance. (g=10ms-2 density of Brass=8.0*10^3kgm-3)

ii.: State Archimede’s Principle and d law offloatation.

W1(g)|W2(g)|W3(g) 50.0 |44.00 |46.00 100.0|90.00 |90.00 150.0|134.0|140.00 200.0|176.0|180.00 250.0|222.0|220.00 ————————–
U =W1-W2(g) | V=w1-w3(g) 6.00 | 4.00 10.00 |10.00 16.00 |10.00 24.00 |20.00 30.00 |30.00,,

what is archimedes principle?
archimedes principle states that when a body is totally or partially immersed in a fluid (liquid or gas),it experiences an upthrust which is equal to the weight of fluid displaced.

What is principle of floatation?

It states that an object will float in a fluid (either liquid or gas)when the upthrust exerted upon it by the fluid in which it floats equalsthe weight of the object.

Precautions:- 1.
I avoid the masses being touched the bottom of the flask while immersed.

2. I avoid parallax error while taking my readings.

3. I avoid oscillations while taking readings.

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