Nigeria Lecturer in Australia Shares Story of How a Nigerian Man got in Trouble After Dumping a White Lady after having Sεx with Her

This is a funny story that I choose to share here today because we have Nigerian students seeking scholarships abroad, and if not careful, may likely be deported because of a simple mistake.

The Australia-based Nigerian lecturer, took to his Twitter handle, to share a funny, but important story of how a Nigerian man got into trouble in the country after dumping a white woman he had inter-course with because he thought he was still in Nigeria. The story even got crazier.

According to Daniel Chukwuemeka, who shared the story, the Nigerian man had told the Australian woman, who is obviously a citizen, that he wanted something serious but was only there for the sεx. After having sεx with the lady twice, he decided to quit the relationship, which in turn angered the woman and here’s where the story took an unexpected TURN.

She then reported him to the police and accused him of breach of a partnership agreement.

The Lecturer further disclosed that after the lady made a report to the police, the student was invited to give his own side of the story, but he couldn’t say much because there was ‘evidence’ in the chats between him and the lady.

When the guy arrived at the Police station, he was asked to bring at least, two residents to fellow Nigerians to bear witness to his character. He starts contacting fellow Nigerians to say nice things about his person, characteristics, work ethics, etc. Failure to provide two fellow Nigerians to vouch for him, the case will be taken to court.

Here’s the sad part, no fellow Nigerian wants to go to the police and vouch for brother because no one wants a dent in their hustle for Australian permanent residency and subsequent citizenship, who would risk it because of a guy who thought he can an easy lay?.

Imagine if this issue was reported to the Nigerian police? The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) would have laughed at the lady’s case, and call her derogatory names, especially since they are not married. This man forgot he is not in Nigeria. He was probably thinking with his D, and his D!ck got him into trouble. Now, he wants to involve others.

australian based Nigeria lecturer shares a story

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