Lassa Fever: What YOU MUST STOP Doing To Avoid Lassa Fever Infection

Lassa Fever is spreading like wildfire in Nigeria, and we all know, how contagious this infection really is. Speaking on this issue, the Director of Public Health in Enugu State, Dr. Boniface Okolo, cautioned Nigerians against the consumption of soaked garri to avoid contacting Lassa fever.

Boniface Okolo, who gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday in Enugu, the capital of the state, disclosed that rats that cause the disease were mostly in contact with Nigeria’s most popular staple food, garri, a cassava product.

Dr. Boniface Okolo further went on to add that it was necessary to discourage consumption of soaked garri since it does not require boiling water that is capable of killing this infection.

The director of Public health added that the consumption of garri through soaking it is dangerous, however, he noted that boiled water could go a long way in killing bacteria caused by pest or rodents in garri. It’s no secret that where garri are stored, rats usually go there and eat from the bags they’re stored in.

The Doctor said and we quote below:

It is better that the cassava flakes called garri is used for eba, because of the use of hot water.

You should know that at least, about 195 confirmed cases of Lassa fever and 38 deaths have been reported in 11 states as of the 24th of January 2020.

Lassa Fever Signs and Symptoms.

lassa fever signs and symptoms

Lassa Fever Prevention Tips.

lassa fever prevention

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