Official: List of Courses offered in Tasued (Tai Solarin University of Education)

I want to write on the list of courses offered in Tasued, but before I go further on this topic, I would love to give you a brief history of this wonderful academic institution.

History of  Tai Solarin University of Education (Tasued)

The Tai Solarin University of Education (tasued) is one of Nigeria’s best academic institutions, thanks to the infrastructure and academic staff. The Tai Solarin University of Education is a state university in Nigeria. Tasued was officially established in the year 2005. This academic institution is located in Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Here is How to Calculate TASUED Aggregate Score For Admission.

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The school was named after Nigeria’s own Augustus Taiwo Solarin, who is an Educator, social activist, author (journalist) and the very FIRST African pilot.

courses offered in tasued

Take note that the “Tai Solarin University of Education” (TASUED), which is located in Ogun State, is noted as the very first specialized university of education, the 27th state university approved and the 76th university in Nigeria.

List of Courses offered in Tai Solarin University of Education (Tasued)


The following courses are available in the under-listed Colleges:

A. College of Applied Education and Vocational Technology

  1. Sc. (Ed.) Business Education
  2. Sc. (Ed.) Technical Education with options in: (i) Automobile Technology (ii)Metal (iii) Building (iv) Woodwork (v) Electrical/Electronics
  3. Sc. (Ed.) Secretarial Administration and Education
  4. Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics & Hotel Management and Education
  5. Ed. Educational Management
  6. L.S. Library & Information Science and Education
  7. Ed. Counseling Psychology
  8. Ed. Early Childhood Education
  9. Ed. Educational Technology
  10. Ed. Adult Education

B. College of Humanities

  1. A. (Ed.) History and Diplomatic Studies and Education
  2. A. (Ed.) Christian Religious Studies and Education
  3. A. (Ed.) Creative Arts and Education
  4. A. (Ed.) Islamic Studies and Education
  5. A. (Ed.) French and Education
  6. A. (Ed.) English Studies and Education
  7. A. (Ed.) Yoruba and Education

C. College of Sciences and Information Technology

  1. Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science and Education
  2. Sc. (Ed.) Biology and Education
  3. Sc. (Ed.) Physics and Education
  4. Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics and Education
  5. Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry and Education
  6. Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics and Education
  7. Sc. (Ed.) Health Education
  8. Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Production and Management Science and Education

D. College of Social and Management Sciences

  1. Sc. (Ed.) Economics and Education
  2. Sc. (Ed.) Political Science and Education
  3. Sc. (Ed.) Geography & Environmental Management and Education
  4. Sc. (Ed.) Social Studies and Education
  5. Sc. (Ed.) Transport Planning and Management Education

For those who want to check out the list plainly, here’s it.

» Agricultural Production and Management Science and Education
» Biology
» Business Education
» Chemistry
» Computer Science
» Creative Arts
» Early Childhood Education
» Economics
» Education and Accountancy
» Education and Biology
» Education and Business Administration
» Education and Chemistry
» Education and Computer Science
» Education and Economics
» Education and French
» Education and Geography
» Education and Integrated Science
» Education and Islamic Studies
» Education and Mathematics
» Education and Physics
» Education and Political Science
» Education and Social Studies
» Education and Sociology
» Education and Yoruba
» Educational Management
» Guidance and Counseling
» Health Education
» Home Economics and Hotel Management and Education
» Human Kinetics
» Library and Information Science
» Mathematics
» Secretarial Administration and Education
» Technical Education
» Transport Planning and Management Education (TPM)

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