Adeleke University School Fees (For All Courses) 2023/2024 Session

The Adeleke University school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session have been released and published online. Using this platform, I’ll love to notify members of the general public, who want to know the amount paid by students of this prestigious institution.

Take note that there is NO SET fee for students of Adeleke University, rather, a student’s school fees depend on their selected course, and the school fees paid from 100L – 200Level are different to the school fee paid from 300L – 400L or 500Level. This means that you need to know how this works, before applying for admission into this institution.

The management board of the Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, has officially released the required amount payable as school fees by newly admitted students, returning undergraduate, JUPEB and conversion students of the institution for the 2023/2024 academic session.

adeleke university school fees

Few Important Notes.

Do you know that Adeleke University is one of the few private universities in Nigeria that accepts instalment payments up to the 4th Level? What this means is that you can pay your school fees, up to four times within an academic year. I recommend this because it makes it affordable for salary earners children to study here.

This academic institution, Adeleke University, was founded in the year, 2011 by Adedeji Adeleke, the father of Nigeria’s popular Musician, Davido. The school’s Motto is: Education, Excellence And Character.

Adeleke University School Fees.

FBSS ( GENERAL )       
100 LEVEL939,480.00515,240.00424,240.00 375,620.00139,620.00284,620.00139,620.00
200 – 300 LEVEL833,670.00423,085.00410,585.00 290,292.50132,792.50277,792.50132,792.50
400 LEVEL ACCOUNTING other FBSS GENERAL903,670.00458,085.00445,585.00302,792.50155,292.50290,292.50155,292.50
FBSS ( MASS COMM )       
100 LEVEL969,480.00530,240.00439,240.00378,120.00152,120.00287,120.00152,120.00
200 – 300 LEVEL863,670.00   438,085.00425,585.00292,792.50145,292.50280,292.50145,292.50
400 LEVEL933,670.00   473,085.00460,585.00327,792.50145,292.50315,292.50145,292.50
100 LEVEL1,079,480.00590,240.00489,240.00448,120.00142,120.00347,120.00142,120.00
200 – 300 LEVEL973,670.00498,085.00475,585.00362,792.50135,292.50340,292.50135,292.50
100 LEVEL908,280.00504,640.00403,640.00365,320.00139,320.00269,320.00134,320.00
200 – 300 LEVEL839,850.00431,175.00408,675.00289,337.50141,837.50271,837.50136,837.50
400 LEVEL909,850.00466,175.00443,675.00306,837.50159,337.50289,337.50154,337.50
FBMS (MLS)       
100 LEVEL1,415,208.00758,104.00657,104.00487,052.00271,052.00391,052.00266,052.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,290,921.00656,710.50    634,210.50397,105.25259,605.25379,605.25254,605.25
500 LEVEL1,407,421.00714,960.50692,460.50426,230.25288,730.25408,730.25283,730.25
100 LEVEL1,481,500.00791,250.00    690,250.00503,625.00287,625.00407,625.00282,625.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,348,390.00685,445.00662,945.00416,472.50268,972.50398,972.50263,972.50
500 LEVEL1,468,390.00745,445.00722,945.00446,472.50298,972.50428,972.50293,972.50
100 LEVEL1,122,500.00611,750.00510,750.00418,875.00192,875.00322,875.00187,875.00
200 – 300 LEVEL1,044,000.00533,250.00510,750.00340,375.00192,875.00322,875.00187,875.00
400 LEVEL1,164,000.00593,250.00570,750.00370,375.00222,875.00352,875.00217,875.00
100 LEVEL885,780.00488,390.00397,390.00357,195.00131,195.00266,195.00131,195.00
200 – 300 LEVEL806,100.00409,300.00396,800.00278,400.00130,900.00265,900.00130,900.00
400 LEVEL876,100.00444,300.00431,800.00303,400.00140,900.00290,900.00140,900.00
100 LEVEL1,141,570.00621,285.00520,285.00423,642.50197,642.50327,642.50192,642.50
200 – 400 LEVEL1,057,000.00539,750.00517,250.00343,625.00196,125.00326,125.00191,125.00
500 LEVEL1,177,000.00599,750.00577,250.00381,125.00218,625.00363,625.00213,625.00
100 LEVEL1,572,800.00831,900.00740,900.00541,450.00290,450.00450,450.00290,450.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,422,800.00717,650.00705,150.00445,075.00272,575.00432,575.00272,575.00
500 LEVEL1,492,800.00752,650.00740,150.00480,075.00272,575.00467,575.00272,575.00
100 LEVEL993,454.00539,727.00453,727.00380,363.50159,363.50294,363.50159,363.50
200-300 LEVEL914,954.00463,727.00451,227.00305,613.50158,113.50293,113.50158,113.50
400 LEVEL984,954.00498,727.00486,227.00330,613.50168,113.50318,113.50168,113.50
FOS ( HIM )       
200 – 300 LEVEL261,000.00161,000.00100,000.00    
400 LEVEL331,000.00231,000.00100,000.00    
200-300 LEVEL(NON SCIENCE)261,000.00161,000.00100,000.00    
200-300 LEVEL(SCIENCE)285,000.00185,000.00100,000.00    
400 OR 500LEVEL(NON SCIENCE)331,000.00231,000.00100,000.00    
400 OR 500LEVEL (SCIENCE)355,000.00255,000.00100,000.00    
NON SCIENCE673,000.00      


1. The school management has disclosed that all 100-level fees are applicable to all newly admitted students, irrespective of the level of entry into the University.

2.  Scholarship (by SDF), rebate for staff ward, Religious study rebate and other grants for students will not be credited until the total bill payable minus stated grants has been paid in the applicable instalment by the student, before the rebate, grant, etc will be applied to the school’s account.

Take note that the balance, expected to be such grant(s) will be the last to be applied.

3.  Graduating students should note the following:

Thesis defence 10,000
Alumni 10,000
Graduating fees 20,000
Sub Total (Graduating Year) 40,000
Transcript (undergraduate) 50,000
Transcript (Foreign) 25,000
Transcript (Local) 20,000
Loss/damage to acad.gown 10,000
Loss/replacement of ID card 2,000
Late registration -N1,000 PER DAY

How to Pay Adeleke University School Fees.

According to the school Bursary, students SHOULD NOT PAY THEIR SCHOOL FEES through Bank Tellers and transfers, because these payment systems are most times, problematic.

The Adeleke University management has disclosed that the ONLY ACCEPTABLE AND APPROVED payment system of school fees by the student is through it’s portal. Parents, guardians, and students who want to pay their school fees should PAY their school fees through the Adeleke University Portal. However, in rare cases where this is not possible, a Bank draft should be purchased from any licensed bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria and used to pay the school fees.

Students who do not follow or use the approved payment system shared above will be charged a penalty fee of N10,000.00 for noncompliance to the approved payment system.

The reason for this penalty is that sometimes, students will transfer funds, supposedly their school fees into the school accounts arbitrarily, and this is common with the Postgraduate students, JUPEB and HIM, without even coming to obtain receipts from the bursary office.

Please, note that the full weight of the penalty will be brought on you if you ignore this important information and directions shared above.

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