UNN Students Protests ‘Mandatory’ N70,000 Laptop Fee

With the latest mandate from the management board of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, the school authorities in it’s bid to industrialize the school with information technology, has forcefully introduced a mandatory policy, which disclosed that all students of the academic institution must own a laptop, by paying N70,000 as laptop fee.

Although this is little money to some students, but majority of the students are leave unhappy about this newly introduced policy.

Taking to social media to air their opinion on this issue, many students disclosed their unhappiness that such levies have been imposed on them.

Student of the institution disclosed that this new mandatory policy is making education so difficult for the poor, as some students are struggling to pay their school fees.

What we should be aware of, is that with this policy, many students would now be paying close to N200,000 in a federal university per session.

Not taking this policy lightly, students of the academic institution are calling the newly appointed education Minister to call the vice chancellor to order, disclosing that laptop ownership should be a choice and not mandatory!

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