OTAMIRI Again! Two Nekede Poly Students Drown To Death in Otamiri Again

We just recieved another sad report, that the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Community did lose two more vibrant youngs this weekend, as one final year National Diploma student in Building Technology, named Mr. Ebuka Onuoha and his friend Mr Edozie Igwilo drown in the Otamiri River (if you’re in Imo state, but most especially, if you’re in Nekede, The very first thing you’ll be warned against is the ancestral river which swallows up non-indegenes) in Nekede.

While interacting with an eye witness, Mr. Chukwudi Okwuchukwu, who is a year one National Diploma Computer Science in the academic institution, said that he was among the four boys that went to the deadly river to swim, according to the eyewitness, Igwilo was Onuora’s friend and both of them hails from Anambra state.
According to him, Igwilo was a JAMB candidate whose center was in Owerri.
He also disclose that after Igwilo got his JAMB centre, he (Igwilo) requested that he wants to swim and persuaded them to go for a swim.

They went to their hostels to prepare for the swimming, after which, they left.
While they were swimming, they persuaded me to join them in swimming, but i refused to join them, so i decided to start snapping them pictures, because an indigene of the LG had earlier warn me not to swim, especially when it is getting dark.
I also told them, but they refused and continued, ignoring the indegene’s advise.
Continuing to relay the story, Mr Okwuchukwu said they persuaded him to join them in the swimming but he refused, due to his past fearful experience in the same river, adding that while he was busy snapping them by the river bank, the two boys came and push him inside the river but he managed to escape from the same river, and they started throwing abuses on him, which according to him he accepted gladly, because he was really afraid of the River.
According to him, while he watching them play in the river, suddenly they started struggling to come out but they could not, stating that he ran back to their hostel to seek for help to save them, but he saw some ladies there and inform them of the incident, and went ahead to call some villagers for help, but sadly, he could not find any one at present.

Also speaking at the sad event, the Umuoma Youth Leader, Mr. Chinedu Emmanuel Ejiogu, said that the boys had been warned earlier of the dangers of Otamiri river, but they could not heed to their warning, pointing out that the boys were warned on thursday by a villager, before the Friday incident.
Mr Ejiogu also pointed out that after the incident happened, he was called, and he directed his people to look for a diver so as to conduct a search party on the two boys, and according to him, the diver found one of the boys, but he was dead already, being drowned in the deadly river.

Mr Ejiogu said that after appeasing the gods on that Friday after they might have seen one of the corpse, they left to comeback on Sunday and found the other corpse floating.
The youth leader said that the bodies had been deposited in the mortuary with the help of the Dean of Studies of the Polytechnic and the Student Union Government President.

Here’s another WARNING to all Students around and withing the OTAMIRI river, that river is an ancestral water, which doesn’t accepts Strangers to swim in it, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!.

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