NECO 2014 June/July Biology Practical Specimens

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The NECO Biology Practical Specimens for June/July 2014 examination have been released online by the national examination council (Neco) board.

Please note that this particular list of 2014 NECO Biology Practical specimens is mainly created to help candidates prepare for the forthcoming examination.

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NECO Specimens for Biology Practical (2014 June/July)

All candidates should note that the following underlisted specimens are the specimens which the board agreed to be used for the 2014 NECO Biology Practical.

Please take each item, one after the other and read about them all. The main aim is to help you prepare adequately for the practical.

SPECIMEN A – Cervical vertebra
SPECIMEN B – Thoracic Vertebra
SPECIMEN C – Quadrat
SPECIMEN D – Sweep net
SPECIMEN E – Pride of Barbados Flower
SPECIMEN F – Ripe Mango
SPECIMEN G – Tridax fruit
SPECIMEN H – Coconut Fruit
SPECIMEN I – Pawpaw Fruit
SPECIMEN J – Tomato Fruit
SPECIMEN K – Bean seedling (6 days old from the date of planting)
SPECIMEN M – Grasshopper
SPECIMEN N – Tilapia
SPECIMEN O – Cockroach
SPECIMEN P – Cactus Plant
SPECIMEN Q – Water Lettuce

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Important Information
Please note that these Biology practical specimens for NECO is specifically published on Dailyschoolnews Nigeria to help you, prepare for your examination.

Please note that there will certainly be nothing like NECO 2014 June/July Biology Practical Specimens expo, or even Neco june/july 2014 expo.

Just read, understand and believe in Your God.

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