THE National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), has officially released the much-awaited 2019/2020 approved academic calendar for the forthcoming academic session.

According to latest information reaching the team desk, the board of directors of the National Open University Of Nigeria, announced through her public relations officer, that the 2019 Approved Calendar is out!

The calendar was released on NOUN official website

National Open University of Nigeria (noun)

National Open University Of Nigeria Approved Calendar For 2019

         MonthActivityPossible DurationBlock Dates
December, 2015SenateDecember, 2018
JanuaryRegistration for Courses and Examinations by both Fresh and Returning Students commences11th January, 2016
JanuaryConvocation15th and 16th January, 2016
JanuaryFacilitation commences18th January, 2016
JanuaryCourse Registration ends4 weeks12th February 2016
February1st TMA2 weeks8th February 2016
FebruaryOrientation of Fresh Students9th & 10th February, 2016
FebruaryMatriculation Ceremony20th February, 2016
FebruaryInaugural Lecture
February2nd TMA 


4 weeks

15th February, 2016
February3rd TMA26th February, 2016
March4th TMA11th March, 2016
MarchRegistration for Examination closes11th March, 2016
MarchFacilitation ends13th March, 2016
MarchExaminations begin 

8 weeks

21st March, 2016
MarchInaugural Lecture
MayExaminations end13th May, 2016
MayMarking of PoP begins6th May, 2016
MayMarking of PoP ends27th May, 2016
MayCollation of PoP & e-exams results ends3rd June, 2016
MayIT/SIWES Supervision begins14th May, 2016
MayInaugural LectureJune, 2016
JuneSenateJune, 2016
JuneRelease of Examination Results14th June, 2016
JuneIT/SIWES Supervision ends15th June, 2016
JuneRegistration of students commences 

4 weeks

27th June, 2016
JuneOrientation of fresh students28th June to 29th June, 2016
JulyMatriculation Ceremony29th  – 3rd  July2nd July, 2016
JulyFacilitation commences4th July, 2016
JulyInaugural Lecture
JulyRegistration of students ends22nd  July, 2016
August1st TMA 


8 weeks

26th July, 2016
August2nd TMA8th August, 2016
September3rd TMA22nd August, 2016
September4th TMA15th September, 2016
SeptemberFacilitation ends16th September, 2016
SeptemberExaminations begin 


8 weeks

26th September, 2016
SeptemberInaugural Lecture
NovemberMarking of PoP begins11th November, 2016
NovemberExaminations end18th November, 2016
NovemberMarking of PoP ends25th November, 2016
NovemberCollation of PoP & e-Exams results end1st December, 2016
NovemberIT/SIWES Supervision begins19th November, 2015
NovemberInaugural Lecture
DecemberRelease of Results2nd December, 2016
DecemberIT/SIWES Supervision ends20th December, 2019

For those who are yet to register, here is how to obtain Noun registration form and admission requirements.

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