NOUN Student Login with Matric Number

This article provides you with the best method on how to Login to the NOUN student portal using your Matric Number. However, all aspiring candidates who wants to register for the National Open University of Nigeria should read this: NOUN Students Registration Portal for New Students / NOUN Returning Students.

Students of the National Open University of Nigeria, should note that the NOUN students portal login page has not been 100% complete and sometimes, has technical issues. This is important for all NOUN returning students and newly admitted NOUN students, because the Noun Official Registration Portal clearly states that You must register for the 2021/22 1st Semester on the portal first before continuing with your noun course and examination registrations.

To ensure your NOUN student portal login page takes you directly to your dashboard, you must register your NOUN Student information correctly and accurately without mistakes, or you’ll be having issues when trying to login to the NOUN portal.

noun student login with matric number

NOUN Students Registration Portal Procedure for New and Returning Students.

Here’s an official guide for all students of the National Open University of Nigeria, including all newly admitted students and old returning students.

  1. The first step, is to visit the NOUN online registration portal Note that you may likely come across a Cloudflare security check, which scans your browser IP before accessing the Nouonline.Net website.
  2. When the NOUNonline website loads on your browser, simply click on the ‘STUDENT LOGIN‘ menu button

    It is located before the STAFF LOGIN and after the CHECK RRR button.

  3. Next is to click on the “REGISTER” button. Take note that it’s only the REGISTER button that’s clickable between the HOME, LOGIN, and REGISTER buttons.
  4. After clicking on the “REGISTER” button, it will take you to another page which will display the NOUN student’s registration portal form. Simply click the ‘SUBMIT‘ button.

    Take note that all blank field must be filled with the correct details.

Important Details to Note When Filling NOUN Online Registration Form.

1. One weird thing about the NOUN student matric login is this. When signing in, take note that your NOUN Student Matric Login number and email address must be written in small letters, while you are to type in your surname and other names in CAPITAL LETTERS.

You may change your noun portal password immediately, but you can’t change your email address. Please use one email address for all your NOUN registrations and other purposes. Although it’s only possible that the Noun staff / Administrator can update/change registered emails.

After Completing NOUN Students Portal Registration Form

Perform steps 1 – 3 again.

On the provided space. Enter your Matric Number, and Password and click on the ‘SUBMIT‘ button to log into your Noun student portal. Wishing you the very best, and don’t forget to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

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