Thinking about immigrating to a foreign country, either for educational purposes or economic upliftment, sounds great.

However, if you don’t know much about the country you want to migrate to, you will be faced with numerous issues.

Before choosing the country you want to migrate to, there are crucial factors you should look into first, because some countries are excellent if you’re going there for education, but lacks available jobs for foreigners.

Whereas there are countries with good paying jobs available both for locals and foreigners. But sadly, their educational system is nothing to write well about.

This article will be listing, countries that accept immigrants welcomingly and what makes these countries, an excellent choice for immigrants.

best immigration friendly countries

Why do people migrate to other countries?

These international destinations promise:

Top Immigrant-Friendly Countries And Why?

The new trend happening around the world is great for immigrants because countries are now coming to the realization that immigrants can push their economy and workforce positively. Making their country a hub for tourism, global development and other pecks.

With this new knowledge, most countries are constantly pushing the necessary button to ensure that they provide comfort and convenience to immigrants to bring about global development at the economic and social levels.

This article contains the most welcoming immigrant-friendly countries in 2023.


To know whether a country is truly immigrant-friendly, here are the determining factors:

Job Availability.

One of the most important reasons why people are moving from their country to another country to live is Job opportunities and job security.

The availability of jobs and economic opportunities available for foreigners in a country is one of the primary factors that will determine people’s willingness to immigrate.

To ensure that they keep drawing people to migrate to their countries, most of these immigrant-friendly countries, are trying to make job opportunities readily available to the immigrant population.

Let’s not forget that the need for immigrants solely depends on the host country’s increasing need for workers and service providers.

Canada: It’s not shocking to see that Canada made it to the top of this list. Canada is one of the most desired places for professionals willing to move forward in their careers.

This country’s average pay is around Forty thousand ($40,000) annually, passing the United States of America’s average annual income.

Moreover, Canada’s ageing workforce requires a large flow of immigrants.

Germany: Germany has over the years, shown the world their huge technological and infrastructural developments, making them a desired place for immigrants from various continents.

Germany’s annual pay in these industries is around forty-four thousand ($44,000) dollars.

Spain: Another great place for immigrants seeking job opportunities that are available both to locals and foreigners in Spain.

This country’s door is open to anyone who is willing to work. There are job opportunities for foreigners, e.g. English teachers, construction workers, etc. When you think of immigrating to Spain, I’ll highly recommend you go to places like Devilla, Barcelona, and Madrid, because these places will offer you lots of available Job opportunities.

Switzerland: Switzerland has one of the best salary structures in the world. Although this country is not as popular as Canada or Germany for immigrants, it provides foreigners highly favourable environment.

The HSBC record shows that about 82% of the total immigrants in Switzerland have great opportunities with an average income of $203,000 annually. Unbelievable! right?

United Kingdom: Last, but not least on this list of Immigrants friendly countries is the United Kingdom. This country has been offering job opportunities to immigrants for decades.

People with skills are welcome in the country, and there are various programmes created for people with various skills to migrate to the UK.

The United Kingdom’s average salary paid to immigrants is around £27,000 and above.

Best Countries with Ease of Immigration Processes.

Another crucial factor that will determine which country you want to migrate to, is their immigration procedures. Getting approved to enter some countries can be a nightmare.

This is why, I’ve decided to publish a list of immigrants-friendly countries with favourable immigration policies and programs so that individuals will be able to cross borders and get accepted legally.

Canada: This is why Canada is the first choice of millions of people around the world. Canada’s immigration policies are very easy and open to everyone. The Canada Immigration Levels Plan framed for the year 2023 has set its aim to welcome about 447,055 new permanent residents within the country.

The easiest method to get a Canadian’s permanent residency is through the Express Entry System.

New Zealand: Not too popular among immigrants, but New Zealand’s immigration policies are friendly and very easy, but this depends on the migration plan you choose.

One of the best ways to easily migrate to New Zealand is through the country’s Skilled Migration Program, which is designed by the country’s policymakers to welcome trained and experienced workers who are below fifty-five (55) years old.

Australia: I’ll highly recommend this country to anyone willing to migrate to a good country with job opportunities, freedom of speech, and ease of immigration.

One reason why Australia is among the best countries that have ease of passage for immigrants is this; They have introduced numerous Visa-friendly programs, such as the Global Talent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa, and many others that anyone willing to come to their country, could easily access.

However, the downside of their immigration policy is that workers must be under the age of 50 before their visa application can be accepted.

Spain: Another amazing country with easy immigration policies, is Spain. This country has over the years, proved to be one of the countries that accept immigrants willing to learn and work.

One of the major reasons why this country is easy to get into is due to its North American Language and Cultural Assistant program. The program has opened a window of opportunity for English teachers and tourist enthusiasts.

Germany: An immigration policy called the Migration Act for skilled workers has made it easier for immigrants to move and settle in Germany.

The only disadvantage of moving here is their language. You can’t communicate much without first, learning their language. However, there are lots of immigrants already living in their cities.

The temporary resident permit issued by Germany’s immigration office for six months can soon be transformed into a permanent residence once you’ve learned their language, have a job and have not committed any felony.

Quality of Living.

The next crucial factor you should look into, before deciding where you want to migrate to, is the quality of living there. When I say Quality of living, I mean their hospitals, availability of human needs, etc.

Do not stop looking when you’ve discovered the economic establishment of the country, rather, you should look further and check the standard and quality of living in the country.

No doubt most countries are doing their best in building quality needs, like hospitals, houses, infrastructures, etc. These countries are trying their best to be immigrant-friendly, by providing good quality of life and living conditions.

Here are the five (5) most immigrant-friendly countries with the best quality of living.

Canada: This country has a total of ten provinces, and they are mostly open for immigration in Canada. Canada considers itself one of the most immigrants-friendly countries, and they’ve done exactly that.

Canada provides immigrants with a friendly environment for every individual with its multiculturalism. The family class policies are aimed at simply reuniting families of immigrants. Making it easier to bring your family members to start living with you in the country.

New Zealand– One of the biggest banks in the world, HSBC has ranked New Zealand as a part of the top three countries with good living standards for immigrants.

New Zealand provides immigrants with good ecology, economic support, and great cultural diversity to live in. Immigrants are allowed the right to express themselves in this country.

Switzerland: Another country on this list of immigrant-friendly countries with the best good living standards for immigrants in Switzerland.

This country provides foreign workers high salary range, providing immigrants with great economic value, and at the same time, political stability.

Added to this is the healthy environmental condition which makes living quite comfortable within the country. It’s difficult to see immigrants in Switzerland complaining of racial abuse, religious abuse, etc.

Spain– The low cost of living and easy chances to buy real estate makes the country a desired place for immigrants willing to settle down as business owners. Along with this are the benefits of a good climate and great culture that makes the country such a favourite.

Japan: You may have likely watched videos where vloggers discuss Japan and how they are light years ahead of other countries on Planet Earth.

This country is one of the safest countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index and provides immigrants with a conducive environment, both for working and learning.

Educational Expectation.

Aside from the economic reason why people migrate from their country to another one, Education is one of the most popular reasons why people migrate to other countries.

The countries shared below provide immigrants with some of the best educational opportunities.

Canada: Not to mention that Canada is one of the best countries in the world overall for immigrants, but they still have one of the best academic institutions in the world.

Canada has not only made the cost of education low in their country but has some added specks that will certainly get the attention of students schooling there.

Students schooling in Canada are given student work permits to support their education. While for students who have graduated from a Canadian university, they are given the opportunity to work within a limited period.

Germany: When it comes to education for immigrants, Germany stands tall. Are you aware that Germany has about 47 best universities, out of the 500 world’s best universities? For students searching for immigrants-friendly countries to go and study, I’ll recommend German Universities. Their fees are also affordable.

United States of America: With an international student population of about 1,075,496, the United States of America is welcoming students of diverse cultures from all over the globe. They also have some of the world’s best Universities.

United Kingdom: There are so many advantages for any immigrants studying in the UK. The United Kingdom has a total of 551,495 international students and counting.

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Australia: Last but not least on this list of Immigrants-friendly countries, is Australia. Surprisingly, this country has a total of around 463,643 international students. The low tuition-free and its diversity make it all the more favourite among students looking forward to studying abroad in a great country for cheaper prices.

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