Are you aware that there are agencies in Canada that specialize only in the employment of Farmworkers in 2023? But before dealing with any of these bodies, take the necessary precautions to avoid getting scammed.

Here are nine (9) recommendable Agencies to Apply for farmers’ jobs in Canada without any requirements. The good thing about these Canadian farmers’ Jobs is this, you can grow from there. Go to school, get more certificates and get better jobs.

The opportunities available in Canada for immigrants are enormous, and yes, Farmworkers in Canada are also paid a good amount of money too.

Honestly, Farmworker jobs in Canada are very demanding jobs, because it’s not the usual farm jobs you may likely be doing in your country.

Working in a farm in Canada requires you to apply fertilizer, insecticides, and herbicides to livestock and crops. These and a few others, are the sole responsibility of a farmworker.

Under the supervision of a rancher, farmer, or agricultural manager, depending on you, you can choose to learn how to operate agricultural machinery.

Manually harvesting and checking crops, irrigating farmland, repairing pipes, pumps, and ditches, and tending to livestock are also the tasks of a farm worker in Canada.

Other responsibilities of a Farmworker in Canada include running tractors, ploughs, and using other farm machinery as well as maintaining farm structures and cutting hedges.

Note that in most farms in Canada, it’s mandatory to learn how to repair fences and walls and clean out drainage ditches. It won’t take you days to learn it. These are just the basic of Farmworkers seeking employment in Canada.

Farm Worker Jobs in Canada Work Requirement 2023.

It should also be noted here that anyone who works or carries out responsibilities in the agricultural sector are generally referred to as “farmers”, in the English Language.

There are tons of Billionaire farmers because no matter how much technology has grown over the years, Humans must eat.

The sole duty of a farmer is to take care of livestock or crops. However, for applicants seeking employment opportunities abroad, who wants to migrate to Canada, and are willing to work on a farm, this opportunity is for you.

If you work mostly with crops, your job responsibilities include:

  • irrigating soil,
  • Applying fertilizer,
  • Pesticide treatments to fields,
  • Picking crops by hand or with machinery.

While for those who will be working with livestock, your job responsibilities include:

  • Feeding the animals,
  • Keeping their pens and cages clean,
  • Looking for sick or hurt animals,
  • Giving immunizations and prescriptions,
  • Branding cattle for identification,
  • Herding livestock to particular regions.

How to Become Farm Worker in Canada 2023?

There’s always a need for farm workers in Canada, and if you’re interested to migrate to Canada through this route, it is possible.

Note that there’s absolutely no need for formal training, certificate requirements, etc if you’re going to Canada and will be working on the farm.

What most people don’t know is this, through this route of working in Canada as a farm worker, you can attend Nursing schools, educate yourself, connect and network with others, and seek out other viable employment opportunities.

When your visa to Canada is approved, you will certainly receive on-the-job training from your employer to learn how to operate farm equipment and tools as well as how to adhere to safety regulations. Your safety is paramount as a worker in Canada.

Everything has to be legal in Canada, which is why Machine operators are always required by the company employing them, to hold a commercial driver’s license or another type of specialized license approved by the Canadian government.

You can increase your rank and be a manager by going for various College Courses in Agriculture, or Animal Husbandry to increase your job prospects.

I’ve discovered over the years, that applicants who had farm work experience are quickly hired. Farm work does require physical strength, meaning that workers with outstanding mechanical skills, physical stamina, and strength last longer on the job.

Farm Worker Jobs in Canada Agencies 2023.

  • Agricultural Labour Pool.
  • Service options: No online appointments · On-site services not available
  • Address: Chilliwack, BC V2R 3N7, Canada
  • Hours:  Open 24 hours
  • Health and safety: Appointment required · Mask required · Staff wear masks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Phone+1 604-823-6222
  • Province: British Columbia.

Agricultural Employment Alberta Ltd

  • Address: 316 Jamieson Ave, Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V0, Canada
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM
  • Phone: +1 403-732-4295
  • Province: Alberta.

Recommended Farm Work Agencies in Canada.

  • Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services.
  • Work Global Canada.
  • Grasslands Recruitment Specialists.
  • Workvantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.
  • Winter Technical Staffing – Temp & Employment Agency Toronto.
  • Growmore Workforce.
  • excelHR.
  • GreenTech Resources – Immigration Consultant in Regina Saskatchewan.

Important Tips: You can check out these companies’ reviews/ratings on Google and never trust any recruitment agencies asking you for money before/after giving you a Job, they mostly ended up as scams.

Before reaching out to any of these companies, do your own diligent searches on Google, and if any of these companies do not have any rating on Google, I’ll advise you not to reach out to them.

Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services

Another recommendable agency that hires Farmworkers in Canada is called, Global Farm and Ranch. This company is an international recruitment agency since 1997.

They usually take care of the paperwork for international job searchers and do help businesses in hiring temporary foreign workers from various countries around the world. They offer services related to immigration, including:

  • Work Permit Requests.
  • Applications for permanent residence.
  • Applications for provincial nominee programs.
  • Expression of Interest forms.
  • Applications for:
    1. Work permits,
    2. Student permits,
    3. Temporary resident visas for qualifying relatives of foreign workers.
  • Applications for Citizenship in Canada.

GreenTech Resources.

GreenTech Resources is another reputable immigration Consultant located in Regina Saskatchewan. This company provide foreign job applicants with the necessary information and requirements to start working in Canada.

For job searchers, GreenTech resources offer immigration services, employment services, and post-landing services.

The GreenTech Resource are a well-known recruitment firm based in Saskatchewan, Canada, and one of the sectors they concentrate on is agriculture.

Jobs As A Farm Worker In Canada With Sponsorship

Honestly, there are jobs in Canada that sponsor visas for farmworkers. But they are rare right now, and they are for people with special skills and require lots of certificates.

However, some Farm Jobs do sponsor Visa to foreign workers, and the hourly salary for the majority of these employment ranges from $10 for the lowest paying jobs, to $40 and above, depending on your job description (type) and position. The job description would contain all of this information.

There are various verified platforms, like, LinkedIn, etc, where you can find thousands of available jobs in Canada that sponsor visas for farm workers.

However, it is very important to note here, that you should be careful, so you won’t fall victim to various ploys by scammers who wish to take advantage of people seeking various job employment in Canada.

General Farmwork Jobs For Foreigners In Canada.

Since farm work are divided into two (Agriculture and Livestock), one has to pay higher, right? Well, what about people who do both? These people are known as general farm workers.

General farmworkers can plant, cultivate, harvest, and raise livestock. Their salary is better and higher than the pay for specialized roles because it is a generic role. These positions can be found on websites like LinkedIn,, and

Wrapping Up.

Finally, I’ll say that getting a Job in Canada is difficult, and the surest method you can easily get a real Job in Canada, are through Recruitment agencies. Because they communicate with various companies in all sectors.

Most companies reach out to these recruitment agencies and ask them if there are available workers in various positions. These agencies will certainly make your search for a job as a farmworker in Canada for a foreign national easier.

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