LAUTECH Postgraduate Application Form For 2019/2020 Admission

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Using this platform, the Dailyschoolnews Nigeria official news broadcasting team wishes to inform the general public, especially all interested persons who would love to study at the Lautech Postgraduate school, that applications are currently been invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Postgraduate School, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, (Lautech) for the 2019/2020 Academic Session.

For all interested candidates who wishes to apply, well, here’s a detailed guide that gives you all you need to know about the school’s admission requirements click here

The Lautech Postgraduate Application/Registration form is sold for (Twenty thousand Naira only) N20,000.00

Important Note


Lautech PostGraduate Registration

To commence your application/Registration, you’re required to click on “Pay For Application Form”. The Pay for Application Form link is located under the General Menu.

When the link opens, create/register an Account on the page. Take note that the Email Address which you will be using for registration has to be unique, and will serve as your Registration ID which you will use to make payment.

After you have successfully registered an account with your Email Address, click on “Pay Application Fee” which is situated under the Action Menu. Be aware that you will be asked to supply your Email address and password. When you fill in the correct details, you will be redirected to the Lautech InterSwitch payment gateway to make payment.

“After you have attempted to make payment for the postgraduate registration form, (even if your payment was not successful), please note, you then fall into the category of “Returning Applicant”, and you should always use the “Returning Applicant Login” under the General Menu to log in.

There is absolutely no need to create another account. Your account has already been successfully registered.

As a “Returning Applicant”, you must obtain an Application Form Number (this must be after you have successfully paid the Lautech Postgraduate Registration fee); make other payment attempts in case you are yet to be successful, and you can also complete the application process.

In case you are yet to get a successful payment, click on the button that reads; “Click here to Pay for your Application Form with a Created Email Address”.

It is very important that the Email address you supply must have been registered earlier.

After a successful payment, in order to get an Application Form Number, click on “Click here to get a Form Number”. Once the page loads up, you’re required to type in / enter the Email Address registered earlier and the password you created.

Your Application Form Number will be automatically e-mailed to your email address and also shown on the screen of the device you used in accessing the Lautech postgraduate dashboard.

To complete the Application Form, you must get an Application Form number. You are to login with your Application Form number and the password which was earlier created.

After you have successfully ffilledthe application form, and submit it, I strongly recommend that you print out the following;

  • Programme details form,
  • Application Form,
  • Online receipt

It’s mandatory that you submitted this documents at the Postgraduate School, LAUTECH along with other necessary documents like Academic Transcript, Certificates etc.

After you have successfully submit your Application Form, you will be unable to change the Passport Photograph uploaded.

I strongly advise you to please, before submission, do confirm that the passport uploaded is yours.

Lautech PG Program

Agricultural Economics

  • Ph.D Agricultural Economics(Agricultural Economics)

Agricultural Engineering

  • Ph.D Agricultural Engineering(Agricultural Engineering)

Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

  • Ph.D Agricultural Extension and Rural Development(Agricultural Extension)


  • Ph.D Anatomy(Anatomy)

Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology

  • Ph.D Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology(Animal Nutritional Biochemistry)
  • Ph.D Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology(Animal Products and Processing Technology)
  • Ph.D Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology(Animal Physiology)
  • Ph.D Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology(Animal Nutrition)
  • Ph.D Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology(Animal Biotechnology, Breeding and Genetics)

Animal Production and Health

  • Ph.D Animal Production and Health(Fishery and Aquaculture)
  • Ph.D Animal Production and Health(Monogastrics Animal Production and Management)
  • Ph.D Animal Production and Health(Pastures and Range Management)
  • Ph.D Animal Production and Health(Breeding and Genetics)
  • Ph.D Animal Production and Health(Ruminants Production and Management)
  • Ph.D Animal Production and Health(Animal Behaviour)


  • Ph.D Architecture(Architecture)


  • Ph.D Biochemistry(Biochemistry)

Chemical Engineering

  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering(Environmental Engineering)
  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering(Process and Products Development)
  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering(Process Control)
  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering(Petrochemical Engineering)
  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering(Polymer Engineering)
  • Ph.D Chemical Engineering(Biochemical Engineering)

Chemical Pathology

Ph.D Chemical Pathology(Chemical Pathology)

Civil Engineering

  • Ph.D Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)

Computer Science and Engineering

Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering(Computer Engineering)
Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering(Computer Science)

Crop and Environmental Protection

  • Ph.D Crop and Environmental Protection(Crop and Environmental Protection)

Crop Production and Soil Science

  • Ph.D Crop Production and Soil Science(Crop Production and Soil Science)

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • Ph.D Electronic and Electrical Engineering(Electronic/Electrical Engineering)

Fine and Applied Arts

  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Fine Art (Environmental and Industrial Sculpture))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Applied Art (Communication Design))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Fine Art (Painting))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Art History)
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Fine Art (Electronic and Digital Art))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Fine Art (Drawing))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Fine Art (Form and Material Technology))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Applied Art (Ceramic and Glass))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Applied Art (Textile Design and Clothing))
  • Ph.D Fine and Applied Arts(Applied Art (Furniture Design and Interior Decoration))

Food Science and Engineering

  • Ph.D Food Science and Engineering(Food Engineering (Food Biotechnology)
  • Ph.D Food Science and Engineering(Food Science (Food Chemistry))
  • Ph.D Food Science and Engineering(Food Science (Food Microbiology))
  • Ph.D Food Science and Engineering(Food Science (Food Quality Control))
  • Ph.D Food Science and Engineering(Food Science (Food Toxicology))
  • Ph.D Food Science and Engineering(Food Engineering (Food Processing))

Management and Accounting

  • Ph.D Management and Accounting(Operations Management)
  • Ph.D Management and Accounting(Management Information System)
  • Ph.D Management and Accounting(Human Resources Management)
  • Ph.D Management and Accounting(Accounting)
  • Ph.D Management and Accounting(Entrepreneurship)
  • Ph.D Management and Accounting(Financial Management)


  • Ph.D Marketing(Marketing)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Ph.D Mechanical Engineering(Solid Mechanics)
  • Ph.D Mechanical Engineering(Thermo-Fluids and Energy Studies)
  • Ph.D Mechanical Engineering(Industrial and Production)

Medical Laboratory Science

Ph.D Medical Laboratory Science(Biomedical Sciences)

Medical Microbiology and Parasitology

  • Ph.D Medical Microbiology and Parasitology(Medical Microbiology and Parasitology)

Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • Ph.D Pharmacology and Therapeutics(Pharmacology)


  • Ph.D Physiology(Physiology)

Pure and Applied Biology

  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Biology(Microbiology)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Biology(Botany)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Biology(Zoology)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Chemistry(Physical Chemistry)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Chemistry(Industrial Chemistry)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Chemistry(Organic Chemistry)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Chemistry(Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Chemistry(Analytical Chemistry)

Pure and Applied Mathematics

  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Mathematics(Pure and Applied Mathematics)

Pure and Applied Physics

  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Physics(Theoretical Physics)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Physics(Electronics and Communication Physics)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Physics(Energy and Solid State Physics)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Physics(Geophysics and Solid Earth Physics)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Physics(Ionospheric, Space and Radio Propagation)
  • Ph.D Pure and Applied Physics(Medical Health Physics)

Transport Management

  • Ph.D Transport Management(Transport Management)

Urban and Regional Planning

  • Ph.D Urban and Regional Planning(Urban and Regional Planning)

How to Contact Lautech PG School

According to the institution, the guide provided above is 100% accurate. However, incase there is any unforseen issues that may arise while you’re trying to register/buy the Lautech PG school form, you can use any of the means below to reach them.


Telephone: +2348185061737
Email: [email protected]

Working Hours: 8am – 4pm, Work days
Phone Numbers: +2348079038989, +2349094507494
Email: [email protected]

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