How to Make E-Payment on Lautech Interswitch Payment Platform

Using this medium, the team, wishes to inform and notify members of the general public, especially, all prospective students of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, that they can now pay their school fees, registration fees, etc on the Lautech Interswitch payment platform.

if you’re a first time user, making payment through the Lautech interswitch payment platform may be a bit difficult.  However, we’ve provided you with a simple guide on how to accomplish this.

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Simply follow the instructions below on how to navigate and make payment through the e-payment on the Lautech Interswitch Payment Platform.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology

Some Important Updates

1. Please take note that a Debit card (given by your bank) is popularly referred to as an ATM card.

2. All concerned applicants should also be aware that their Debit Card (ATM) is their personal property, ensure that you never disclose your card details to anyone.

3. If you believe someone is making some withdrawals from your account with your ATM card, please go to the bank that issued you the ATM card and ask them to cancel the card.

However, if you believe your debit card information has been compromised and someone has the full information, don’t hesitate to change your pin and then contact your nearest bank branch on how to resolve this issue.

4. Here’s an official video on how to make a successful payment on Lautech, you can watch this video by Clicking Here

5. Take note that there are three (3) different card types on LAUTECH Interswitch payment gateway, which are:

Interswitch debit cards,

Please check out the logo on the front of your card to identify which type of card you have.

6. You should also note that if your card type requires a CVV2 number, a CVV2 number is a 3 digit number, which can be located at the back of your debit card.

7. Also take note that at all times, you should pay attention to your Transaction reference. It will be used to trace any transaction if the need arises.

8. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the response message which you received after you make an attempt to pay on Interswitch site, particularly if the response was not successful.

9. Also ensure that you print any response message for your personal record and as an evident.

10. Take note that a response like “Issuer or switch inoperative” is not your fault, this is basically a switching problem, do not be alarmed, wait a while and try again later.

11. You should also take note that if you get a response like “Exceeds withdrawal limit” or “Transaction not permitted to card holder, via channels” or something similar, and you are certain you own the debit card and you have unlimited access to the card, then contact your bank customer support center, so as to get this resolved fast.

12. Are you having or encountering a problem familiar to 8 above? if this occurs, then note that your debit card has not been activated to be used on an online platform by your bank. Make a request at your bank that your debit card should be activated for online payment before doing so.

13. Here are some banks that don’t activate their debit cards for online payment when given to you.
First Bank,
Skye Bank,
Oceanic Bank, etc.

Please visit your bank if a case like 8 above occurs.

14. If you keep having persistent problems while trying to make payment through the interswitch platform,and you have tried the help guidelines above, then don’t hesitate to contact the school support on 038817377 or send them a mail –

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