June/July NECO 2014 Chemistry Practical Original Specimens

West African Examinations Council (WAEC)

After sharing the original Neco June/July 2014 timetable, we deem it feat to also share the upcoming chemistry practical specimens. We think it’s important that all candidates should note that the National Examination Council NECO has released the Chemistry Practical Specimens for June/July 2014 examination.

The NECO 2014 Chemistry Practical Specimens is produced to aid all candidates prepare for the June/July NECO 2014 examination.


June/July NECO 2014 Specimens for Chemistry Practical

The following are the National Examination Council (NECO) 2014 Chemistry Practical Specimens for the June/July NECO 2014 Chemistry Practical examination.

(a) One burette 50cm^3
(b) One pipette, 20 or 25cm^3. How ever, all candidates in a centre must use pipettes of the same volume
(c) The usual apparatus and reagent for qualitative work includes:
(i) Sodium hydroxide solution
(ii) Dilute ammonia solution
(iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid
(iv) Distilled water
(v) Dilute trioxonitrate(v)acid
(vi) Lime water
(vii) Red and blue litmus paper
(viii) Aqueous solution of potassium iodide
(ix) Potassium iodide solution
(e) Methyl orange
(f) One boiling tube
(g) Five test tubes
(h) Filtration apparatus

You can also check the original Neco 2014 Timetable (June/July) Here.

Please note that we provide this specimen for you to help you properly prepare for the forthcoming 2014 neco chemistry specimen.

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