JAMB News: 2017 JAMB Change of Course And Institution: Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Different Institutions

The latest trend now is about the JAMB 2017 CHANGE OF COURSE AND INSTITUTION, and so we have decided to share with our dear dear loyal readers (you of course) the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different Varsities (universities) when registering jamb. This Guideline will help know why you need the 2017 JAMB Change of Course And Institution.

Most students face challenges of knowing the best University or academic institution to pick, thereby picking different universities without knowing if are making the right choice or not.

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Here are some very disturbing questions frequently asked by JAMBITES.

  • Will the school accept me if I register them as my second choice?
  • Am I making the right choice?
  • Do they admit non-indigene?
  • Is it not better I choose just one school as my first and second choice so they will know I really like the school?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages which we’ve listed below, let’s start first with the ADVANTAGES, (we’re always positive right?)

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Advantages Of Choosing Different Universities or Institution

1. When choosing different universities, it surely do increases the chances of you gaining admission in either of the universities.
There is this old quotes that says: Do Not Put all your Eggs in one Basket.

2. It also do increases your experience on writing external exams.

Disadvantages Of Choosing Different Universities or Institution

1. Most atimes, if you don’t research well you end up wasting your time, resources and money because not all schools accept second choice.

2. Most times, meeting up with the post utme for the second choice university might be difficult because it might turn out to be scheduled with the same period with your 1st choice university post ume examination.

3. Choosing different varsities do exposes you to the stress of excessive travel for post ume exam in your different choice of university

4. You may face the challenges of raising money for not just one post ume form but for the both form.

However, if you have any advantages or disadvantages, do share the with us here.

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